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Chapter 490: Who Are You

Ye Shengge suddenly recalled that when she had registered with Ji Shiting at the Civil Affairs Bureau, she hadnt written anything yet.

She had signed her name because Ji Shiting had grabbed her hand.

However, she was about to sign the divorce agreement.

She had thought that her marriage with Ji Shiting wouldnt last long, but… she hadnt expected it to be so short.

She wrote her name on the paper, and Uncle Jin rushed in.

“Chairman!” His lips were trembling.

“Young Master, Young Master is awake!”

Ye Shengge suddenly lost all her strength, and the pen in her hand fell to the ground.

Grandpa Ji stood up and said, “Really”

“Really!” Uncle Jin nodded.

“Young Master was asking the nurse for water when I came over.

He seemed to be in good spirits.”

“Thank god, thank god…” Grandpa Ji mumbled.

He was about to go see Ji Shiting, but he stopped when he saw Ye Shengge.


Ye, you can rest assured now that Shiting is awake,” he said.

“But I cant let you visit him.

I want you to understand why.”

Ye Shengge clenched her fist and said, “I understand…”

“Also.” Grandpa Ji handed her another pen.

“You havent signed it yet.”

Ye Shengge looked up at him, her eyes filled with tears and begging.

Grandpa Jis heart softened, but only for a moment.

He then handed her the pen.

Ye Shengge knew that she had no way out.

She took the pen and finished writing her name.

It was the ugliest three words she had ever written.

However, Grandpa Ji didnt mind.

He picked up the agreement and put it in his arms.


Ye, you can return to your ward to rest or return to Qianfan Villa to pack your things.” Grandpa Ji looked at her.

“Sister Xiu will help you, but I hope youve moved away before Shiting is discharged.”

Ye Shengge listened and nodded.

Xu Shaoqing and Xie Siqi had also come to the hospital to visit Ji Shiting a few days ago, but they hadnt expected Ji Shiting to wake up at this time, so they had gotten the news before Grandpa Ji.

Xu Shaoqing rushed into the ward.

When they arrived at the ward, Ji Shiting had just finished drinking water and handed a cup to the nurse.

The man was wearing black pajamas, and he was sitting on the bed.

His face was pale, but his dark eyes were still shining.

He looked thinner than before, and he looked more handsome and refined than before.

He wasnt as aggressive and aggressive, but he had a lazy temperament.

Xie Siqi looked at him greedily.

“Youre awake, Shiting” Xu Shaoqings eyes were filled with tears.

“Thats great! How do you feel now”

Ji Shiting frowned and looked at her carefully, but then he asked a question that shocked both of them.

“Who are you all”

He sounded sincere and serious.

Xu Shaoqing hadnt realized it yet, thinking that Ji Shiting was trying to hurt her.


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