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581 Three Types of Battle Tokens!

“After the siege token is activated, the attacker will directly come to the territory barrier and attack the opponents territory.

The defenders will have to fight on their territory with the help of walls and various defensive buildings, so they naturally have some advantages in defense.

One team must have stronger power to siege the opponents territory successfully.

This is the weakness of the siege token, but the advantage is that if the siege fails, there will be no punishment.

They will only be teleported back and lose a siege token.

And if we succeed, we can directly occupy the opponents territory and obtain the team members, resources, and everything else within the territory.

The benefits are the greatest!”

“The group battle token is different.

As the name implies, its a group battle.

After its activated, all the members of both sides will be transported to an open battlefield.

The two teams will directly face each other in a group battle.

The advantage of the group battle token was that it wasnt as difficult as sieging a territory.

It only required the entire team to defeat the other party.

The disadvantage is that the winning bet is set by both parties.

If you win, you will get less, and if you lose, you may lose.”

“The last one is the single battle token similar to the group battle token just now.

The only difference is the number of participants.

The group battle token involves all the members of the two teams, while the single battle token involves 10 members of both teams for single battles.

The loser will leave the stage directly, and the winner will continue.

Whoever stands at the end will win this round of duels.

The advantage is that as long as the expert team member is stronger than the opponent, the difficulty is much lower.

The disadvantage is the same as the group battle token.

Both sides will have a bet, the losing side will bear the loss!”

After listening to Jin Chengs explanation, the team members all had an understanding of these three types of battle tokens.

They immediately began to discuss.

“This battle token sounds powerful.”

“With battle tokens, we can directly start a battle.

Theres no need to reach the opponents territory.”

“In that case, arent we in danger After all, we have just entered the sixth level of the Tower, so our strength definitely cant compare to those whove been on the sixth level for a few years.”

“Thats right.

Especially this siege token.

They can defeat us in an instant.”

“If a strong team were to issue a siege token to attack our team, wed be finished.”

“This is bad, arent we in danger”

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The team members were all worried.

The sixth level of the Tower was a Tower level that had fused thousands of regions, including the powerhouses of thousands of planets.

They were the most outstanding students in this batch of students on the Blue Planet, and their strength was not weak.

However, it was naturally not enough compared to the thousands of teams from other planets.

It was especially so when the other teams had entered the sixth level of the Tower before them.

After training on the sixth level of the Tower for some time, their overall strength had naturally improved a lot, and they were more powerful Team Origin.

For a moment, all the team members were a little worried.

They thought they could rely on the special environment of Wind Barrier to ensure their safety temporarily.

In addition, the sixth level of the Tower was too large, and the other teams would not be able to come into contact with them.

However, the three battle tokens existed, and things had become difficult.

The other two battle tokens were manageable.

At most, they would bet lesser things, so they would lose less if they lost.

However, if they lost in a siege, they would lose everything, including their territory.

They might even be massacred, and all of their members would die.

Team members didnt even dare to imagine such heavy losses.

Jin Cheng saw his team members were worried, so he quickly said, “You dont have to worry too much.

When using the three types of battle tokens to choose a target, its either random or specified.

They need to know our team number to choose us specifically.

We just arrived on the sixth level of the Tower, and the other teams dont know us at all, so they dont know our team number.

We may get selected by the opponents randomly, and thats nothing we can do.

We can only depend on luck.”

When everyone heard this, they suddenly realized that this was undoubtedly much better.

Otherwise, if they were to be declared war by a strong team the moment they reached the sixth level of the Tower, they would be finished.

Now that the other teams didnt know Team Origins team number, they could only try their luck to get Team Origin randomly.

It was undoubtedly beneficial to Team Origin, as they had a certain amount of time to develop.

When Liu Yan heard this, he nodded his head slightly.

He had a rough understanding of these three types of battle tokens.

All in all, the three battle tokens had their advantages and disadvantages.

In terms of benefits, the siege token was the most but was also the most difficult.

After all, the sieging side could use the terrain and territory to defend.

The attacking side had to be much stronger than the defending side to take them down.

For now, Team Origin was relatively safe.

They had just arrived on the sixth level of the Tower, so the other teams didnt know them at all.

The other teams didnt have the chance to declare war on them.

As for those who were unlucky and were randomly selected by a team, they could only blame their bad luck.

At the thought of this, Liu Yan turned to his team members and said, “At the moment, our team is still weak on the sixth level of the Tower.

We should not worry about the battle tokens now.

We cant declare war on any team.

For now, it is more important to build the territory and develop it.

We should improve our strength first and have enough defensive power, then consider taking the initiative to declare war later.”

All team members agreed.

“Yeah, its better for us to keep a low profile now.”

“Thats right.

We cant reveal our numbers.

Otherwise, well be finished.”

“Lets get stronger first.

Well talk about the rest later!”

“Our talents arent weak.

As long as were given time to grow, we wont need to fear the other teams.”

“I heard that the sixth level of the Tower is a good place to improve our strength.

We must seize this opportunity.”

After sharing all the information that the New Continent team had, Jin Cheng retreated.

The four teams had already shared their intelligence, and only Fourth Squad was left, which was the original Pan-ocean Community team.

He Yang walked out with a slightly embarrassed expression.

The information regarding the sixth level of the Tower was difficult to obtain.

The Pan-ocean Community was the weakest among the five continents.

Therefore, He Yang naturally knew very little about the sixth level of the Tower.

He Yang looked at the crowd awkwardly and said, “Well, we dont have any information on the sixth level of the Tower.

Im really sorry.”

When Liu Yan heard this, he didnt mind at all.

“Its fine.

Its okay if you dont have any information.

Were sharing information anyway.

Were all a team now, not just cooperatives.”

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