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Xiao Hanzheng smiled and greeted his schoolmates who he was on good terms with.

At the same time, he responded subtly to his schoolmates who he could kind of get along with, while those who he couldnt cast envious gazes.

They had been feeling very sour recently.

Seeing that his little wife was so good, they were naturally even more jealous.

He just liked how everyone envied him for having such a good wife.

He also liked to show off his wife more and more.

After bringing his wife around the county school for a tour, Xiao Hanzheng brought her to the concierge and received two letters.

Shi Qingluo was a little curious about the contents of the letter as they left the county school.

“Lets go to a restaurant to eat.”

She had told Xiao Baili that they wouldnt be going back for lunch.

Xiao Hanzheng stuffed the letters into his sleeve pocket.


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The two of them went to the Bai familys restaurant.

The Bai familys and Wu familys restaurants were the best in the county with a variety of full course meals.

Of course, they wouldnt go to the Wu familys restaurant.

Bai Xu was not around, but the two of them had been here a few times, and the waiter knew them.

Thus, he invited them to a private room.

After they finished ordering the dishes, he tactfully closed the door and left.

Shi Qingluo poured a cup of herbal tea for herself and her young husband.

“Did the old Xiaos family and your men write separate letters”

Xiao Hanzheng took out the letters from his sleeve pocket.

“Yes, which one do you want to read first”

Shi Qingluo said, “Lets read the letter from the old Xiaos troublemakers first.”

Xiao Hanzheng picked up one of the letters and tore it open.

He grabbed Shi Qingluo onto his lap and hugged her to read it together.

The letter from the old Xiao family had only been written a month ago, with many incidents depicted in a carefree and prideful manner.

All the old Xiao family members had been acting high and mighty in the generals residence.

Old Lady Xiao was also taking control of the generals residence.

Not only did Xiao Hanzhengs scumbag father and Ge Chunru not object to it, they even gave in to them.

Recently, the troublemakers of the old Xiao family ate well and slept well.

There was endless silk and satin for them to wear and endless silver for them to spend.

They were leading a very carefree life.

This letter no longer asked Shi Qingluo to come up with ideas.

The main reason for writing this was to show off.

The description of the generals residence wasnt very detailed either.

They also wrote how they controlled his scumbag father and that woman.

After reading the letter, Shi Qingluo scoffed.

“These troublemakers really cant hold on for long before revealing their true colours.

“It seems like your scumbag father was very quick-witted.

“He should have even realised that I was the mastermind supporting these fascinating ideas.”

If his scumbag father was really so easy to deal with, it would be impossible for him to go from a junior soldier to a senior general that was highly valued by the emperor.

Shi Qingluo had packaged these troublemakers to the two of them as gifts.

Since the beginning and till the end, she did not think that these troublemakers would be able to hold on for long.

Even if she had come up with the ideas, she knew them too well that they would become complacent, once they gained power.

Then, their boat would sink soon.

Xiao Hanzheng realised that his little wife had similar thoughts too.

“I never expected that they would be able to defeat my scumbag father and his wife.

“It was already a pleasant surprise that they ruined that womans reputation, embarrassed my scumbag father from the emperors scolding and ruined that womans younger brothers bright future.”

His scumbag father was very shrewd.

Previously, the troublemakers suddenly came to the capital after Xiao Hanzhengs little wife instigated them.

This led to many unexpected happenings and his scumbag father and his wife were caught off guard.

After a period of time, his scumbag father was probably able to gauge their lifeline and counterattack.

He thought for a moment and asked, “Should I write a letter to remind them”

Shi Qingluo shook her head.

“I wont remind them this time.

Theyre very carried away now.

If I remind them, they probably wont be so obedient next time.”

Things had gone so smoothly as his scumbag father and that woman had underestimated their combat strength.

Now, the two of them were deliberately coaxing the troublemakers so that it would be easier to deal with them when they were carried away.

She said meaningfully, “Those two are not good dogs either.

This was originally planned for them to be in a dog-eat-dog world.

“Previously in the capital, your scumbag father and his wife suffered a great loss.

“Now, it will be the other way around.

Its not bad to let them suffer more so as to teach them a lesson.

“Only when they learnt a terrible lesson from the two of them, will they completely give up on them and start to hate them.”

She curled her lips and said, “This will truly sharpen the knife.

It will then be the sharpest when we go to the capital next time to polish it further.

“Its still lacking a little now.”

Her young husband must have suffered a lot in the past.

Furthermore, they sent Xiao Baili for a marriage to be buried together with the dead.

They were murderers.

How could Shi Qingluo just let them go to the capital to enjoy their lives

She was merely trying to annoy the two scums and sharpen the knife.

Xiao Hanzheng kissed Shi Qingluos ear.

“Youre right.

This knife is still a little blunt.

We have to get the two of them to sharpen it for us.”

He had never expected that the troublemakers from the old Xiao family would be able to deal with the two of them once they went to the capital.

The fact that his scumbag father managed to make his way to become a senior general, even earned a great reputation among the military officials and was valued by the emperor showed that he wasnt easy to deal with.

Near the finale, Xiao Hanzheng would personally involve himself to completely trample on his scumbag father and that woman.

Only by making them lose the things they treasured the most would he be able to remove the thorns in his heart.

It was obvious that his little wife had similar thoughts too.

With such tacit understanding and telepathy, how could he not fall into it.

Shi Qingluos ears were itchy from being her little husbands kiss, so was her heart.

The tip of her ears turned red as she leaned on him softly.

“Tell me, what do you think your scumbag father will do”

Xiao Hanzheng thought for a moment.

“Throw them out of the capital.

“Because of what had happened previously, he probably wont send them back to the village for the time being.

“Instead, hell use my eldest uncle, third uncle or my eldest nephew as a good excuse to deploy them as junior officials somewhere.


“Hell set the fire again and let the troublemakers court their own deaths.”

With the old Xiao familys imprudence and his scumbag fathers bait, they would definitely fall for it.

Now that they were too proud, they probably wouldnt listen to their advice.

So, let them receive a good lesson from his scumbag fathers counterattack.

After they had suffered enough losses, Shi Qingluo and Xiao Hanzheng would assist to return them to the capital.

The troublemakers of the Xiao familys hatred would motivate them to listen to his wifes instructions obediently instead of being a smart alek.

In his previous life, the troublemakers of the Xiao family were also partly responsible for the tragic death of his mother and younger siblings.

They deliberately ruined his future and made him take many detours.

Because he did not live long, he was forced to perish together with all of his enemies.

He did not enjoy the pleasure of taking revenge.

Therefore, he hated his scumbag father and that woman, and he did not want to let the old Xiao family off.

Shi Qingluo also noticed the slight change in her young husbands mood.

She held his hand.

“Thats my guess too.

“Let the troublemakers have a taste of real suffering and despair first.

“Lets look at the second letter.”

“Okay!” Xiao Hanzheng tore open the second letter written by his men.

It was an urgent letter, and based on the date it came later than the one from the old Xiao family.


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