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Chapter 165.1

In Danger

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


But seeing that it was getting dark, and no Ryan came after him, Tian Xin was a little scared.

Although she hadn’t seen any beasts in the forest during the day, she wouldn’t be naive enough to think that the forest was full of chicks, rabbits, and other docile and harmless animals.

After all, the beasts that Ryan hunted back daily were not small.


Tian Xin hesitated to go back.

After all, compared to her anger, her life and the child’s life were the most important.


She was debating when she heard a loud roar, followed by a gust of wind blowing.

At once, she was surrounded by seven or eight large men.


Tian Xin secretly screamed that it was not good.

These people she had never seen before.

Looking at their appearance, they were definitely not the Lion clan’s orcs, but some of them looked like the Bear clan.

She knew that the Lion and Bear clans had a feud; if they had fallen into their hands, it would have been a disaster.


Tian Xin secretly surveyed the situation in front of her.

She was surrounded by a group, and it was impossible to sneak away when they were unprepared.

The only way out was to cooperate and wait for Ryan to rescue them.

She regretted it now; if she hadn’t been so capricious, she wouldn’t have put herself in such danger.


Tian Xin made up her mind and stared at several orcs with complete vigilance.

The orcs surrounding Tian Xin were indeed the Bear Clan.

They had sneaked into the Lion Clan’s territory to scout out their movements and suddenly smelled a female.

And there were no males around, so they came sneaking up on them.

To their surprise, it was really a female.


But it was a female holding a baby, which made them a little disappointed.

This female had a baby, but it was much harder to have a second baby.

However, there were too few females in their clan.

Even if this female could not give birth, it was good to satisfy their desires.

Not to mention that she was holding a female baby.

It would be good to raise her to be a partner.


The leader of the male orcs mentally measured the value of Tian Xin, and he made a few movements towards the rest of them as if to convey an order.

Then two male orcs came forward to take the child in Tian Xin’s arms.


Tian Xin saw that they came to take the child.

She was so frightened that she shouted, “I’ll go with you.

Don’t snatch my child, don’t snatch my child.” While screaming and clinging to the baby, not letting go.


Tian Tian was scared by his mother’s shout, so she cried loudly.

Tian Xin’s shout and the child’s cry shook the birds in the forest and made them fly.

The leader of the male orcs frowned and ordered Tian Xin, “Stop the child from crying, and then follow us obediently.”


Tian Xin nodded and gently patted the baby on the back, and soon the baby’s crying stopped.

When the Bear Clan’s orcs saw that the baby was no longer crying, they put their minds at ease.

This was not far from the Lion Clan’s village.

If the people who came out to look for them heard them, they would soon come after them.

So they hastened to the Bear Clan’s territory, forcing Tian Xin to go quickly.


Tian Xin was afraid of annoying them for they would harm her child, so she did not dare to drag her feet and followed them obediently.

She kept hoping that Ryan would come to their rescue soon.


But she didn’t see Ryan coming after a whole night and a morning’s journey.

Tian Xin was sleepy and tired and didn’t dare to say anything even though her feet were blistered.

She fed her baby a few times on the way and saw a village in front of her.

The Bear Clan was nearby, so Tian Xin was panicking.

She didn’t know what kind of life awaited her after arriving at the Bear Clan.

Tian Xin was afraid and knew she was wrong and wanted to return.

Regardless of what happened, she would never be capricious again.

She would never mess with Ryan again and live a good life with him now.

She kept calling in her heart, “Ryan, Ryan, hurry up and save me.”


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