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Chapter 4761 Despair (Teaser)

The lord of all beings was nothing more than a speck of dust before the palm strike, a mere insect capable of bearing its fangs for a brief moment.

This broke the pre-existing belief of the power scale.

The prideful ancient ancestors, monarchs, and supreme geniuses felt immense despair.

They knew that they werent unbeatable.

Nonetheless, they thought that they were capable of sweeping through the realm for eras.

It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that they stood at the apex.

Only a few could view them with disdain while the rest were nothing more than insects.

Alas, the palm strike broke the “apex” beneath them and shattered their dreams of becoming the strongest.

It didnt matter how much they struggle, they would never be able to jump to the next level - insects they shall remain.

For millions of years now, some slumbering existences have been capable of fighting dao lords.

In their opinion, the moment they came out, the world would worship the very ground they walked on due to their power.

Alas, anxiety struck them after seeing the palm strike.

Shen Juntian himself who was a dao lord in that second has been reduced to ashes.

Dao Sanqians temporal stream was crushed as well, not to mention the entire alliance.

Meanwhile, the palm hovered in the air and rendered everyone speechless.

Eventually, it disappeared from sight but its remnant power was still terrorizing Eight Desolaces.

“Finished.” Li Qiye looked around before concluding.

Spectators shuddered after looking at him despite his lack of aura.

They could feel their knees buckling uncontrollably.

Some were pale and didnt dare to talk about Li Qiye.

This included ancient ancestors and existences from the burial grounds.

“The next dao lord has been decided.” A peerless cultivator whispered.

“Well, it doesnt matter anymore.

Even a dao lord is still just an insect.” Another ancient one responded.

The battle ended with the death of four conquerors and their allies.

Previously, supreme geniuses normally became a part of history.

Their achievements and brilliance would be remembered for eras to come.

Unfortunately, the ones from this generation would be overshadowed by that single palm strike.

In reality, the four were excellent and could keep up in any other generation.

Alas, this wasnt their time.

Shen Juntian, in particular, stood above the rest.

His final moment consisted of him entering the door of the dao lord realm before obtaining a dao fruit.

His final move, Luminous, would put anyone else to shame - truly something to be remembered.

Alas, none of this mattered due to Li Qiye.

“Everyone has to play nice now.” A top monarch sighed and said: “Seems like hes the only cultivator while everyone else are mortals.”

“It is time to train harder instead of focusing on anything else.” An accomplished ancestor killed his own ambition and wanted to go into isolated cultivation.

Suddenly, the crowd became much nicer.

The arrogant and prideful ancient ancestors started speaking politely to everyone.

They realized that a successful ant was still just an ant.

“Young Noble Shen...” Meanwhile, female cultivators started crying after realizing Juntians death.

One of the worst fears in life was to die before realizing greatness.

Painstaking efforts became meaningless.

As for the girls, they had witnessed a great man named Shen Juntian.

His perfect appearance and personality left an ineligible impression in their heart.

Some would never be interested in another man afterward.

He managed to live on despite dying.

Despite being an ant, he still wanted to be the most brilliant one.

“Shen Juntian...” Women murmured his name, wanting to remember it forever.


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