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Chapter 4763: Sky-devouring Grand Immortals

Ancient ancestors and ancestral monarchs from the east thought that these two only existed in the legends.

They only knew of the title, nothing more.

None has met them in recent eras.

Today, Starlord Ancient Saint confirmed their existence.

He was one of the oldest active cultivators in the east.

Those older than him might never come out in public again without a great disaster.

Therefore, none questioned his claim.

“So theyre two women.” A top monarch stared at the two and whispered.

Given their title, most assumed that they would be giants capable of reaching the heaven like immortals in the legends.

No one expected the two to be so young and beautiful.

The princesses and saintesses here couldnt compare to them at all.

“Ancestral Monarchs.” The ancient ancestors from the east came over to greet them.

In reality, there were some ancestral monarchs present too.

However, they would be “ancestral monarchs” of ancestral monarchs.

Those from the east prostrated to show respect.

After all, their ancestors were all juniors of these two beings.

“So who are they” Others were unfamiliar with this title.

“Legends.” An ancient ancestor not from the east said softly: “Those like Dao Sanqian have lived long enough but they are still young compared to these legends, not worth mentioning.”

“Mmm, are they from around Puresun Dao Lords generation” An ancestor asked.

Anyone who had lived for this long was surely mighty.

“Even older.” The ancient ancestor explained with a serious expression: “According to the legends of the east, they have been around since before the great calamity.

Therefore, their actual background is unknown.

Some believe that their clans are the founders of the current region.”

“Before the great calamity...” Listeners shuddered after hearing this.

The world collapsed during that event.

Only monstrous existences managed to survive so they must have been mighty during the previous epoch.

It had nothing to do with luck.

“Surviving the calamity, does that mean theyre about as strong as a dao lord” One ancestor asked.


In fact, they were rumored to be untouchable existences in the past, even the old emperors might not be able to best them.” The ancient ancestor responded.

“...” Listeners took a deep breath after hearing this.

Meanwhile, those from the east were in awe to see their immortal ancestors.

These two beings had a special significance in their heart.

According to their records, a group consisting of these two women helped save the ancient clans in the east during the calamity.

They led the survivors afterward, contributing to future success.

For some reason later, they suddenly disappeared.

Even their own clan had no idea where they went or why.

Their sudden departure made descendants think that they were no longer part of the world.

“So these are our Sky-devouring Grand Immortals.” Eastern ancestors said with admiration.

“No, theres something of note here.” An old ancestor corrected him: “One is Sky-devourer, the other is Grand Immortal.

Its actually Sky-devourer Grand Immortal.”

“I see...” The other ancestors said.

So it turned out that these two womens titles were added together.

“Which is Grand Immortal and which is Sky-devourer” Woodman quietly asked his friends.

“The veiled one is Sky-devourer.” Puresword said.

“Shh, watch it, dont run your mouth.” Xiao Yan warned.

Among the four of them, Xiao Yan was close to the two womens branches.

They were from the same lineage once.

The two women stood before Li Qiye and lowered their head.

The noble woman said: “Young Noble, it is the blessing of three lives to see you again, I am honored.”

“Its good to see you again, Young Noble.” The other had an alluring voice that could charm any listener.

This shocked the crowd because the ancient ancestors and monarchs had prostrated before them.

Now, they were addressing Li Qiye as “young noble” and acting as if they were his maids.

But then again, they thought about it and remembered that Li Qiye was someone who could kill dao lords without any problem.

Others didnt have the privilege of standing this close to him.

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