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Number Four had shared with Shi Qingluo only because she was the wife of Young Master Xiao and was the disciple of an old immortal.

Of course, everyone in the county knew a little of their new magistrates background.

Shi Qingluo was extremely surprised.

“His identity is so awesome!”

She asked in puzzlement, “With such an awesome identity, why did he come to our Nanxi county to become a magistrate”

Number Four shook his head.

“I dont know about that.

Everyone also has similar doubts.

“I heard that he voluntarily applied to come to Nanxi county.”

He said with uncertainty, “Maybe our Nanxi county has some outstanding talents”

Shi Qingluo muttered, I guess you can forget about it.

She didnt see any outstanding people or outstanding talents in this lousy place.

Shi Qingluo had been skilfully engaging in a stilted conversation with Number Four and Number Five.

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She had also known a lot more about the county.

For example, the Wu family had a good relationship with the former county magistrate, so the Bai family had to give way.

Because of this, the Bai family was suppressed by the Wu family.

Now that the new county magistrate was here, the Bai family was the happiest.

The Bai family owned a bodyguards agency in the county, and the Wu family owned a bank.

Only these two businesses didnt clash, otherwise, they would be competitors.

For example, the largest restaurant, the silk and satin house, and the embroidery workshop in Nanxis town were all run by the two families.

The two families operated on very similar businesses, hence their backgrounds were also very similar.

The Bai familys brother-in-law was a fourth-rank official in the capital, while the Wu familys brother-in-law was a fourth-rank magistrate.

However, the Bai familys wife was even better.

Bai familys sister was the first wife, while Wu familys sister was only a magistrates mistress.

Shi Qingluo hence decided that she should befriend the Bai family.

Her enemys enemy could still be her friends.

Shi Qingluo also tried to ask many questions about the new county magistrate, but Number Four did not know.

Clearly, the Bai family was not at that level yet.

As they chatted, they arrived at the Bai residence.

The Bai residence encompassed a very large land space.

It looked like those owned by the tycoons, but also lost some of its ancient feel.

Number Four and Number Five were Young Master Bais personal servants, and were used to observing people.

When they saw Shi Qingluo enter the Bai Residence with a calm and casual look, they were shocked.

In the past, when people came to the Bai residence, they would look around and repeatedly exclaim about the heroic building.

Other than looking slightly sallow and thin, this Young Master Xiaos wife really did not look like an ordinary person.

As expected of an old immortals disciple.

Compared to Scholar Xiaos mother who was beside her, they could tell that she was nervous.

If Shi Qingluo knew what they were thinking, she would probably not know whether to laugh or cry.

She really thanked them for their imagination.

Young Master Bai lived in the main courtyard.

After walking through the main door for about fifteen minutes, they finally arrived at the courtyards entrance.

Number Five stood at the door and said, “Scholar Xiaos wife, the two of you please wait here for a moment.

Ill go report to our young master first.”

Shi Qingluo nodded.


Number Four did not leave.

He stayed behind to accompany the two of them.

Soon, Number Five returned with a welcoming gesture to Shi Qingluo and Mother Xiao.

“Our young master welcomes you!”

Number Five brought them to a greenhouse that had been specially built.

A young man dressed in a blue brocade robe was bending over and looking down at a lilac coloured chrysanthemum.

The Daliang Dynasty had just been established not long ago.

Back then, the merchants had contributed a lot to the successful overthrow of the previous dynasty.

Therefore, although there were also commoners, which included the farmers, workers, and merchants, the status of merchants wasnt low.

The merchants descendants could participate in imperial examinations and become officials.

There werent many restrictions on their clothing, and they could wear silk and brocade clothes.

Upon hearing approaching footsteps, the man stood up and looked over.

Shi Qingluo also saw his appearance.

Young Master Bai was handsome, and he had a free and unruly temperament.

Today, she was quite lucky to meet two handsome men from ancient times.

The county magistrate was also very handsome.

However, Shi Qingluo felt that her husband was still more handsome.


Bai Xu looked at Shi Qingluo, who was dressed like a village woman but had a different temperament.

He was the first to speak.

“Do you know about flowers”

He had already heard Number Five introduce Shi Qingluo, but he was sceptical when he told him that she knew how to nurture and treat flowers.

Shi Qingluo knew that it was impossible for him to let a stranger treat the expensive purple chrysanthemum once she arrived.

“Of course.” She swept her gaze across the flowers in the greenhouse.

“I know everything about your flowers here.”

Bai Xu raised her eyebrows.

“Then tell me, what kind of flowers do I have here”

Most of the flowers he had here didnt even exist in Nanxi county, let alone those from Nanguang prefecture.

Some time ago, he had even brought a stalk of flower from the capital that had been shipped from overseas.

He had used a lot of effort to get one.

Not many people in the capital could recognise this flower, let alone in Nanxi county, which is very small.

Xiao Hanzhengs little wife was really boastful.

Shi Qingluo was still holding Mother Xiaos arm.

She walked over and counted from left to right.

“Peony, asparagus, camellia, orchids, bowl lotuses…”

She pointed around and finally landed on a bright red flower.

“This is a tulip.”

After Shi Qingluo pointed at the flower and named it, Bai Xus expression gradually changed.

When he heard the name of the tulip, he was even more shocked.

He continued to ask, “How did you know Do you know the origin of this flower”

Shi Qingluo knew that tulips were introduced to China from India during the Tang dynasty.

Although this was a dynasty that didnt exist in history, the origin of the species shouldnt have changed.

She replied, “This is a flower from India, and someone brought it back to Daliang.”

She continued to make up stories.

“My master has a book that introduces the cultivation of various plants and flowers.

I read about them here.”


Bai Xus interest piqued and asked excitedly, “Can I take a look at that book”

Shi Qingluo shook her head.

“That book ascended with my master to become a fairy, so I cant show it to you.


“Ive basically memorised it.

Thats why I was able to recognize the tulips.”

Bai Xu was speechless.

Did she mean that if he wanted to read it, he had to go to the afterworld to look for that old priest


He had also heard about the burning of the Taoist temple, but he didnt really believe in ascension towards immorality.


Looking regretful, he said, “Thats such a pity.”

After some thoughts, he suggested, “Since youve memorised them, why dont you try to rearrange and consolidate them into a book”

He wanted it.

Shi Qingluo uttered under her breath, I was just spouting nonsense, and you actually believed me.

She replied perfunctorily, “Lets talk about it in the future.”

She quickly changed the topic.

“I heard from Number Five that you want to hire someone to treat the purple chrysanthemum”

As expected, she diverted Bai Xus attention, “Thats right.

My familys gardener and the other gardeners in the county have seen it.

They all said that this purple chrysanthemum couldnt make it.”

He made way for her.

“Since you know so much about flowers, why dont you take a look”

Shi Qingluo walked over and saw the greyed leaves and branches and the moist soil.

She asked Bai Xu, “Is your plant wilting during the day and recovering at night If you press it lightly, will the branches break easily”

Bai Xu began to believe that Shi Qingluo knew a lot about flowers.

“Thats right, thats how it is.”

He hurriedly asked, “What disease is this Can it be healed”


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