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He was caught off guard.

Come to think of it, he knew Yoo-hwa’s phone number, but she did not know his.

The fact that she had forgotten such a trivial thing made him almost burst out laughing.

How exhausted she must have been living.

Woo-hyun received Yoo-hwa’s phone, entered his phone number, then gave it back to her.

Looking at the phone number, a faint smile spread around Yoo-hwa’s mouth.

Woo-hyun looked silently at her as she carefully reached out her hand and grabbed her phone.

The long fingers sticking from her sleeves reached the phone.

The tips of their fingers touched.

The pleasant smile that spread across her face, the relief contained in that smile, and the unknown calmness that rested quietly on top of it.

Woo-hyun’s gaze became blurry as he looked at Yoo-hwa’s face, where all those emotions flowed.

The moment he looked at Yoo-hwa, who was calmer than himself, he felt like their positions had been reversed.

Somehow, it felt like he wasn’t destroying Yoo-hwa, Yoo-hwa was destroying him.

At that moment, the reason that he had been barely holding on to suddenly snapped.

“… What is it”

Yoo-hwa was about to ask why he wasn’t letting go of her phone, but she was speechless.

Woo-hyun’s eyes changed.

At the same time as she realized that, the distance between them narrowed.

As soon as Woo-hyun’s hand wrapped around the back of her head, her lips were blocked.

The phone in Yoo-hwa’s hand fell.

She had to pick it up, but she didn’t have a chance to do so.

Yoo-hwa stumbled through the half-opened door.

Since it was a single room, it didn’t take long until she bumped into the stairs.

As he entered the room in an instant while holding Yoo-hwa’s waist, Yoo-hwa’s hands, which had been stiffened in surprise, flinched in the air.

He burrowed into her lips more roughly than before.

Stopping the kiss, Woo-hyun stripped Yoo-hwa’s clothes off in an instant, as if they were getting in the way.

The clothes fell to the ground powerlessly.

He saw her protruding chest in the darkness.

Woo-hyun took it in his mouth.

“… Ah!”

A moan leaked from between Yoo-hwa’s lips.

As if it was a signal, Woo-hyun pulled down Yoo-hwa’s bothersome underwear and pants in one breath.

Despite the boiler being turned on, her whole body got goosebumps because of the cold air.


Something blunt reached the place that had quickly gotten wet in response to Woo-hyun’s touch.

It was difficult the first time, but, as if the second time was easier, it penetrated easily.

Woo-hyun closed his eyes softly because of the tightness below, and then opened them.

Yoo-hwa’s head was tilted back.

He had just inserted it, but Yoo-hwa was panting as if she were running out of breath.

The moonlight shone subtly on Yoo-hwa’s body.

Round breasts and a long waistline below them.

It was a strange room, where the night was brighter with the light of the full moon than the day, where light barely came inside.

And so, Woo-hyun thought he was thinking strange things.

The ridiculous thought that it would be nice to just stop time and stay like this without thinking about anything.

However, the vague sense of reality quickly returned.

If that kind of thing was possible in this world, his world wouldn’t have been stuck in the mud from the beginning.

He wouldn’t have met Kim Yoo-hwa again, and he wouldn’t have done this with Kim Yoo-hwa.

Kim Yoo-hwa would not have been Kim Yi-woon’s sister, and he wouldn’t have had to make Kim Yoo-hwa… like him.

Woo-hyun’s face turned expressionless at once.

Since when has he been having those thoughts He cleared his mind and took off like an animal.

Yoo-hwa grabbed Woo-hyun’s arm with her hand.

Heat rose as he quickly grazed the place where they were touching each other.

Pleasure spread throughout his body like wildfire.

“… Hnn, ngh.”

Yoo-hwa’s legs rolled inwards.

Yoo-hwa closed her eyes tightly at the unknown urge to lean back her body and put it in deeper.

Then, like someone who wanted to see something desperately, Yoo-hwa opened her eyes with effort.

Through her vision, which was shaking along with her shaking body, she could see Woo-hyun.

Her eyes naturally met with Woo-hyun’s, as he was looking at her.

A gentle smile appeared on Yoo-hwa’s lips.

Yoo-hwa reached out her hands and wrapped them around Woo-hyun’s face, as if it was something precious.

While occasionally letting out a hot moan from between her lips, she held Woo-hyun’s face tightly.

“… Woo-hyun.”


Woo-hyun did not answer.

He made an effort to look at Yoo-hwa, enduring the feeling of wanting to run away.

“Thank you.”


“For being with me.”

Her voice was low.

She spoke carefully, like someone who should now say what they had been holding back for a long time.

The eyes that looked at him were wet.

Woo-hyun clenched his teeth.

Perhaps he bit his mouth by mistake, as he could feel the taste of blood.

He swallowed and swallowed, until it didn’t taste like blood anymore inside his mouth.

And yet, there was something in his throat that was never swallowed.



The sleeping Yoo-hwa opened her eyes at the sound of the door closing.

There was a bluish dawn glow beyond the window.

When she turned her head, the place where Woo-hyun had been sleeping was empty.

Yoo-hwa was speechless for being asleep while he even tidied the blanket and left.

When she slept with Woo-hyun, she slept deeper than usual.

She couldn’t tell if it was because of the sex or because she felt assured, but she slept without even dreaming.


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