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In the pitch-black cave.

Liu Yan relied on his A-grade skill, Shadow Cloak, and B-grade skill, Traceless Silence.

He had become one with the darkness, and no one could detect him at all.

Meanwhile, the four mine thieves not far away had already packed up their tools.

They turned on their mining lamps and headed in Liu Yans direction, preparing to return to the surface.

Liu Yan also noticed that the man in the lead was carrying a special box on his back.

The ice chalcedony should be inside.

Although the other three mine thieves had also carried some things, they were all placed in their backpacks.

They should only be some rare ores.

Seeing that the four mine thieves were carrying a full load, Liu Yan could not help but laugh.

These mine thieves were really insatiable.

They had already obtained a treasure like the ice chalcedony.

It was enough for the four of them to squander for the rest of their lives.

However, they were still not satisfied.

Carrying so many rare ores on their backs, they could not bear to let go of such a small gain.

Seeing they were already close, Liu Yan lifted his S-grade weapon, Blade of the Night, and quietly approached them.

As Liu Yan approached them, he instantly used the Blade of Night.

Although he did not use any other attack skill or amplification skill, Liu Yan still had a terrifying attack.

With the sharpness of his S-grade weapon, Blade of the Night, he instantly killed the leader of the mine thieves.

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From the beginning to the end, the leader of the mine thieves did not even let out a scream before his neck was slit by Liu Yan.

He fell down, not making a single sound.

The three mine thieves behind did not even have time to react before they saw their leader in the front fall to the ground.

“Old Zhang, whats wrong with you Why are you lying on the ground”

“Hurry up and leave, Old Zhang.

Were going up to rest.

Why are you lying here”


The few mine thieves had puzzled looks on their faces.

They did not realize that their partner, Old Zhang, was not lying on the ground but was already dead.

However, Liu Yan did not stop.

After finishing off the first mine thief, he slit the neck of the second mine thief.

Following this, Liu Yan activated his C-grade skill, Backstab.

Before the second mine thief fell, Liu Yan had already arrived at the end.

After finishing off the remaining two mine thieves in succession, Liu Yan canceled his Shadow Cloak and Traceless Silence, revealing his figure.

At this time, the four mine thieves had already fallen to the ground, dead as a doornail.

The mine thieves did not even realize that they had been ambushed from the beginning to the end.

They had already fallen to the ground and left this world.

At this moment, Liu Yan was also secretly surprised.

The powerful burst of the Dark Ranger, coupled with the S-grade weapon, Blade of the Night, and the two powerful stealth and concealment skills, this sudden burst of power was really too powerful.

Even though the strength of these few miners was relatively average, Liu Yan carefully thought about it.

Under such circumstances, even if it were other powerful awakened ones, they probably wouldnt be able to react at all.

They would be defeated under the terrifying explosive power of Liu Yans ambush.

Liu Yan hadnt even used his full strength yet.

If he had used the B-grade skill, Power of Desolation, to make a terrifying strength amplification.

At the same time, he used the S-grade skill, Fire Scythe Dance.

Then, the explosive power of the ambush would have increased by at least a hundredfold.

If it was Liu Yan himself who encountered such terrifying concealment and a sudden burst of attack, he would probably have suffered if he was not prepared.

However, it was fortunate that Liu Yan had an A-grade perception skill, Omniscient Insight.

Under normal circumstances, he could easily sense things in advance.

At this moment, the battle had already ended.

Liu Yan took out the special chest he had just obtained from his spatial ring and opened it.

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When the box was opened, it emitted a dazzling icy blue light.

Within it was the ice chalcedony.

After confirming that he had obtained the ice chalcedony, Liu Yan was relieved.

Although this trip had been a little bumpy, he had gained a lot.

After getting the ice chalcedony, his second step of cultivation was already complete.

When Treasure Pangolin noticed that Liu Yan had obtained the ice chalcedony, it immediately became excited.

It wanted to come out and hug the ice chalcedony.

When he heard Treasure Pangolins thoughts, Liu Yan was speechless and ignored it.

“Enough, enough.

Its not safe here.

Lets go up first.

Ill let you play with the ice chalcedony when we get out of here.” Liu Yan said unhappily.

When Treasure Pangolin heard this, it resisted its urge and stopped causing trouble.

Just as Liu Yan was about to leave, Treasure Pangolin started causing trouble.

It probably meant that although the rare ores on the mine thieves werent extraordinary treasures, they were still precious ores and could be considered treasures.

Of course, Treasure Pangolin couldnt miss it.

Liu Yan didnt resist when he learned of this.

Although he had already obtained many rare ores from Treasure Pangolin and didnt really care about this, those ores were still useful, so he couldnt waste them.

Following that, Liu Yan placed all the rare ores on the miners into the spatial ring.

Seeing this, Treasure Pangolin was finally satisfied and stopped making a fuss.

Liu Yan also laughed to himself.

This Treasure Pangolin really yearned for all kinds of treasures.

These treasures were clearly useless to it.

These treasures were just good-looking, but Treasure Pangolin still adored them and wanted to play with them.

It was obvious that Treasure Pangolin was obsessed with the treasures.

Treasure Pangolin would be happy if it could admire the treasures and play with them.

It was willing to sleep with them too.


After a while, Liu Yan returned the way he came.

When he returned to the surface, the sky had just lit up, and the sun was rising in the east.

In just one night, Liu Yan had already strolled around the depths of the mine, and his harvest was full.

Not only was he extremely lucky, but he had also successfully found the ice chalcedony he needed for this trip in one night.

He had also obtained Treasure Pangolin, the Treasure Hunting skill, and many rare ores.

Those rare ores had already filled up Liu Yans spatial ring.

Liu Yan was still not very familiar with forging equipment.

He did not know how to forge equipment, so he could not really use this many rare ore materials.

Although he could get a lot of money by selling them, there was currently not much demand for the federation coin.

Currently, the things that could be bought with the federation coin on the market were basically not worth Liu Yans attention.

So, Liu Yan did not really need the federation coin at the moment.

He could only wait until he reached the rest platform of the higher level and see if he could buy anything useful with the federation coin.

Liu Yan planned to directly hand over this large amount of rare ore materials to the vice principal of the Weapon School, Ling Feng.

It could be considered as returning the favor from last time.

In addition, he could also obtain some high-grade equipment through Ling Fengs forging.

However, at the moment, the most important thing for Liu Yan was to find a place to rest first.

After that, he would refine and use this ice chalcedony to complete the second step of the perfect foundation body cultivation — Bone Refinement!

Liu Yan directly left the Western Mine, and he found a nearby hotel outside and rented a room.

After renting a room, Liu Yan threw in a few more federation coins.

“This is the tip.

Remember, no one is allowed to enter my room and knock on the door without my permission!”

After giving his instructions, Liu Yan went upstairs to his room.


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