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A murderer’s daughter and murderer who someone might recognize.

The man that is with such a woman.

That’s enough to figure out what kind of label would be attached to them.

Yoo-hwa was that vigilant because she was afraid that he would be stained with her sins.

So that he would suffer no harm even if they parted ways and lived a different life.

Even as she got closer, Yoo-hwa was ready to distance herself.

“I’m sorry.”

He remembered Yoo-hwa’s words, calmly apologizing as if she knew that moment would come.

After that, he remembered the gifts that she would give him after racking her brain for a long time, and even the way she would stand in the biting wind for a while to meet him.

Knowing that he may have approached her with some kind of intention, and even as she anticipated what the end of their love would be like, she gave him her heart as if she wanted to convey her love cleanly without any feeling of impurity.

… If she hadn’t done that, would he be less confused

He asked, but there was still no answer.

However, Woo-hyun looked at the place where Yoo-hwa had disappeared for a long time.

The hands that were holding the steering wheel turned white.


Sung-soo, who naturally rose to the position after the death of the former chairman, was the first to distinguish between people.

People who belonged to him and people who didn’t.

Many were expelled from the organization, and some went missing.

Among the people who survived the bloodbath, there was Woo-hyun and Executive Director Kim, who were trusted by Sung-soo, the current chairman.

However, he did not hand over all authority to them.

There was a high probability of problems arising if he gave the business in one place, so he gave each of them a certain amount to keep each other in check.

Still, among them, the one who had many businesses was Executive Director Kim.

He had been with the chairman for a long time, and he was an actionist, so he was experienced in managing businesses that ran into a lot of problems.

Because of this, Executive Director Kim was the best at managing a business, and he proudly knew that.

But things started to twist recently.

“You **ing bastards, you dare return after doing a **ing bad job! What You don’t know Do you think I gave you time to get that kind of report If you don’t know, you should find out, you sons of bitches!”

Harsh words mixed with violent insults burst out of Executive Director Kim’s mouth.

It was not long ago that problems began to arise in the vicinity of his places of business.

There were some guys who used the name of the organization to collect advance payments, and there were a series of incidents in which members of the organization were attacked by unknown people.

The problem was that he couldn’t figure out who his opponent was because they were clever.

“Did you search everywhere Isn’t it Director Sin”

Executive Director Kim asked, sitting on the sofa.

A man who was sitting on his knees with blood dripping from his head opened his mouth.


We are investigating, but there are few witnesses…”

“Fuck, if you’re going to say something I already know, shut your mouth.

You **er.

Are you a cop How dare you blabber something that a **ing cop would say, in front of me Huh”

Words poured out from the angry Executive Director Kim’s mouth.

Not long ago, it was said that Sung-soo, the chairman, was secretly thinking about who to pick as the next CEO.

If it was someone the chairman had nominated as the CEO, it was safe to say that person would become the next chairman without much trouble.

He had no children under his roof anyway, so there was nothing that could be disputed.

Executive Director Kim had long believed that he would be the next chairman, so he had no doubts.

Crawling under the person who everyone said wouldn’t become the chairman almost turned him into the chairman.

So, of course, the next position would be his.

One day, however, an inexperienced youngster began to climb up.

The chairman was pleased with the ridiculous guy who threw himself into a knife, asking him to pay more for his ** if he did so.

He thought it would end at that, but a few years later, he began to threaten his position.

In the eyes of Executive Director Kim, Woo-hyun felt unpleasant.

Even he, who had a lot of experience with all kinds of people, could not figure out what Woo-hyun was thinking.

His expression changed in an instant, and the atmosphere with which he treated each person was strangely different.

Woo-hyun’s masks were so varied that he did not know which was the real one.

Above all, he felt most anxious because although he didn’t seem to be greedy, he had accomplished more than he had expected at some point.

The chairman liked him even more because he steadily did the work he was given, without seeking praise or honor.

What the chairman wanted was to lead the organization safely, and he was a faithful dog who wasn’t greedy and didn’t push him out.

As the chairman’s eyes changed, the atmosphere of the organization quietly leaned towards Woo-hyun.

The members of the organization who visited him regularly and greeted him gradually turned to Woo-hyun.

The businesses Woo-hyun managed began to do better than expected.


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