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Liang Yulin naturally would not say that he was here to watch the show.

He smiled gently.

“Thats right.

I live next door.

I heard that your family had also come here, so I thought of coming over to pay a visit.

“My royal brother said that you are the divine doctors disciple and that your medical skills are very good.

Ill have to trouble you to help me with my recuperation from now on then.”

Xiao Hanzheng smiled.

“You are flattering me, Your Highness.

I will do my best to assist you with your recuperation.”

He did not like to do things in a sloppy manner.

“Then, Your Highness, shall I take your pulse now”

Liang Yulin nodded and smiled.


He extended one of his arms over.

Xiao Hanzheng walked to the seat beside him and sat down.

He could smell the fragrance of ink mixed with medicine smell on his body.

This meant that Prince Yi had been drinking medicine all this time, and he was also carrying a medicine bag with him.

Just like what was mentioned in the legends, this prince loved calligraphy and painting.

He checked Prince Yis pulse.

At first, it was calm, but he was a little shocked a moment later.

He did not expect Prince Yi to have such deep inner strength.

It seemed that he was also a martial arts expert.

Those from the royal family were indeed not simple.

This was a secret method left behind by his divine doctor to check ones pulse.

After he learned it, he could check whether one had inner strength or not.

However, there were indeed some problems with Prince Yis constitution.

His premature birth had left behind hidden dangers due to insufficient qi while he was a fetus.

“Your Highness body is similar to a normal person now, but as long as the seasons change every year, it will be easy for you to catch a cold and get sick.

“Especially in winter, you will be afraid of the cold and his legs will be sore.

Thats why you need to bathe in the hot spring frequently to ease his pain.”

Liang Yulin smiled.

“Is that all”

Xiao Hanzheng thought about it and said truthfully, “Its also a problem for you to pass down your family name.”

It was not that Prince Yis kidney was weak, but it was the sequelae of the lack of fetal qi, which made it difficult for his woman to conceive.

Hearing what he said, the smile in Liang Yulins eyes deepened.

“Young Master Xiaos medical skills are indeed brilliant.

I do have these problems.”

Only his royal brother, his mother, and a few imperial physicians in the imperial hospital knew that it was difficult for him to have children.

He asked, “Then, does Young Master Xiao have a way to treat it”

Xiao Hanzheng answered truthfully, “I have to nurse your body well so that you wont be easily infected as the seasons change.

You wont be afraid of the cold and your legs will no longer be sore in the winter.

Thats not a problem.

“But for having a child, its a little difficult.

I can only give it a try.”

He added, “Although its not completely impossible, it is indeed difficult.”

“This is within my expectations.” Liang Yulin was not too disappointed.

He had long been prepared to not have any children.

If he was going to marry a wife in the future, he would adopt a child to raise.

If he did not meet a suitable woman, then it would not be a big deal to be alone for the rest of his life.

He did not value children that much.

It was his fate if he had them, else he would not force it.

“Then I will have to trouble Young Master Xiao to help me recuperate.

I will not demand to be able to have children.”

“Alright, I will do my best.” Xiao Hanzheng realized that this princes attitude was really good.

His temperament was actually a little similar to his scumbag fathers.

Both of them looked elegant.

However, Prince Yi was really refined and elegant.

It was not to say that he had no desires or desires, but he was very open-minded.

And his fathers elegance was just a disguise.

In his previous life, he had some impression of Prince Yi.

He really did not like to fight for power and benefits.

He had made a great contribution in pacifying the rebel army, but he did not take credit for it.

His actions were a little low-key.

This was also why the emperor valued this younger brother of his very much.

Back then, Prince Yi had even blocked a knife for the emperor when he was the crown prince, so they had a life-and-death relationship.

As long as Prince Yi did not try to rebel or form a gang to support the princes to the throne, he would enjoy peace and stability in his entire life with power in his hands.

He knew that Prince Yi controlled more than half of the secret guards and intelligence organizations of the royal family, which also represented the emperors trust on him.

Moreover, from his past life, Prince Yi was a smart person.

Although the other princes tried their best to rope him in, he wasnt involved in the struggle for the throne.

It was naturally best to befriend a person like him.

Recently, Liang Yulins legs had been aching so badly that he would wake up in the middle of the night.

Only by soaking in the hot spring pool could he relax.

Therefore, Xiao Hanzheng decided to use acupuncture, a medicinal bath, and pills to treat him.

Xiao Hanzheng wrote a prescription first and asked Prince Yis men to get the medicine.

There were a lot of medicinal herbs on Prince Yis manor, and it just so happened that all those that Xiao Hanzheng prescribed were available.

Very soon, his people sent them over.

Thus, Xiao Hanzheng prepared the medicine for him.

Liang Yulin first took a medicinal bath, then rested for acupuncture.

While Prince Yi was taking a medicinal bath, he went to prepare the pills.

He had received the inheritance of a godly doctor, and there was a box of pamphlets specifically for recording patients.

On it was recorded all of Prince Yis conditions from the moment he started seeing a doctor, as well as the prescriptions he had received.

Back then, because of Prince Yis identity, he had read it a few times, so he could still remember most of it.

Therefore, on top of the prescriptions that his master had prescribed, he added his own prescriptions to give a better effect.

Two hours later, Xiao Hanzheng performed acupuncture on Prince Yi.

“The medicinal bath and acupuncture are a course of treatment for one month.

As long as you are treated consecutively for three months, your bodys problems will be solved.”

He added, “After that, I will prescribe some pills for you to recuperate and see if they can help you to bear children in the future.”

Prince Yi smiled and said, “Thank you!”

Although he had only taken a medicinal bath once, he felt much warmer after soaking in it.

Previously, he was really afraid of the cold when it came to winter.

Later on, even though he had practiced martial arts and felt much better, his hands and feet were still cold when he slept at night.

He had originally planned to watch the show, but he did not expect Xiao Hanzheng to be so skilled in recuperation.

He was glad that he had come earlier today.

Otherwise, he would have planned to return to the capital to look for Xiao Hanzheng half a month later.

After the treatment, it was almost time for dinner.

Xiao hanzheng politely invited him, “Its almost dinner time.

Our family is having a mutton hot pot tonight.

If Your Highness doesnt mind, you can have a taste of it.”

Since he hadnt seen the show yet, Liang Yulin naturally wouldnt leave.

Thus, he generously smiled and said, “Sure.

Ive heard that the capital is starting to have a type of cooker.

I havent tasted it yet.

Sorry to bother you today.”

Xiao Hanzheng didnt expect Prince Yi to stay.

“Then, Your Highness, please have a seat for a while.”

“No problem.”

The two sat and chatted.

The more they chatted, the more they felt that they were getting along.

After another hour, the personal attendant came over and said that the mutton cooker was ready.

Thus, Xiao Hanzheng invited Prince Yi to have dinner together.

The men and women of Daliang were not too heavily guarded.

It was fine for men and women to have dinner together as long as it was not a single unmarried man and with an unmarried woman.

In addition, Prince Yi took the initiative to say that they did not need to care about his identity.

The Xiao family could have their meals as usual.

They dont need to be too formal.

Eating a cooking pot really needed an atmosphere.

With more people around, it would be lively.

Therefore, Xiao Hanzheng had his daughter-in-law, mother, and sister sit at the table next to him.


He and Xiao Erlang accompanied Prince Yi to sit at the table.

Just as the dishes were being served, a servant came to report.

“Master, General Xiao is at the door.

He is requesting to see you.”

Xiao Hanzheng was a little surprised.

He had also guessed why his scumbag father was here.

He did not expect his scumbag father to be so efficient this time.

“Please come in.”

He did not notice that Prince Yi, who was sitting elegantly with a smile on his face, had a smile on his face when he heard Xiao Yuanshis arrival.

Fortunately, he had stayed behind to eat, so he still managed to catch the show.


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