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1477 – Attacking the Star Devil Clan

The wilderness, a desolate grassland, the star devil clan’s star wolf tribe has taken root here.

In this desolate grassland, there is a chain of luxurious tents.

The tent chain is the sky wolf tribe’s golden palace.

In the golden palace, there is a burly, rough man with wolf ears and a wolf tail wrapped around the waist sitting.

This man is the sky wolf tribe’s Sky Wolf Monarch.

Sky Wolf Monarch drank liquor and sighed slowly, an overcast look on his face, “Golden Ape Holy has fallen! Curses! How can the innate human emperor be so strong Even when two Holies joined hands, they weren’t able to kill him! He awakened less than six months ago!”

The reaction of the star devil clan has been swift! After they received the news of the innate human emperor occupying the City of Chaos, the two Star Holies put aside past differences and darted towards the City of Chaos with the force of a clap of thunder.

Two Star Holies shamelessly launching a surprise attack against a Star Monarch, this should be a sure thing.

But in the end, one of the two died, while the other escaped.

The implication of this outcome left Sky Wolf Monarch alarmed.

“Monarch! This is bad! He’s here! The human emperor, the human emperor is here!”

A guard shouted with a frightened expression.

Sky Wolf King’s countenance changed greatly.

He grabbed the guard and shouted, a ferocious expression on his face: “What! Speak clearly! The human emperor, how could he be here Then what about his base, the City of Chaos He no longer needs it”

“Damn it! This power! This is Star Holy realm power!”

Sky Wolf Monarch’s complexion changed slightly.

His figure fluttered, and he shot out of the golden palace.

Three kilometers away from the golden palace, there is the 4,000-strong Star Snake Army surrounded by countless strands of starlight and a 1,000-meter-long starlight dragon emanating Star Holy realm fluctuations of power.

In the middle of the 4,000-strong Star Snake Army, there sits a man.

That man is Yang Feng.

Yang Feng glanced at Sky Wolf Monarch and said coldly: “Sky Wolf Monarch, surrender! Otherwise, your sky wolf tribe will become a thing of the past!”

Sky Wolf Monarch replied coldly: “My sky wolf tribe bears the pride of the wolf clan! We will never yield to anyone! Li Zhen, you have been abandoned by the whole world! The whole world is your enemy! To dare attack the star devil clan, you must be tired of living.

You can still retreat to the City of Chaos.

Otherwise, once the human clan armies arrive, even you will be backed into a corner.”

Yang Feng ordered coldly: “Obstinate and stubborn thing! Go to hell! Begin, kill them all!”

Following Yang Feng’s will, the starlight dragon extended his claws towards Sky Wolf Monarch.

Sky Wolf Monarch roared, glimmered with starlight, turned into 100-meter-long sky wolf, and sent his claws barreling towards the starlight dragon.


Along with a loud noise, Sky Wolf Monarch was blasted into mincemeat by the starlight dragon.

“Your majesty!!”

“Your majesty!!”

“Kill these damn humans!”


After Sky Wolf Monarch died, the entire sky wolf tribe entered a frenzy and rushed towards the Star Snake Army commanded by Yang Feng.

Yang Feng’s thoughts revolved, and the starlight dragon attacked the sky wolf tribe powerhouses and smashed their resistance.

Yang Feng then issued an order, and the 6,000 ally troops entered the sky wolf tribe and unleashed a massacre.

Shortly after, Yang Feng captured the sky wolf tribe and seized a large number of cultivation resources from the golden palace.

Yang Feng summoned the Wenqu Star and refined the cultivation resources to improve the strength of his soldiers.

Nourished by the Wenqu Star’s star force, the 6,000 ally troops transformed and evolved one after another, and 1,000 of them were incorporated into Yang Feng’s Star Snake Army.

After capturing the sky wolf tribe, Yang Feng rested for only one day before continuing to advance towards the depths of the wilderness.

The wilderness, rupture ape tribe.

Countless flames flashed and screams rose.

In the flames, a starlight dragon belched starlight unbridledly.

In the wake of the starlight, large swaths of apes were blown into pieces.

“Li Zhen, die!”

A Rupture Ape Monarch emanating pinnacle stage Star Monarch realm fluctuations of power, emitting an indomitable spirit roared and rushed towards Yang Feng together with dozens star devil clan elites.

Yang Feng sneered: “Fools!”

The starlight dragon, which has become more powerful, slapped the Rupture Ape Monarch with its paw and blasted him into mincemeat together with the dozens of elites next to him.

When the Rupture Ape Monarch died, the resistance of the whole rupture ape tribe disintegrated, and Yang Feng’s troops unleashed a massacre.

Devil pig tribe!

“Your majesty human emperor, the devil pig tribe is willing to submit to you!”

The Devil Pig Monarch knelt in front of Yang Feng and spoke respectfully.

Behind the Devil Pig Monarch, there are 3,000 devil pig tribe warriors kneeling on the ground.

Devil rabbit tribe!

“Your majesty human emperor, the devil rabbit tribe is willing to submit to you!”

The devil rabbit tribe’s chief, a gorgeous woman with snow-white rabbit ears and a petite figure, knelt in front of Yang Feng and spoke respectfully.

Behind the devil rabbit tribe chief, there are 30 plus petite and beautiful devil rabbit tribe girls.

After the sky wolf tribe and the rupture ape tribe were wiped out, the star devil clan began to splinter.

Where Yang Feng’s troops passed, some weak and small star devil tribes who were enslaved by others decided to take refuge with Yang Feng.

The powerful star devil tribes that were in the dominant position fled one after another and headed towards the headquarters of the star devil clan, the star devil palace.

Yang Feng’s forces also advanced towards the star devil palace.

The Eternal Nanoparticle Robots released by Yang Feng covered the surroundings of the Star Snake Army, allowing them to easily crack assassination, delay, and other tactics of the star devil clan.

Thousands of star devil clan elite scouts were easily dealt with by Yang Feng’s army, forcing the star devil clan to retreat and contract step by step.

The numbers of the Star Snake Army under Yang Feng increased continuously.

When they reached the star devil palace, the numbers of the Star Snake Army had reached 8,000.

The numbers of the ally troops was reduced to 4,000.

Some cultivators of the City of Chaos who served as ordinary troops also made breakthroughs along the way and joined Yang Feng’s ally army.

Outside the star devil palace, the 8,000-strong Star Snake Army formed an array, star force resonated, and a terrifying starlight dragon circling above the Star Snake Army and emanated Star Holy Realm fluctuation of power.

After several bloody battles, Yang Feng continuously used all kinds of resources he collected to improve the strength of his subordinates.

At this time, the 8,000-strong Star Snake Army has grown into an unswerving army.

Even without Yang Feng using the power of the Wuqu Star, it can already form a Star Holy realm starlight dragon.

In the middle of the 8,000-strong Star Snake Army, there sits a person.

That person in Yang Feng.

“So that’s the human emperor!”

“He came to the star devil palace!”

“Curses! The heavens have no eyes! How could such a monster be born!”

“Damn it!”


On the wall star devil palace’s outwall, the star devil clan powerhouses looked at Yang Feng’s army with fear in their eyes.

In the star devil palace, there are 400,000 star devil clan elites of different tribes.

The 400,000 star devil clan elites formed a large array that can slay even Star Holy realm powerhouses.

However, when the star devil clan powerhouses looked at the 8,000-strong Star Snake Army, they felt alarmed.

They don’t dare to go out of the city to fight Yang Feng.

Yang Feng said flatly: “Star Shadow Leopard Holy, come out and greet me!!”

Along with a series of afterimages, Star Shadow Leopard Holy appeared on the outwall.

Behind the Star Shadow Leopard Holy, there stand Sky Lion Monarch, Sky Leopard Monarch, Sky Fox Monarch, Sky Ape Monarch, Sky Scorpion Monarch, Sky Tiger Monarch, and Sky Bear Monarch.

The one Holy and seven Monarchs are beings that can decide the fate of the star devil clan.

Star Shadow Leopard Holy looked at Yang Feng’s excessively young figure, sighed lightly, and spoke humbly, “Your majesty human emperor, the star devil clan had been disrespectful towards you before.

Please forgive us.

As long as you take your troops away, the star devil clan is willing to compensate you for your losses.”

The eyes of the seven Monarchs flashed with the shade of humiliation, yet they greeted their teeth, lowered their heads, and remained silent.

Although the 400,000 star devil elite troops can slay even Star Holy rank powerhouses after they form an array.

But since they don’t belong to the same line of command, it’s extremely difficult for them to actually form an array.

Yang Feng’s 8,000-strong Star Star Army is an orderly and compliant army that he can move like his limbs.

In a frontal confrontation, the 400,000 star devil elite troops are no match for Yang Feng’s 8,000-strong Star Snake Army.

Yang Feng uttered coldly: “Star Shadow Leopard Holy! The star devil clan has only two options: death or surrender! If you resist, then there is no need for the aristocrats of the star devil clan to exist!”

Star Shadow Leopard Holy’s eyes flickered icily, and he shouted sternly, “Your majesty human emperor, there are still 400,000 troops in the star devil palace! If you attack the star devil palace, both sides will suffer.

Please reconsider it!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and clapped his hands.

As if an old servant, One-Eyed Demon Venerable walked out from behind Yang Feng, broke out with starlight, and emanated Star Holy realm fluctuations of power.

When Star Shadow Leopard Holy saw this, he was stupefied, and his eyes flickered with disbelief, “One-Eyed Demon Venerable! You have advanced to a Star Holy!”

“How could that be”

“He has awakened just a first-class star as his life-bound star! With his potential, he can at most reach the Star Venerable realm! How did he advance to a Star Holy”

“Before he went to assassinate Li Zhen, he was only a Star Venerable! Yet now he’s a Star Holy!”


When the seven Monarchs on the outwall saw this, a chill welled up inside them.

In less than half a year, One-Eyed Demon Venerable advanced from a Star Venerable to a Star Holy.

Yang Feng’s means are simply unparalleled.


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