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“You’re out.”

Seeing Woo-hyun, the men looked bright as if they had found their savior, but that was momentary.

They glanced at the closed door with anxious gazes.

“Hyung-nim, that…”

Woo-hyun approached the door in big strides, gesturing to Do-wan to shut up as he tried to explain the situation, and opened it.

As he had roughly expected, there was a mess beyond the door.

The sofas and tables were askew, removed from their original position, and between that, Jun-kyung was sitting on his knees with a bloodied face.

“Ohoh, are you here now Phew.

I thought I was going to lose my dick while waiting.

Are you going to take responsibility if I become a eunuch Hm”

As Executive Director Kim giggled and laughed as if his low-quality joke was funny, his golden canine tooth flashed.

“I see you are very angry because I was late.”

Woo-hyun said with a smile.

“Of course.

How many times did I come searching for you You were absent every single time.

I tried contacting you, but I couldn’t.

Fuck, does this make sense You don’t get in touch with your superiors, but you have a subordinate sitting proudly in your office I went easy on him because he didn’t seem to be educated.”

Woo-hyun’s gaze reached Jun-kyung, who was bleeding from his torn eye rim.

Even if he was a superior, coming to another person’s territory and using violence was no different from picking a fight.

“There must have been a good reason for the Executive Director to do that.”

Woo-hyun replied calmly.

Kim’s expression hardened strangely as Woo-hyun deliberately called him executive director instead of hyung-nim.

Unlike him, who always called him his younger brother, Woo-hyun drew the line under the title of executive director.

Whenever he heard those words, which seemed that he was saying he had no intention of having a brotherhood relationship with him, he hit rock bottom.

Even so, he couldn’t continue arguing, so Executive Director Kim swept his tongue across his teeth.

“As expected.

Aaas expected.

Is the little brother who receives strong support from our Chairman different”

Executive Director Kim laughed creepily again.

Sitting with a thud on the sofa, Executive Director Kim naturally took a cigarette and looked up at Woo-hyun.

“Little brother, are you going to make me look up My neck hasn’t been good these days.”

At Executive Director Kim’s words, Woo-hyun sat down on an empty couch.

Only then did he notice the mess that went from his desk to the cabinet.

At first glance, it seemed that he messed it up due to being angry, but in reality, it was like he was checking the structure to see if there was a secret safe or a way to the emergency exit.

Otherwise, there was no way he would obstinately pull out the drawer in the corner while being angry.

It seemed like a smart way, but it was nonsense.

He couldn’t deal with it complacently.

“What are you so busy with these days I don’t even see you in the office.”

“I’m resting because I’m unwell.”

It wasn’t difficult for Woo-hyun to anticipate that the executive director would follow him.

Since he was someone who was waiting patiently, hoping he would die.

Because of that, Woo-hyun always moved four cars.

Four similarly shaped cars were dispersed in an instant, and even their speed was random, so even if it was Executive Director Kim, it would be difficult to track down the four cars without giving indications that he was following them.

Above all, Woo-hyun wasn’t inside any of the four cars, so the odds of finding him were near zero.

“You must be very sick.

I’ll send you a good doctor soon, so get a consultation from him.”

“The Chairman cares enough for me, so it’s alright.

I appreciate your sincerity.”

As the conversation about the chairman came out, Executive Director Kim’s expression sharpened at once.

As the chairman pulled his business to the sunny place, he was considering between Woo-hyun and Executive Director Kim as the candidates for CEO.

Executive Director Kim believed that he should be the one becoming the CEO.

Amid this, hearing that the chairman was taking care of Woo-hyun’s health, there was no way his expression would look nice.

“That’s right.

The Chairman is very generous, so he takes good care of everyone without making distinctions.”

“I agree.”

He was trying to provoke him, but there was no response from Woo-hyun.

After that, Executive Director Kim talked about the business, but he couldn’t get what he wanted because of Woo-hyun, who easily escaped.

Executive Director Kim, who couldn’t openly argue here despite not being satisfied, stood up after adding a few bland words.

“I feel at ease seeing that my little brother is safe.

Let’s keep in touch from now on.

Since it’s the Chairman, I’m sure you’re healthy, but you never know what goes on with people.

Don’t you think we should be closer Ah, right.

I didn’t originally come here to say this.”

As if he had belatedly remembered what he came to do, Executive Director Kim turned around with a big movement.

“There is word that you have been looking for someone lately…”

A strange glow flickered in Woo-hyun’s eyes at Executive Director Kim’s words, but it was brief.

Woo-hyun, who quickly organized his emotions, faced him with an expression as if he didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Isn’t it our job to find, catch, and deal with people”

“That’s right.


You’re right.

But it’s a little unusual.

If it’s difficult, let me know.

Do you know If there is anything I can do for you What’s good about having older brothers You can use them at times like these.

Don’t you think so”

Kim tapped Woo-hyun’s shoulder on the way out.

Woo-hyun only smiled formally, not giving a clear answer.


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