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“Aunt, just go ahead and choose.

I know how to make clothes of different styles.

Dont worry,” Qiao Mei said to Xia Fang.

Xia Fang did not reject the gesture anymore.

She chose a few comfortable plain-colored fabrics and a few bright-colored ones for Qiao Mei.

These were currently the most fashionable ones in the capital.

Qiao Mei should dress up and look pretty at her age.

If not, did she want to wait until she was in her 70s or 80s to wear such pretty clothes

After buying the fabrics, Xia Fang brought Qiao Mei to buy some fruits and pastries.

She was concerned that Qiao Mei was usually home alone when she was at work.

If Qiao Mei got hungry and felt too embarrassed to ask for help, went out to buy food and then ran into Qiane and her family of lunatics, that would be a disaster.

She thought that it would be good to buy some pastries so that there was always something to eat at home.

Qiao Mei hurriedly pulled at Xia Fang and said, “Aunt, I dont really eat pastries.

Lets not buy any.”

These must not be real pastries, they must be made of gold.

A catty of pastries actually costs 20 to 30 dollars.

How many families can afford this

Although Xia Fang was the chief physician of a large hospital, she drew a fixed salary, as did Xiang Jin, her husband.

Xiang Jin did not have much of a future in the army and was just waiting to retire.

They also had a son who was studying in the south and was not married yet.

It may seem that Xia Fangs family was very rich, but in fact, they did not have much savings.

They just fared slightly better than ordinary families.

“Mei Mei, look at this.

This cream pastry is very delicious!” Xia Fang said as she pointed at the pastry.

“No, I dont like cream,” Qiao Mei said.

“Then what about this one with meat floss”

“No, no.

Who knows what meat that is.”

“What about this This bread is the shops signature item.

Look at this.”

“Who knows if the flour is good or not!”

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Whatever Xia Fang said, Qiao Mei would condemn the item.

The shop assistant did not know what to say and could only look at them awkwardly.

Xia Fang did not get angry.

She knew that Qiao Mei was actually concerned for her, but she still wanted to buy some.

No matter what, she could not let Qiao Mei suffer.

“Then Ill decide.

Im going to buy this bread because I like it,” Xia Fang said helplessly.

“Aunt, if you like it, I can make it for you! I know how to make it!” When Qiao Mei saw that Xia Fang really intended to buy the bread, she wanted to grab Xia Fang and leave.

The shop assistant could not take it anymore and said, “Our pastry chefs are all top-notch pastry chefs from overseas.

Do you know how to make pastries”

“Hey, how can you talk like that!” Xia Fang said angrily as she looked at the shop assistant.

Before Qiao Mei could even react, Xia Fang already got angry.

She hated it when people criticized the kids from her family.

Seeing Xia Fangs strong reaction, the shop assistant quickly looked down and stopped talking, knowing that this was not a person who could be bullied.

“Hey, say something.

This shop has been open in the capital for a long time.

Is this how they teach you to treat their customers” Xia Fang said.

It was obvious to the shop assistant that Xia Fang was a local from the capital when she said that she knew how long the shop had been open for.

Moreover, this shop was quite high-end.

The fact that Xia Fang could come here often proved that she had the spending power.

The shop assistant had thought that these two critical people were just ignorant passers-by and did not expect to offend someone of a certain status.

“Im sorry, Im sorry.

Whats happening with the two guests” the shop manager said, running over from the back of the shop.

“I want to know how you choose your shop staff, and how they are allowed to criticize your customers.

After all, this shop had been open for so long and Im also a member here.

I dont know how you expect us to come back if you treat us this way,” Xia Fang said angrily.

Xia Fang was not lying when she said that she was a member of this shop.

In the past, Xia Zhe did not like to eat rice and only liked the bread from this shop, so she would shop here every few days.

Of course, Xia Mao was the one who paid for all the purchases.

Upon hearing that she was an old-time customer, the shop manager became even more respectful.

“Im really sorry.

This shop assistant is new and hasnt learned the ropes yet.

I hope you dont mind.

Let me know which pastry you wanted just now.

Please tell me and Ill wrap it all up for you as compensation, if thats alright with you” the shop manager said.

Qiao Mei was a little surprised to hear this.

This shop manager seemed to be quite good at doing business and must be quite capable to be able to manage such a big shop.


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