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Chapter 65: See You in court

Ye Siyan said, “Dad, mom, I dont want to terminate the contract! Cant you guys just listen to me”

“Shut your mouth!” Ye Wenhua rolled his eyes.

“You silly girl! Have you read the contract This is a contract with Star Brilliance for 30 years! And it states that if you dont get any role, youll have to take part in Star Brilliances training and you have to pay for the training yourself!”

“But there are three films every year.

Im not afraid that I wont get any role!” Ye Siyan replied defiantly.

Ye Wenhua nearly wanted to slap her daughters face.

“Its recommendations! Do you know what it means In other words, if people dont want you, youll have nothing! You… Youre driving me crazy!”

This meant that Ye Siyan would need to train for 30 years if she didnt get a role in a show, and she would need to pay for the training herself.

If she really followed the contract, she would be ruined forever!

Ye Siyan was stupefied.

She then took the contract and read it carefully.

Following that, her face turned pale.

When Ye Shengge had brought the contract over, she had been so excited that she hadnt even looked at the details.

Now, she realized that the contract was an unfair agreement.

She glared at Ye Shengge.

“You deceived me!”

“Dont worry, uncle and auntie.

Its not impossible to terminate the contract.” Ye Shengge smiled.

“I wont make things difficult for Siyan as long as we come up with a suitable arrangement.”

Ye Wenhua sat on the sofa and glared coldly at her.

“How much do you want”

“Not much.

Its only ten million dollars,” said Ye Shengge with a smile.

“Its twenty million dollars in court.

I reckon thats a lot of money.

Besides, I dont want much.

Uncle, you know how much my parents left behind.”

“10 million Stop dreaming!” Li Wenqin wanted to eat her alive.

“Please reconsider, uncle and auntie.

Leave this contract with me.

Well have two copies each.

Ill have one.” Ye Shengge stood up.

“Give me an answer as soon as possible, or well meet in court.”

Ye Shengge then left the Ye house, leaving the ashen-faced family of three behind.

At the home of the Mu family.

Mu Yanhuai failed to reach Ye Shengge for the umpteenth time, so he smashed his phone on the ground.

Mu Xiaoya had never seen Mu Yanhuai lose his composure like this before and thus, she was jealous.

“Just accept her breakup.

You wouldnt have been with her anyway.”

“Thats right!” Cheng Fang chimed in.

“Yanhuai, we cant take a woman like her, whos being shameless!”

Cheng Fang still didnt know that her step son was romantically involved with her own biological daughter.

Mu Yanhuai yelled, “Shut up!”

He paced around the living room like a trapped animal.

His eyes were also bloodshot.

Thats right.

He had never liked Ye Shengge, and he had only been deceiving and exploiting her.

Even though they were engaged, he had never wanted to live with her.

He hadnt even touched her before, because he didnt want to see the birthmark on her face and because she never looked like a woman in her loose clothes.

However, when this woman asked to break up with him, all he could think of was her smiling face was making a huge mockery of him.

He had always believed that she couldnt leave him, but now, she hadnt just broken up with him.

She had climbed up as well.

Mu Yanhuai couldnt have felt angrier.

He wouldnt allow it.

He could never allow that!


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