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When Liu Yan heard Principal Zhong Yuntians words, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Principal Zhong Yuntian misunderstood that Liu Yan managed to complete the trial because of a fortuitous encounter.

He did not think much else.

At this moment, Zhong Yuntian was smiling.

He understood Liu Yans situation quite well.

As a principal, he had already seen countless geniuses students.

Among these geniuses, the first type of geniuses was talented, and only then could they have superior strength.

The second type of geniuses had average or even mediocre talent, but their luck was better.

They had some fortuitous encounters that caused their strength to increase significantly.

The third type of genius had both good talent and good luck, so their strength was far ahead of all the students.

Liu Yan was classified as the third type by Zhong Yuntian.

Top-notch talent coupled with good luck.

Then, Zhong Yuntian continued, “Liu Yan, since youve already completed the first two parts of your cultivation, you can prepare for the next part of your cultivation in the Southern Warehouse.

Youd better make preparation now.

The cultivation in the Southern Warehouse will be much more difficult.”

Principal Zhong Yuntians expression became serious when he mentioned the next cultivation.

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Liu Yan felt a little surprised by Principal Zhong Yuntians reaction.

Ever since he knew Principal Zhong Yuntian, Principal Zhong Yuntian had always been chill.

At this time, Zhong Yuntian became serious.

Liu Yan immediately understood his trial in the Southern Warehouse would be much more difficult.

“Principal, can you tell me the specific situation of this Southern Warehouse” Liu Yan asked curiously.

On his way to the office building, Liu Yan had already looked up some information about the Southern Warehouse.

However, what surprised Liu Yan was that there was no information about the Southern Warehouse on the federations internet.

It was one of the core areas of the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

Previously, Liu Yan could still find some information about the Eastern Medicine Garden and the Western Mine through the smart wristband.

He still could get some information about the Eastern Medicine Garden even though it was a secret place.

However, when it came to the Southern Warehouse, he could not find any information.

It made him really puzzled.

It was clearly just a warehouse, but not only could it become one of the core areas of the upper house of Lighthouse Academy, but it was also so mysterious that he could not find any information.

Could it be that it was even more secretive and had more resources than the Eastern Medicinal Garden

At this moment, Principal Zhong Yuntian smiled.

He started to explain to Liu Yan, “The Southern Warehouse is quite secretive.

I dont know how many others know about it.

Many people in Lighthouse Academy dont even know about the existence of that place, but I can tell you everything I know.”

When Liu Yan heard this, he immediately became curious.

Zhong Yuntian continued explaining, “Although its called Southern Warehouse, it is connected to a Bizarre Plane.

Its rumored that this plane was once a spatial ring left behind by a top-tier human awakened who had reached the tenth level of the Tower during an ultimate battle.

Then, this spatial ring has become a plane.”

At this point, Zhong Yuntian paused for a moment as if he remembered something.

His face was full of nostalgia and regret.

Seeing Zhong Yuntians expression, Liu Yan did not interrupt him.

Liu Yan immediately had some guesses in his heart.

It seemed that this so-called legend was very likely to be true.

Principal Zhong Yuntian was a top expert who had gone up to the tenth floor of the Tower.

There were only a few top experts who could climb up to the tenth floor of the Tower, so they must have known each other.

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Could it be that this fallen expert was principal Zhongs former comrade

After all, when Liu Yan first came to the principals office, he had heard Zhong Yuntian boast that he was once a top-notch genius, a top-notch expert of the human race.

Zhong Yuntian had ascended to the tenth floor of the Tower, but he was seriously injured in a battle.

That was why he had become the principal.

The more Liu Yan thought about it, the more he felt it was possible.

However, Principal Zhong Yuntian didnt seem to want to talk about this matter, so Liu Yan didnt ask any more questions.

Not long after, the principal came back to his senses and continued, “This rumor might be true.

After all, a high-grade storage ring uses a very high-grade spatial ring.

In addition to the users powerful strength, the user will likely attach themself to the spatial ring when they fall.

With the combination of the two, a new dimension will likely be created

“In this new plane, there are countless treasures.

But because of the powerful restrictions, no matter how precious the treasures inside are, they cant be brought out.”

“There were once people who tried to bring them out, and most of them suffered a backlash.

Many of them suffered serious injuries or even died there.

Even if someone used a special method and went through lots of trouble to bring the treasures out, the treasures became ordinary objects.

In the end, it was all for naught.”

Liu Yan couldnt help but be curious.

How powerful was the restriction None of the treasures could be brought out.

Even if they were brought out, they would eventually become ordinary objects.

At this moment, Zhong Yuntian continued, “So, the final method we came up with was to let the awakeneds stay in this Bizarre Plane through a special method.

They would refine these treasures in the Bizarre Plane and raise their strength on the spot.

After that, they would come out.”

“However, this requires a lot of materials, resources, and manpower from our academy.

Therefore, I only allow a few students from a batch to cultivate in Southern Warehouse.”

“This time, I will allow you to enter.

You are also the only one from this batch of new students.

The rest of the students who could enter are senior students.

Southern Warehouse is filled with treasures, but also danger.

Therefore, you have to travel together with the others.

Furthermore, other than cultivating inside and displaying your strength, your main goal is to find the Purple Gold Tai Sui and complete your cultivation this time

“Since you have already completed the previous cultivation ahead of time, you will meet with the team tomorrow to know them.

Then you will go to the Southern Warehouse to complete the preparations before entering the plane.

You will learn the precautions of entering the plane.

After that, you will make good preparations.

When the time is up, you will immediately enter.”

After listening to Principal Zhong Yuntians instructions, Liu Yan nodded slightly.

He could not help but become curious about the cultivation in the Southern Warehouse.

“What exactly does this Bizarre Plane that fills with treasures look like What kind of improvements will it bring to me”

Following that, principal Zhong gave the contact details of the few team members to Liu Yan, then told Liu Yan to leave and make preparations.

Liu Yan came out of the principal office and left the office building.

First, he contacted the other team members according to the contact information given by Principal Zhong.

After Liu Yan agreed to meet his team members at the Southern Warehouse tomorrow, he was relieved.

At this time, it was already dusk.

Liu Yan drove his sports car back to his villa.

He would only be there tomorrow, so Liu Yan would naturally be able to have a good rest tonight.

As for the incident with Murong Xue earlier, Liu Yan was still holding a grudge against her.

Last time, Liu Yans strength was sealed.

Now, he got his strength back, and he had some free time.

Hence, Liu Yan planned to properlysettle the score with Murong Xue.


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