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Cultivation was originally a long-distance race

The manager of the herb garden ordered his men to collect all the bamboo baskets filled with white radishes and counted them up.

At this time, Liu Yan finally found all the other herb farmers.

Liu Yan was surprised to find that all the other herb farmers were actually left behind by him and Wu Hua.

Because they had been left far behind, Liu Yan had not been able to find these herbalists at that time.

Liu Yan was puzzled for a moment.

After all, judging from their initial speed, many of the herbalists were faster than him and Wu Hua, and even twice as fast as him.

But why were these people so far behind now

In addition, Liu Yan also noticed one thing.

These herbalists were sweating profusely and looked extremely tired.

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Although Liu Yan was also tired, after a month of continuously plucking white radishes, he had long gotten used to it and was not that tired at all.

He did not even sweat that much.

Soon, the staff of the herb garden finished counting.

Cao Dong looked at the summary table and was a little surprised.

He then announced, “The top three in this competition are Liu Yan, Wu Hua, and Qiao Feng.

Liu Yan has 378, Wu Hua has 356, and Qiao Feng has 179!”

Hearing Cao Dongs announcement, Liu Yan was a little surprised.

Yesterday, Liu Yan was only close to 300.

He did not expect to improve so much today.

However, Liu Yan realised in a split second.

The main reason was that he had not stopped to rest throughout the entire day.

Although he had made good use of his time previously, he still went for lunch and rested a little in the afternoon.

Today, he had no rest at all, so naturally, there were so many more.

In addition, what surprised Liu Yan was that the third place only had a hundred or so, which was a huge gap between Liu Yan and Wu Hua.

At the same time, the other herbalists also looked at Liu Yan in surprise.

“Didnt they say that their strength was sealed How can they still be so strong”

“Yeah, is their strength not sealed”

“The number of radishes he plucked in a day is three times that of mine with his strength sealed! This is too strong!”

“His strength should be sealed.

Didnt you see that Liu Yans speed wasnt very fast in the beginning”

“Yes, Liu Yans speed wasnt very fast.

It was only medium speed.

But he didnt rest the entire time.

He didnt stop at all.

This is too exaggerated.”

“Yeah, this radish is so difficult to pull out.

We dont have the strength anymore after pulling some and need to rest and recover.

But he can keep on pulling.

Its too amazing.”

“Is this the strength of a once-in-a-century monstrous genius This is too amazing.

Im impressed!”

“Each generation outperforms the previous.

I came to the Lighthouse Academy a few years earlier than Liu Yan, but I was left so far behind by him.

Its really embarrassing!”

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For a moment, many of the herbalists looked at Liu Yan in shock and discussed animatedly.

Only when Liu Yan heard their discussions did he roughly understand the reason.

It turned out that at the beginning of the competition, Liu Yans speed was not as fast as theirs, and was even only half of their speed.

But soon after, the gap gradually appeared.

These white radishes were extremely difficult to pull out.

Although these students were strong and capable, after pulling them out for a while, they had no strength left and needed to rest and adjust.

Even after resting and adjusting, they could not continue pulling out radishes for long.

As a result, they could not pull out many radishes at the end of the day.

The third place only had a little more than a hundred radishes.

On the other hand, Liu Yan and Wu Hua, although their speed was not very exaggerated.

However, because of the special way of pulling out radishes, it was much easier.

Additionally, when they gathered all the strength in their bodies, it was also much easier.

As a result, although Liu Yans was not as strong as the other students, pulling radishes was much easier for him.

In addition, Liu Yan had been training his stamina, strength, and willpower for the past month.

He was hence able to persevere.

For the entire day, he did not rest throughout the entire journey and continued to walk forward.

On the other hand, although the other students were faster at the beginning, when they stopped to rest when they were tired, Liu Yan had already surpassed them.

By the time they finished resting and continued, Liu Yan had left them far behind.

In the end, this wasnt a competition of a momentary speed, but the overall speed for a day.

This was a long-distance race!

The pulling of radishes was the same as the path of cultivation.

Although some awakened ones had very good talent, they couldnt persevere.

And in the end, they couldnt become an expert.

And some awakened ones, despite their mediocre talent, were able to keep going and persevere all the way through the hardships and cultivation, eventually becoming an expert.

Talent was very important, and it also determined the upper limit of an awakened one.

But persistence was also extremely important.

It determined whether an awakened one could become stronger and become an expert in the end.

The path of cultivation was originally a long-distance race.

It was not a competition of instantaneous speed, but the overall speed that one had persevered for a long time.

It was a competition of who could walk farther!

Liu Yan understood everything at this moment, and his heart was instantly filled with gratitude towards Wu Hua.

After all, Liu Yan had learned all of this from the old man, Wu Hua.

Without Wu Hua, Liu Yan would not have been able to improve so much in one month, nor would he be able to obtain first place in this harvesting competition!

At this moment, Cao Dong also came up and took Liu Yan away, arriving at the place where the divine medicine was stored in the medicinal garden.

“Tell me, what divine medicine do you want As long as our medicinal garden has it, we can give you one!”

Cao Dong, who had always been dignified, had a somewhat relaxed expression now.

He had heard of Liu Yan before, and had also learned from the principal that Liu Yan was here to gain experience.

However, even so, he did not give Liu Yan any special treatment, and treated him fairly.

However, he didnt expect Liu Yan, who had sealed his strength, to be able to improve so much within a month after losing his powerful strength and terrifying talent.

It was truly rare.

At this moment, even Cao Dong couldnt help but think highly of Liu Yan.

When Liu Yan heard this, he was naturally extremely happy.

Although he knew in his heart that the Eastern Suburbs Medicinal Garden had many precious medicinal herbs, there was no lack of divine herbs among them.

However, what Liu Yan needed the most at the moment was the ten-thousand-year-old ginseng.

This was the medicinal herb that Liu Yan needed to refine his skin.

Only by gathering those four rare items could Liu Yan break through his upper limit and create a perfect body.

Liu Yan said without hesitation, “Hello, manager Cao.

I need the ten-thousand-year-old ginseng!”

Cao Dong heard this and nodded slightly.

“Hold on.”

After saying that, Cao Dong left.

Not long after, Cao Dong returned with a special wooden box in his hand.

He handed it to Liu Yan and said, “Our medicinal garden only has this half of the ten-thousand-year-old ginseng.

You can take it.”

When Liu Yan heard that, he immediately asked with some doubt, “Where is the remaining half of the ten-thousand-year-old ginseng”

Cao Dong saw that Liu Yan really did not know, he smiled and said, “The other half of the ten-thousand-year-old ginseng was already obtained by Wu Hua last year.

As for where it is now, you should ask yourself.

Alright, you have already achieved your goal of coming to our medicinal garden.

Pack up and leave on your own.

Your talent and temperament are very good.

I have high hopes for you.

Continue to work hard!”

As he said this, Cao Dong made his leaving.

Liu Yan, who was standing where he was, was confused.

What did he mean by asking himself

However, Liu Yan still opened the special wooden box in his hand.

When he saw half of the ten-thousand-year-old ginseng, he was stunned.

It had a brownish-yellow appearance and a faint but strange smell.

Wasnt this the same as the soap given by Wu Hua

Liu Yan recalled the words of Cao Dong, the manager of the medicinal garden, and immediately understood.

It turned out that the remaining half of the ten-thousand-year-old ginseng had been with Wu Hua, and Wu Hua had actually given it to Liu Yan long ago.

He had even taught Liu Yan how to use it.

In this one months time, that half of the ten-thousand-year-old ginseng had also been used up by Liu Yan.


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