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Even If It’s Not Love

Vi5-7 minutes 15.01.2022

He said they were checking whether it was a suicide, a murder, or an accident, but that it would be difficult to determine since the body had been in the sea for at least two days.

“However, we will try our best to find out about this incident.”

“Ah, yes.”

The moment she managed to reply, the world tilted.

When she came to her senses, she had collapsed to the floor, and the embarrassed policeman pulled her up with a ‘whoa’.

“Please sit here.”

As he sat at the entrance of the hospital morgue, shaking, with a drink the policeman gave her, a hospital official approached her carefully.

“Are you the guardian of the deceased Kim Yi-woon”

“… Yes.”

She wondered if it was correct to call her his guardian.

She wondered if her relationship with Yi-woon could be designated like that.

Although her mind was complicated, she couldn’t keep the hospital official waiting for her answer, so she reluctantly replied.

“Will you have a funeral”

After that, the official bluntly asked if she would take the body.

Yoo-hwa lowered her head silently, immersed in her thoughts.

She wondered if someone would come for the funeral.

Thugs may come in and make a scene to pay them back if she has money for a funeral.

Rather than rest, there will be nothing but pain.

No matter what kind of excuses she made… the truth is, it was a lot of money.

Even if she used all the money she had, she couldn’t afford Yi-woon’s funeral.

“… No.”

Yoo-hwa shook her head while keeping it lowered.

Above all, she also had a great desire to not get involved with Yi-woon anymore.

She wanted to get away from the man who had plunged her life into a mire, as soon as possible.

Whether he liked her or not.

“In cases like this, they are usually treated as people with no relatives and their cremated remains are placed in a cemetery.”

Yoo-hwa nodded as he said in a businesslike voice that they would keep the bones for a certain period of time, and that she should come see them if she changed her mind.

As she stood up and stepped out of the hospital, a sharp winter breeze blew.

She couldn’t open her eyes properly because of the coldest wind ever that made it hard to breathe.


She felt something snap inside her.

It was the thin thread of the ill-fated relationship between her and Yi-woon.

Hot tears filled her eyes as she looked at the hospital with an empty face.

It wasn’t that she was sorry for Yi-woon, sorry for his death, or sorry for not giving him a funeral.

Just dying like this.

She felt…


“Ha… haha.”

A fake laugh flowed out of her mouth as she felt as empty as death.

Her eyes were stiff, but a shaky laugh was leaking out of her mouth.

Even though she knew that the people passing by her were flinching and taking a step back, Yoo-hwa bent her waist and laughed.

Then, she collapsed to the floor.

Yoo-hwa’s gaze, as she looked at the floor, was empty.

She recalled her last call with Yi-woon.

She wanted to decline the call that was coming from an unknown number but accidentally pressed the wrong button.

The moment she tried to hang up, Yi-woon’s voice was heard.

– Kim Yoo-hwa! Kim Yoo-hwa!

Yoo-hwa silently listened to the voice.

In her blank mind, the eagerness to hang up grew stronger.

However, Yoo-hwa was uncomfortably holding the phone call that she could neither answer nor hang up, in fear that he would come visit her.

– Yoo-hwa!

Unlike his desperate call, Yi-woon didn’t say anything else.

After a while, he spoke in a sluggish tone, like a drunk person.

– Did you sleep with that bastard

Her neck stiffened at the sudden question.

Yoo-hwa immediately knew who he was talking about without having to ask, and I felt all her sleepiness disappear.

Did he find out about Woo-hyun Well, that’s why he sent him the letter.

Recalling Woo-hyun as he tore apart the two-sentence letter, Yoo-hwa touched her forehead.

“How did you know I removed all the cameras.”

Yoo-hwa, who stopped speaking as she thought about her last words, bit her dry lips.

After Yi-woon came and left, Yoo-hwa cleaned the whole house and rummaged through it like a crazy person.

She found several cameras.

But it seemed like there was a bugging device that she hadn’t found.

– … Did you really do it

Whether he had been guessing, Yi-woon’s voice was low.

She was thinking about whether she should deny it, but, at this point, she was wondering why she had to tell him even that.

She was sick of it.

“What does that have to do with you”

– You think I’m just going to let him go I won’t leave him alone.

I’m going to kill him.

I’m going to kill him!

“Stop now.

Please just stop…”

His words felt like a bug crawling over her body.

– No.

I can’t.


– I can’t let you go.

No matter what you do, I can’t let you go.

His words were creepily disgusting.

“You already took everything from me! You already ruined my life like this! How much more are you willing to take for the price of my life Stop it! Leave me alone! And him too!”

Yoo-hwa shouted as if it could not be tolerated anymore.

She realized it after Woo-hyun was in her heart.

Yi-woon’s love.

It wasn’t love; it was an obsession.

You can’t hope for another person’s misfortune if you really love them.


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