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“Stop it! Please, stop! That’s enough!”

Yoo-hwa could not stand Yi-woon, who had appeared in her house, and yelled in anger.

After yelling, her head hurt like it was going to burst.

Yoo-hwa touched her head and glared at Yi-woon.

“Stop what”

Yi-woon tilted his head.

As if he didn’t know what he was doing wrong.

“Why do you keep wandering around me Why are you tormenting other people”

“Then why are you meeting men”

“They were just colleagues.”

“Those colleagues were bastard men too.”

She lost all strength in her body.

“… Yi-woon.

I don’t have any interest in them, neither do they.

So please, just stop.”

“Then why did you say that You shouldn’t have said to stop seeing each other.

You’re driving me crazy.

What Stop”

“You, what do you want from me”

Yoo-hwa asked, staring straight into Yi-woon’s eyes.

“I want to live with you.”

The answer came without delay.

She couldn’t breathe.

“I want to marry you, have children, and live like that.”


She got goosebumps.

It was frightening to think that Yi-woon had been imagining all that on his own.

There was a wish that had been dreamed about for a long time in Yi-woon’s voice, who said he wanted to get married regardless of Yoo-hwa’s feelings.

Tears welled up in Yoo-hwa’s dry eyes.

She shook her head powerlessly.

“… I don’t want to.”

“Why don’t you want to Because I have no money Because I’m that bastard’s son It’s not like I wanted to be born as his son! I’ll be good! I’ll do anything! Money I’ll get that.

So you just stay home.

I’ll let you do everything you want to do except meeting with men, so just look at me!”

“… I don’t want that, Yi-woon.”


“I don’t want to live while looking only at you.

I want to live my life now.

Thank you for saving my life.

I’ll pay you back somehow.

No, I’ll pay you back for everything you’ve done for me.

It might be insignificant, but I will pay you back every month… So, stop.”


“It’s tormenting.

You might deny it, but… I keep seeing him in you.”


“I tried to overcome it, but I can’t.

So… Hmp!”

Yi-woon shut her mouth.

It was a clumsy and rough kiss, as if he was trying to swallow the words that were about to come out.

Yi-woon’s hand rushed through Yoo-hwa’s clothes.

Yoo-hwa, who could barely detach her lips, gathered all her strength and screamed.

“I’m going to die! If you do this, I’ll die!”

She glared at Yi-woo with eyes full of tears.

Surprisingly, Yi-woon, who was rushing like a bulldozer, stopped.

“What Do you think I can’t”

Looking at Yoo-hwa, who was asking powerlessly, Yi-woon seemed to be greatly shocked.

His lips trembled.

“… How can you die when I saved you”


“If you’re going to push me aside like this, you shouldn’t have been so nice from the beginning.”


“Noona, you shouldn’t have extended your hand, you shouldn’t have given me food, you shouldn’t have given me any supplies, and you shouldn’t have covered me with a blanket! You shouldn’t have made me believe that there was someone who liked me!”

Yi-woon, who shouted, grabbed his hair and shoved his head to the floor.

When Yi-woon, who was groaning as if his insides were being ripped, raised his head again, tears were welling up in his eyes.

“… You said you would pay me back, right”

Behind the tears, Yi-woon’s eyes shone oddly.

Yoo-hwa hunched her shoulders unconsciously, like she did when she looked at Beom-sik’s eyes when first meeting him.


Well, then pay me back.

The price for saving you is money, and for the suffering I received is suffering.”

Tears fell from Yi-woon’s eyes.

He turned around with a cold expression.

After Yi-woon left, he came once a month and asked for as little as 100,000 won to as much as 1,000,000 won.

As if telling her to put up with it if she could.

If Yoo-hwa said it was difficult, he would tease her, saying, ‘Isn’t this too little for the price of saving your life If you don’t have money, pay me back with your body.’.

Yoo-hwa somehow arranged the money and gave it to him.

“Take it.

The price of my life.

And you don’t have to tell me.

I’ll make sure I won’t be indebted to you ever again.

Please… go away.”

He grabbed the money as if he were going to tear it up and went back.

And it was around that time.

Wherever Yoo-hwa was, the same letter with those two sentences was delivered.


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