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Li Huaisheng didnt answer, but Lin Jinlan replied with a smile, ” Uncle, if I didnt know the situation, I would probably have the same suspicion.

However, now that its related to me, I have to explain it to avoid any misunderstandings.

“I am originally from the city of Qing.

Because of my familys decline, I took my maidservant to seek shelter with my relatives.

However, unexpectedly, I was separated from my maidservant.

But I didnt expect …”

At this point, Lin Jinlan was on the verge of tears, her face sorrowful and pitiful.

In an instant, many people pitied her, and they continued to ask curiously, “Miss, dont be sad.

Please continue.”

Lin Jinlan wiped her tears with a silk cloth and continued with a worried expression, ” I just didnt expect that my relatives entire family would die in a disaster.

I had no choice but to turn back.

Coincidentally, on my way back, I saw my Godfather sitting on the ground with a pale face as soon as I entered the forest.

After asking him, I found out that he had been bitten by a poisonous snake.

“At that time, I thought that since I had no family or friends, I would save as many people as I could! So …” At this point, Lin Jinlan didnt continue, and everyone understood.

Therefore, she saved li Huaisheng with the intention of dying.

“She saved me just like that, ” li Huaisheng said with a moved expression.

“this child is really lucky.

She saved me, but she was poisoned.

Fortunately, I sent her to the young Divine Doctor, Lin yuelan, for treatment in time, and her life was finally saved.

“This child no longer has any relatives, and this old man has no children.

So, I suddenly had the idea of acknowledging this child as my goddaughter so that my wife and I can enjoy a peaceful and happy old age in our later years!”

Li Huaisheng and Lin Jinlan made up the story.

The final goal was to tell everyone that it was li Huaisheng who first proposed to acknowledge Lin Jinlan and not the other way around.

Therefore, all those ill intentions, conspiracies, and so on were not valid.

After hearing li Huaisheng and Lin Jinlans explanation, everyone finally understood the origin of this family recognition.

Some people envied li Huaishengs fortune to have such a beautiful daughter to serve him in his old age.

Some people were even more envious and jealous of Lin Jinlans good luck.

An orphan girl with no relatives or friends suddenly became the heir of a family business.

Li Huaisheng and Lin Jinlan recognized each other as family.

Then, as planned, li Huaisheng slowly handed over the authority of Lin Yue Pavilion and Mengyue Pavilion to Lin Jinlan.

Time passed by unknowingly.

During this time, Lin yuelan temporarily distributed all the properties she owned.

Lin Shuangju was in charge of the woodshop, Lin Jinmei was in charge of the housing construction company, Lin Jinlan was in charge of the store, and Lin Qingzhu was in charge of Lins medicine hall.

The four of them took the plans given by Lin yuelan and developed their respective industries step by step, waiting for the day when they would amaze the world with a single feat!

As for the true boss, Lin yuelan, apart from planning to open a unique restaurant with Zhou Wencai, she didnt idle around in the Lin family Village.

After the rice was harvested, dried, and cleaned, it was time to shell the grain.

Lin yuelan invented a new grinding method for peeling off grains.

This method of grinding and peeling off the shell was much more effective than their previous method.

Once this thing appeared, it shocked everyone in the surrounding villages.

However, this thing was much larger than the previous threshers and rice carts, and it could be operated by several people at the same time, so the effect was fast and good.

In the countryside, rice was usually grown for sale.

As for how the villagers sold the rice, it would depend on the quality of the rice.

Some people sold grains at 200 copper coins per stone, while others planned to peel off the shells and sell rice.

The price of rice was relatively high.

Ordinary rice was seven or eight Wen per catty.

The more refined rice could be sold for thirteen or fourteen Wen.

It was obviously more cost-effective to sell husked rice.

Therefore, even if the grain were unhusked, no matter how bitter and tiring it was, they would rather unhusk it to sell.

The millstone invented by Lin yuelan solved a huge problem for them.

This thing was big and efficient.

The people in the surrounding villages all planned to buy one for private use.

This time, not many people bought it and rented it out to get paid.

This was because many villagers had to thresh the grains and were in a hurry.

They could not take their time and wait.

Therefore, no one was willing to rent these things.

Lin yuelan had earned a lot of money again.

As time passed, winter slowly approached.

In the winter of ancient times, it was hard to have a bite or two of green vegetables.

Lin yuelan didnt lack any manpower at home.

Other than Jiang Zhennan and a few others, there were four or five other servants.

Lin yuelan directed everyone to build a large greenhouse vegetable garden.

“What we can eat tender vegetables in winter!” When he heard the purpose of Lin yuelan building the greenhouse, Guo Bing was shocked again.

One had to know that the winter was too cold, and it was impossible to grow any vegetables.

Usually, if they wanted to eat vegetables, they would have to be watered down and dried in the sun.

The dried vegetable was tasteless and chewy, and it was really unpalatable.

Lin yuelan nodded and said, ” thats right.

Im going to grow vegetables in winter!”

Guo Bing immediately asked curiously, ” Miss Lin, how do you grow vegetables in this greenhouse ”

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