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It wasnt dinner time yet, so Ji Shiting went to the company.

Ye Shengge stayed in the toy house of the two kids and watched them play while listening to them talk about the novelty of kindergarten.

After a while, the two kids started whispering.

Ye Shengge took out her phone and clicked into Weibo.

It had just been a day, and the news about her and Ji Shiting hadnt subsided yet.

Now, it was trending again because of the two kids.

In the afternoon, Ye Shengge and Ji Shiting went to the kindergarten to pick up the two kids.

For some reason, the entertainment journalists captured photos of her and Ji Shitings backs while they were hugging the kids.

Fortunately, they didnt capture the kids faces, but this time, the rumor that she had twins was confirmed.

Ji Shiting was naturally upset, so the journalists were taught a lesson by the bodyguards, but the photos were leaked in the end.

The man didnt investigate further because his face wasnt photographed.

Perhaps it was because they had had enough of the shock yesterday, but the netizens were prepared, so they accepted it well.

They just felt that she was really a winner in life.

Ye Shengge didnt think much of it.

Was giving birth to a child a winner in life She would wait until she got the Oscar award to say that.

Thats right.

The little golden man was her target, although it seemed that it was still a distant goal.

She scrolled through it and saw another comment.

“Ji Shiting and Ye Shengge havent held a wedding yet, right Ji Shiting said he would send the host an invitation if they held a wedding yesterday.”

“Thats right! Im already looking forward to it! The scene of the two babies being the flower girl and boy is amazing!”

“Im jealous! Im looking forward to it!”

“I had to come here to be a wet blanket… I dont think their wedding will be publicized.

Itll be good enough if they release a few wedding photos…”

Wedding… Ji Shiting had mentioned it to her yesterday, and she had agreed to give him two months.

When would she be free for the next two months…

Well, lets talk about it after she gets the golden man!

Ye Shengge put down her phone calmly.

At this moment, Jinchen and Jinqing asked her to play with them.

Ye Shengge was building blocks under their guidance, and she even drove a train.

“Is it fun, Mom” Jinchen looked at her expectantly.

“It was fun!” Ye Shengge nodded.

“I had many toys when I was your age, but later…”

“What happened after that” Jinqing looked up and asked.

“All the toys were gone.” Ye Shengge sighed.

Her childhood had been very blissful.

Her parents had tried their best to make her happy, but unfortunately, she had met Xu Wei, that sociopath, which led to all the changes.

Although she recalled everything later, her impression of her parents was still very vague, perhaps because her memories had been sealed for too long.

She only remembered that her parents were gentle people who would call her their “little princess.”

Ye Shengge had tried to find them some time ago, but she had found nothing.

This meant that… they had probably died in the war.

Jinqing hugged her arm and blinked.

“Mom, Ill let you play with all my toys.

Dont be sad.”

Ye Shengge came back to reality and smiled when she saw the look of worry in their eyes.

“Theres nothing to be sad about.”

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