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Mo Qingling frowned.

Looking at Doctor Shis appearance, it didnt seem like he was lying.

He turned to Shi Qingluo and asked, “Has your husband made any enemies recently”

Shi Qingluo replied without hesitation, “No, but half a month ago, My husbands biological father, who was a senior general, demoted his wife to a mistress in order to make his new lover his wife.

“My husbands mother didnt agree, so the two of them split up.

“Then, my father-in-law wanted my husband to leave his biological mother.

Regardless of whether my younger brother and sister agreed or not, my father-in-law and grandfather-in-law wanted him to break his ties with his biological mother and younger siblings.

“That outsider had already framed my grandmother and asked my father-in-law to demote his wife to be a mistress so that she could become his former wife.


“My grandmother couldnt solve this issue, and was also nonchalant towards my husband and his younger siblings.

“Among the people my husband knows in Nanxi County, the only one who can bribe Doctor Shi with three hundred taels of silver is that mistress.”

Although that woman was involved, it was difficult to trace it back to her.

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However, it didnt stop Shi Qingluo from disguising that woman and that scumbag father.


Todays incident and her words would be recorded in the main book.

In the future, when she confronted those two people, she could even look through these old debts.

Mo Qingling was very surprised.

“Which general is your husbands biological father”

He roughly knew who that was.

Currently, there was only one general in the imperial court with the surname Xiao.

He heard that his wife was ten years younger than him.

Shi Qingluo replied, “General Xiao Yuanshi.”

It was indeed Xiao Yuanshi that Mo Qingling had guessed.

However, he did not expect that Xiao Yuanshi, who seemed to have a forthright personality and was upright in his actions, was actually a scoundrel that demoted his wife to a mistress behind his back for the sake of a new lover.

The main point was because of this woman, he actually disowned his biological children.

This bastard was too much.

As for whether the woman was the mastermind, he felt that the possibility was very high.

After all, he had personally experienced these sinister methods done by women in the backroom.

Of course, he still had to investigate these matters and could not jump to conclusions.

After all, what this young woman said might not necessarily be true.

“I, as an official, will investigate this matter thoroughly.”

Mo Qingling instructed the bailiff, “Escort Doctor Shi and his disciple to the prison first.

After the officials have investigated all the crimes, he will be sentenced.”

“Yes, Sir!” The bailiff dragged the two away.

Mo Qingling then looked at Shi Qingluo and said, “I will investigate what you said and try my best to dig out the mastermind behind Doctor Shis plot to harm your husband.

Once there is an outcome, I will send someone to your house to inform you.”

Shi Qingluo smiled and bowed again.

“Thank you, Sir.”

From the look of this person, it was obvious that he knew that scumbag father.

She was even more certain that this magistrates identity was not simple.

Even if they could not find any evidence of that woman harming Xiao Hanzheng, they would definitely be able to find out the disgusting things that this scumbag father had done.

Perhaps through this magistrate, they would be able to spread the news in the capital and let everyone see the true face of this scumbag father.

At the same time, she could also give that scumbag father and that woman some pressure.

They should also know whether they would be implicated in Xiao Hanzhengs unfortunate events before they continue to be demons.

In the era with emperors, there was a huge gap between the powerful scholars and the commoners.

That scumbag father was a senior general, while Xiao Hanzheng was only an elementary scholar.

If they did not make a fuss, she was afraid that the scumbag father would unite with that woman and directly kill Xiao Hanzheng again, or find a way to prevent him from growing up.

If there was such a curse, his father and that woman wouldnt be able to do things as freely as before.

After the court session ended, Shi Qingluo helped Mother Xiao to leave the yamen.

This matter started to spread through the people who joined the crowd.

Not only were there the evil deeds of Doctor Shi, but there was also the gossip about the general who spoiled his mistress and destroyed his wife by demoting her to a mistress for the sake of an outsider, and even parted ways from his children and broke off the marriage.

The latter part of the gossip was even more exciting.

It could satisfy the hearts of the commoners who were watching a good show, so it spread even faster.

Mother Xiao walked for a while before she felt that her body was not as soft anymore.

“Qingluo, youre really too amazing.”

Her daughter-in-law settled a lot of matters one after another in a day.

Not only did she send Doctor Shi into the prison, she also lured out that pair of scum.

The key was that in front of the citys magistrate, her daughter-in-law spoke very calmly.

She really admired her.

If it were her, she would definitely be very nervous when speaking in front of the countys great grandfather.


Shi Qingluo supported her and said, “Mother, you can actually do it too, as long as you are brave enough to take the first step.

“When you have a chance in the future, you must teach that scumbag father and wicked woman a good lesson for treating you and Xiao Hanzhengs siblings like that.

“Its best if each of you can vent your anger first and then let their reputation be tarnished.”

If she were in her shoes, she would first blow up that scumbags dog head, then beat the slut to death.

At the same time, she would also make the two of them feel embarrassed in the capital.

Today, she did not mention the messy relationship between that woman and scumbag father.

Other than not having any evidence, she also wanted Xiao Hanzheng to deal with it personally when they went to the capital in the future.

After all, there was a huge difference in status and power between her and a senior general.

It was best not to drag him too much in such a messy situation.

Mother Xiao did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“I really want to slap both of them.”

But it did not feel like it would happen in reality!

Shi Qingluo said firmly, “Dont worry, mother.

There will be a chance.

Even if there isnt, Xiao Hanzheng and I will create an opportunity for you.”

Mother Xiao pursed her lips and took a deep breath.

“Alright, if there is a chance, I will give it a try.”

She tried her best to change herself so that her daughter-in-law and son would not be disappointed.

Shi Qingluo patted her hand gently to encourage her.

“Thats right.

Anyway, you still have us behind you.

Dont be afraid.”

Mother Xiao nodded.

“Yes, Im not afraid.”

That cheating couple should be the ones feeling guilty for committing these evil deeds.

Following that, Shi Qingluo accompanied Mother Xiao to the embroidery shop to sell her purse.

Then, she went to the bookstore to exchange the books that Xiao Hanzheng had copied for money.

At the same time, the bookstore also sold paper, pens, ink, and inkstones.

Shi Qingluo helped Xiao Hanzheng buy some paper.

She looked at the quality of the paper, which wasnt that good, but was very expensive.

It cost a hundred wen per stack.

The better ones cost a few hundred wen per stack, or even more than a tael of silver.

No wonder it was difficult for poor families to produce wealthy children in the ancient times.

Buying paper already cost a huge sum of money, and the poor could not afford it.

Shi Qingluo thought for a moment and asked the store assistant, “Do you sell toilet paper here”

When she came here, the most painful thing for her was not being poor, but to go to the toilet.

Now, she did not use toilet paper to go to the toilet.

Instead, it was called a toilet chip, which was just a piece of smooth wood or bamboo.


She couldnt stand it and was about to be driven mad.

The store assistant was a little confused.

“What kind of paper is toilet paper made of”

Shi Qingluo coughed dryly.

“Its the paper you use when you go to the toilet.”

The store assistant thought to himself, this woman was really daring.

“Ive never heard of this kind of paper before.

Paper is so expensive.

How can it be for toilet use”

This time, it was Shi Qingluos turn.

This was forcing her to make paper.

She really couldnt stand it anymore.

She had never made paper before, and she wasnt clear about the specific process.

However, she had the “Time Travel Encyclopaedia” that her cousin had compiled illustrated the entire process of making a few types of paper.

After returning to the village, she dragged Xiao Hanzheng along to try it out.


If she was successful, not only would she be able to solve the problem when she was at the toilet, Xiao Hanzheng also wouldnt need to buy paper anymore in the future.


After leaving the bookstore, Shi Qingluo brought Mother Xiao along the citys main streets to look for good business opportunities.

While they were walking on the road, two men dressed as servants suddenly spoke beside them.

One of them frowned and said, “Young Masters favourite flower is about to die.

He asked me to find a florist to solve it.

Where can I find such a person”


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