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Sorrow burst out from her mouth.

At the same time, Yoo-hwa forced herself to remember the location of the police station.

However, her vision turned dark at some point before turning around the corner.

Whether the night had come, or everything in front of her had turned black due to the shock.

As she blinked, her focus gradually returned.

She could see bounded darkness.

Yoo-hwa’s eyes blurred as she recognized that it was a jacket and shirt.

It was hopeless.

Why didn’t she think the man had a group with him


They are not the kind of guys who would come with only three people…

As she raised her head a little with a blurred gaze, she saw a neck that stretched out beyond the shirt.

Raising her head a bit more, Yoo-hwa held her breath as soon as she met the man’s eyes.

Why was he…

Her body staggered as all the tension disappeared.

Someone unthinkable was just staring down at her.

“Grab that bitch! Grab her and bring her here!”

The man shouted.

However, Woo-hyun, who was facing Yoo-hwa, stared at her face silently as if he couldn’t hear anything.

Her eyes, swollen from the tears, her swollen cheeks, the blood that flowed from her mouth, and her messy hair.

Woo-hyun, who was looking at every single thing, turned his gaze beyond Yoo-hwa’s shoulders.

The man who had been shouting froze in place as if he realized something was going wrong.

Woo-hyun looked at the man as he raised his pants.

As Woo-hyun silently walked past Yoo-hwa, the cold, blowing wind gave her goosebumps.

Woo-hyun, who was walking with heavy steps, grabbed the back of the man’s head with a quick movement.

Thump, thump, thump!

Then, an eerie sound spread.

The man’s screams, which continued, turned into a cry.

The cry was a servile apology, and even that soon became a muffled shriek.

Yoo-hwa, who was frozen, turned her neck slowly.

The wall was full of blood from the man’s forehead.

Rather than cursing, Woo-hyun, who was grabbing the man’s head, was silent and expressionless.

As if he had done this more than once or twice before.

“… Shouldn’t you s-stop him”

Trembling, Yoo-hwa looked at Jun-kyung, who was standing in front of her, and spoke.

She didn’t dare stop him herself, so she asked for help.

It seemed that Woo-hyun wouldn’t stop even if she tried with all her might.

However, there was no change in Jun-kyung’s unmoved eyes as he looked at her.

Rather, his calm eyes were asking.

If she thought there was anyone who could stop that.


At the strange noise, the two men who had been silent in the house popped out, wielding things that could be weapons.

However, they were overpowered by those who came with Woo-hyun in an instant, without even a chance to go after him, and their heads were stuck to the floor so that they could not look up.

In an instant, Woo-hyun took the man he was grabbing to the faucet and hit his head on it.

The face of the man who was thrown at the faucet was crushed beyond recognition.

The man, whose vision was covered by the blood that flowed down from his forehead, made a beastly noise, unable to open his eyes properly.

The blood coming from the man’s head pooled down on the cement floor.

Woo-hyun stepped on the chest of the man whose feet were tangled.

“Who ordered you”

A voice without hesitation asked.

“Ugh, uh.”

“Who’s behind you”

“I c-came to get the d-debt…”

The man said in a trembling voice.

It was in line with his subordinate’s report that it seemed that the men had come to receive the debt.

“That’s right.

That’s what you would say.”

Woo-hyun muttered in a pitchless voice, as if it was typical.

“Uh… R-really…”

“What evidence do you have that she got a loan”

“… Ugh, uh.”


Woo-hyun lifted his foot in the air and immediately lowered it on the man’s stomach.

The man opened his eyes wide at the sudden pain, unable to even scream.

“I’ll ask again.

Do you have evidence”

Although the man opened his mouth, he couldn’t say anything as he didn’t have any proper evidence.

He knew it from the beginning.

When he ordered the illegal loan shark business to be overturned, he made it so that Yoo-hwa’s file was the first to be destroyed.

With that not being enough, their computer was damaged beyond repair.

So, there was no evidence that he had lent money to Yoo-hwa.

The men were doing the final rounds of collecting money from the people they roughly remembered while demolishing the workplace.

Like people of their category did, their final goal was to extort an appropriate amount of money and disappear overseas.


You, you, what are you… Argh!”

The man had barely spoken, and his chest was trampled again by Woo-hyun.

Whether his ribs were broken, the man squirmed in pain and panted.

While looking down at the man who couldn’t say anything anymore, Woo-hyun’s gaze slowly turned.

He was calm, to the point one could wonder if he really was the person who seemed like was going to kill a man just a moment ago.


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