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When Old Lady Shi and the others saw Shi Qingluo and Xiao Hanzheng, they werent able to hype themselves up.

However, Shi Qingluo acted as if she had just returned home.

She pulled Xiao Hanzheng over to sit down in a very friendly manner.

Looking at the peanuts and wine on the table, she said, “You guys have been living very well for the past few days.”

Fourth Son Shi smiled sheepishly.

“Just today.”

This was the truth.

He had spent a lot of money on his studies.

Most of the Shi familys funds went to support his education.

The food quality was usually poor at home.

They would only eat more nutritious food occasionally, let alone drinking wine and eating roasted peanuts.

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Ah yes, when this wretched girl was at home, she forced the family to buy meat every day.

Those were the days where the Shi family had the best dishes.

It was a pity that they couldnt eat it as all of it went into her mouth.

Shi Qingluo looked at him with a faint smile.

“Youre already celebrating”

Fourth Son Shi felt the ill intentions behind her smile.

“What exactly are you two here for”

He was really afraid of dealing with this couple.

Shi Qingluo took out a soft whip made of vines from her sleeve.

The Shi family shrinked their necks instinctively in their seats.

Shi Qingluos initially smiling face darkened as she pointed the soft whip at Fourth Son Shi.

“How dare you have the guts to drug my husband today.

“No matter what, we should settle this matter.”

Fourth Son Shi immediately stood up and hid behind Old Lady Shi.

“The Wu family asked me to do that.”

He added, “Didnt I stop your husband from sleeping with that woman”

Shi Qingluo snorted coldly.

“That was because my husband was too powerful and exposed your plans.”

She stood up and swung the whip on the ground.

“Tell me, how are we going to settle this”

When the Shi family members heard the whip hitting the ground, their scalps went numb.

They thought to themselves, this wretched girl was a bully.

When Fourth Son Shi recalled how he felt in the previous whipping, he wanted to cry.

He stammered, “You…you.

Tell me, what do you want”

He didnt want to be whipped again.

Not only did it hurt, but it would also leave scars on his face and hands.

He still had to go to the Wu family to propose marriage tomorrow.

Shi Qingluo raised her eyebrows.

“If all of you are obedient, I will let this matter rest.”

Fourth Son Shi hurriedly nodded.

“We will be obedient, we will be.”

Old Lady Shi was also afraid that her son would be beaten up.

This wretched lass was really ruthless.

“Continue, we will listen to you.”

Only then did Shi Qingluo sit down again.

“Old lady, tomorrow you will follow your precious son to propose the marriage.

“Let the Wu family compensate for ruining his reputation and purity.

Give 2 taels of silver as betrothal gifts and ask the Wu family to provide 1000 taels of silver as dowry.”

The moment she said this, the Shi family members were stunned.


Fourth Son Shi said, “Isnt 2 taels a little too little Furthermore, why would the Wu family provide 1000 taels of silver as dowry”

Shi Qingluo looked at Fourth Son Shi with disdain.


“To a cheap slut who wasnt pure, giving 2 taels of silver is already flattering the Wu family.”

Of course, she wouldnt describe other women as sluts.

However, to a woman who plotted to sleep with her husband and steal him from her, and even planned to kill her to make way for herself, she didnt hold back.


The Shi family members were stunned.

Not only was this wretched lass ruthless, her mouth was also unusually poisonous.

Fourth Son Shi was speechless.

“She wasnt that cheap, right”

Yet, his heart felt even more disgusted when he asked this.

Shi Qingluo said, “She hugged you intimately and so many men saw it.

Isnt she a slut

“If the Wu family objects, just do as I say and give them 2 taels of silver as the betrothal gift.”

Fourth Son Shi realised that this wretched girl was really a tyrant and swallowed his saliva.

“Isnt this humiliating the Wu Family”

Shi Qingluo gave him an expression that suggested “now then you realise”.

“Nonsense, what I want is to humiliate the Wu family.

What do you think”

Fourth Son Shi didnt know what to say.

“Then why do we ask for 1000 taels of silver”

He felt that the Wu family might still want to settle their debts with him.

How could they possibly offer such a lofty dowry.

He had originally planned to wait to marry the girl, and do what his third brother suggested.

He would bring Wu Xixi back to her maternal house and then refuse to leave.

He really did not want much dowry from them.

Shi Qingluo said, “Of course its to find a foothold to threaten them!

“Youll use the fact that they make you drug my husband.

If they dont comply, youll go to the county yamen and sue them.”

Seeing that Fourth Son Shi was still hesitating, Shi Qingluo continued, “Besides, do you really think that you are the winner in todays matter

“My husband discovered that the tea and wine he drank were all drugged from the start.

“If my husband really fell into the trap set by the Wu family today, then they will definitely throw you out as their scapegoat.

“After all, the medicine passed through your hands.”

Shi Qingluo looked at Fourth Son Shi with deep thoughts as she continued, “Once the matter is exposed, do you think my husband, my husbands teacher, and even me, will let you off

“Your story will end with you being sent to the border.”

Fourth Son Shi had never thought of this before.

Now that she mentioned it, he suddenly felt a chill down his spine.

If not for the fact that he had changed his plan today and Xiao Hanzheng had discovered it himself, the events might have really unfolded like what Shi Qingluo said.

His face could not help but darken as he gritted his teeth and said, “The Wu family is really malicious.”

So he was the scapegoat that they had long planned for.

It was too detestable.

Shi Qingluo asked, “So do you think that 2 taels of silver as their betrothal gift is too little”

Fourth Son Shis face was cold.

“Its not.

How can that slut be worth 2 taels of silver”

When he thought about many men seeing that womans debauchery, he felt even more disgusted.

Shi Qingluo asked again, “Do you still think that 1000 taels of dowry compensation is high”

Fourth Son Shi gritted his teeth.

“Its not, its not high at all.”

According to the wretched girl, he had exchanged his life for 1000 taels of silver.

Old Lady Shi was also furious.

“The Wu family has gone too far.”

“Old lady, bring your daughters-in-law along with you tomorrow.

No matter what request you make, as long as the Wu family doesnt agree, you can go to the Wu familys door and sit there and cry.

You can say that the Wu family is a bully.

“Always emphasised that youre willing to marry the Wu familys cheap woman, yet the Wu family is still putting on airs.


“Being unreasonable is what youre best at.”


She then gave a meaningful suggestion.

“Whether you can get a thousand taels of silver and whether you can go to the Wu familys house often to take advantage of them in the future will depend on tomorrow.

“Anyway, the evidence is in your hands.

You dont have to be afraid at all.

Just go ahead and do it.”

Didnt the Wu family want to scheme against her young husband Didnt they want to ruin her young husbands reputation

Come on, just do it!

At this moment, Old Lady Shi and the others minds were filled with 1000 taels of silver and about taking advantage of the Wu family in the future.

Mdm Niu was restless.

“Mother, were good at throwing tantrums.

Lets go tomorrow.”


The other Shis daughters-in-law also said, “Mother, its for the thousand taels of silver.”

Old Lady Shi narrowed her eyes and waved her hand.

“Go, well go tomorrow.”

What was there to be afraid of when they had evidence against them

Shi Qingluo urged, “You must make a big fuss, else the Wu family will not compromise.

“And you must be righteous.

After all, who has lost his purity and was forced to marry a cheap slut Its my fourth uncle.

“He is the one who is at a disadvantage.

Whats wrong with the Wu family compensating with a dowry Isnt that expected of them”

“Of course its expected of them.” When Old Lady Shi heard that, she also felt that this was too good.

A fierce look appeared on her face.

She must go and make a scene tomorrow.



She felt that she had suffered a great loss when her son married a cheap woman.

What right did the Wu family have to look down on her son

Her sons purity had been ruined.

It was only right for the Wu family to compensate.



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