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The two of them were in the middle of ending their relationship tied by lies.

Woo-hyun’s personality made it clear that it would be cut like a knife, not a knot.

Joon-kyung stood still and looked at the two of them from a spot out of their sight.

The conversation was longer than he expected.

Yoo-hwa talked for a long time with a smiling face that seemed about to cry, and then Woo-hyun opened his mouth.

Every time Woo-hyun said something, Yoo-hwa’s expression crumbled.

Yoo-hwa’s endlessly crumbling expression then reached a calm level.

Like an expression that had crumbled so much that there was nothing more that could crumble.

Jun-kyung clicked his tongue softly.

It would not have been a problem for Woo-hyun, who was good at guessing how the other person felt, to win the heart of a pitiful woman.

So, in a way, it was natural for Yoo-hwa to be broken to pieces at the words Woo-hyun threw at her.

Woo-hyun had already invested his time in Yoo-hwa so that she would do so.

But everything was ruined.

Kim Yi-woon died sooner than they thought.

It was said to have been an accident, but whoever looked at it could tell it was an incident.

The fact that he had many enemies, and the suspects couldn’t be counted with the fingers on his hand, was also a problem.

While he was looking at Woo-hyun’s back, thinking about how to proceed, Woo-hyun, who had finished speaking, turned around.

Jun-kyung took a step back and stopped.

Woo-hyun was striding down the low incline.

Based on Woo-hyun’s personality, he expected him to be very angry as he wasn’t able to get revenge on Kim Yi-woon.

Even if he vented all his emotions on Yoo-hwa and destroyed her, he wouldn’t feel relieved.

However, it was unexpected.

The fact that Woo-hyun’s expression would be so messed up.

A frowning forehead and twisted lips as if they were spitting out curse words.

Jun-kyung was taken aback in front of Woo-hyun’s unfamiliar face, which was showing his raw emotions, and found it hard to move.

Jun-kyung, who had been thinking about what had happened, turned his gaze from the rearview mirror to the car window.

What were the emotions on Woo-hyun’s face back then Jun-kyung wetted his lips with his tongue and tried to guess Woo-hyun’s feelings at the time.

Anger that Kim Yi-woon had died sooner than he thought, and displeasure that he had been wasting his time in a meaningless place.

Even though he tried guessing his emotions one by one, strangely, he felt like he was wrong.

It was like a similar yet different piece of a puzzle.

After a long time, Jun-kyung unintentionally thought of one word.


The emotion that appeared on Woo-hyun’s face was, unbelievably, that.


The light came on when he pressed the switch.

The living room, which was large enough for twenty adult men to sleep in, came into view.

The floor was made of black marble, and the ceiling and walls were dazzlingly white, creating a contrast.

Although he had been coming to his house for several days, it was unfamiliar as if it belonged to someone else.

It was different from quickly adapting as soon as he entered the multi-unit house in the ridiculous redevelopment zone.

As soon as he entered the dressing room, he unbuttoned his jacket with his long fingers.

After lightly throwing off his jacket, the movement of unbuttoning the shirt became slower and slower.

“… I’m sorry.”

Yoo-hwa said with a face that he couldn’t understand whether she was laughing or crying.

Despite being mercilessly sworn at, the torn Yoo-hwa said she was sorry.

At those words, Woo-hyun once again felt something plummeting to the floor.

He looked only at Yoo-hwa, whose insides had been completely wiped out, leaving only an empty shell.

He wanted to ask her if she knew what those words meant.

“You moved to the house next door where I live because of Kim Yi-woon.”

Yoo-hwa’s confession was calm.

Saying that she accepted him even though she knew it.

She added that she had always lived like that, so she didn’t expect it to be different this time either.

His head was in a daze.

“Why did you accept me knowing that While even giving me your body.

Were you bored Or were you curious about how far I would go”

He couldn’t believe it, so he let out those sharp words.

“… No.

I was lonely.”

At that, he felt powerless.

She said she accepted him, knowing it would hurt her, because she was lonely.

He knew what that was like.

He was troubled at the feeling of wanting to shout and ask if she didn’t know it would be even colder when she experienced warmth and then coldness again.

“I liked the attention you gave me even though I knew it was fake.

Humane treatment.

It had been a long time.

You were kind and friendly.”

The more he listened to Yoo-hwa, the dizzier his head became.

Each word shook him.

The way she looked at the knots he had tied on her sneakers, and the way she stood still with the hot pack in the windy alleyway, flashed through Woo-hyun’s head.

Kim Yoo-hwa, who knew it was a lie but couldn’t stop her feelings…

What was the point of recalling that now

That didn’t mean she wasn’t Kim Yi-woon’s sister.

And it’s not like Sin Eun-soo was coming back alive either.

It was an ill relationship from the beginning.


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