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Liang Yulin was already here before Xiao Yuanshi arrived.

Whenever he returned to the capital during winter, he enjoyed staying in his hot spring manor for a period of time.

There was a very tall tree in this forest.

Standing on the top of this tree, one could see the nearby villages, manors, and the scenic view of the mountains from a distance.

Therefore, he would occasionally come here and sit on the tree to take a look at the scenery before returning to his manor to do his paintings.

Today, he only came to view the scenery based on his mood.

He did not expect to see such a “wonderful” play.

The disgust in his heart toward Xiao Yuanshi deepened.

This person had been scheming them from the beginning to the end, coaxing the mother and the daughter as if they were fools.

On the other hand, this pair of mother and daughter was very interesting.

They did not fall into Xiao Yuanshis trap.


Now that he had nothing to do and was very bored, he could go and watch the play.

Anyway, his royal brother, the emperor, had told him to look for Xiao Hanzheng for medical consultation.

Today, he could use the excuse that he was in the vicinity as an excuse to go to the hot spring manor to see Xiao Hanzheng.

At the same time, he could also see how the people of the Xiao family would react when Xiao Yuanshi sent the land deed over later.

On the other hand, Mother Xiao and Xiao Baoli returned to the manor to look for Xiao Hanzheng and his wife.

At this moment, the two of them were already out of their rooms.

Shi Qingluo sat by the fire to settle the accounts while Xiao Hanzheng was reading a book with Xiao Erlang sitting across from him.

Seeing Mother Xiao entering in a huff, Shi Qingluo asked, “Mother, who provoked you”

It was rare for her to see her mother-in-laws unhappy expression.

After Mother Xiao sat down, she said angrily, “Your ex-father-in-law.”

The moment she thought of the way Xiao Yuanshi looked at her, she became angry.

Seeing her mother-in-laws expression and tone, Shi Qingluo felt that her mother-in-law was becoming more and more lively.

In fact, she even felt a little cute.

This was very good.

“Did you guys meet that scumbag father” Was it so coincidental

Xiao Hanzheng and Xiao Erlang also put down their books and looked over at the same time.

Mother Xiao did not hide anything and simply told them about what happened in the forest.

After Shi Qingluo heard everything, she smiled and said to Xiao Baoli, “Baili did a good job.

If you could obtain your scumbag fathers things, its a waste if you didnt take it.

If he dares to give it to you, then you guys must be daring to accept it.”

Thats right, why didnt she think that she could let her sister-in-law and Xiao Erlang harm that scumbag father and that concubine in the past.

He was the one who came to her on his own accord.

When Xiao Baili heard that her sister-in-law had the same thoughts as her, she gave a big smile.

“Thats what I thought too.

“Thats why I urged him to quickly change the name of the land deed of the manor.

“Its his manor.

Although I want it, I dont want to live there.

“I feel a little uncomfortable selling it and spending his money.”

She was very dependent on Shi Qingluo, so she spoke her mind.

“Actually, I dont want to take advantage of him.

Its just that I cant stand this anymore.

Who asked him to be so hypocritical I dont want to take advantage of that woman either.

Thats why I want it.”

Shi Qingluo rubbed her chin.

“He thinks that theres no hope of mending his relationship with your big brother, so he wants to start with you and Erlang.

“Then lets do as he wishes.”

She curled her lips and said, “Since he wants to coax you guys, you guys can also go against his wishes.”

Xiao Baili and Erlang asked at the same time, “How do we go against his wishes”

Shi Qingluo replied, “Be nice and play along with him, then in return, go and coax him to give you guys the things he owned.

“Take the manor that Baili wants for example.

“You guys can also coax him into giving up other things, such as gold, silver, jewelry, land, manor, and so on.

“If you feel that you dont want to use his things and dont want to spend his money, then use it to do good deeds.

“You can use the same trick to spend money to do good deeds.

“However, everyone wont think that these good deeds are initiated by your scumbag father.

Instead, they will know that its because of you guys that your scumbag father is giving out the money.

“In short, well make him suffer so much that he wont be able to speak.

Hell have to endure it even if he is going crazy.

“In any case, well just make him suffer.

“For example, the road from the capital city to the hot spring manor isnt very easy to walk on.

“Well let him spend money to build a cement road.”

She taught the two of them a few more tips.

Then, she said, “He is willingly coming to your doorstep and letting you guys take advantage of him.

If we dont, well be letting him down.”

If they didnt let their scumbag father bleed a little more, they would be letting him down.

“Instead of letting Ge Chunru and her sister get away with it, why dont we use it to do something practical and good

“The main thing is to annoy Ge Chunru to death.”

If Ge Chunru knew that their scumbag father had given the hot spring manor to Baili, she would probably vomit to death.

That was why she secretly used the money from the generals residence to buy another hot spring manor to give her as her dowry.

Hearing their sister-in-laws words, Xiao Baili and Xiao Erlangs eyes lit up.

Thats right.

They dont take his things and spend his money, so that he would not look for them when he retired or criticize them in the future.

However, they could use his things to do good deeds and accumulate merit.

Xiao Erlangs eyes rolled around.

“Sister-in-law, how are we going to scam him”

Shi Qingluo smiled and said, “He might coax you first, so that you will develop feelings of admiration for him as his son.

After that, he will try to coax you back to the generals residence.

“Then, you can put on an act with him and pretend to show some affection for him, pretending to care about your biological father.

“Then, you can follow him to the generals mansion for a visit and often find faults with Ge Chunru.

“When you coax him into agreeing to let you buy things, you can record it in the generals residences account book.

“When you go out and like something, just record it and ask someone to ask the generals residence for money.

“If someone bullies you, just hit them back and say that your ex-father is General Xiao.

“Just get them to go to the generals residence to settle the score with your ex-father.”

Just like in her previous life, the catchphrase that those people liked to use was “My father is XX.”

Bai Li and Erlang could do it too to plot against him.

“In any case, do whatever you feel like doing.

Make him regret the scheme he came up with today.”

She could roughly guess what their scumbag father was thinking.

Most likely, he wanted to coax his children back.

It was best to coax Erlang to his side to be raised, and then secretly teach Erlang to be disloyal to them.

It was the same for Baili.

The scumbag fathers intentions were sinister, so they had to go against him in disgust.

At the same time, they could annoy Ge Chunru and she could also train sister-in-law and brother-in-law to adapt better.

How good would that be

Anyway, their family really didnt lack that bit of money and stuff right now.

Just the gambling houses share would be over 10,000 taels a month.

Not to mention their other shares, as well as the money from each of the workshops in Xiaxi Village.

Xiao Baili and Xiao Erlang roughly understood her words.

“Alright, well listen to you, sister-in-law.”

Then, Shi Qingluo held Mother Xiaos hand.

“Mother, is he trying to coax you too”

Mother Xiao nodded.

“Thats right.

I dont know why his skin is so thick.

He actually wants to talk about his past feelings with me.

Im so disgusted.”

Shi Qingluo asked, “Tell us what he said to you.”

Thus, Mother Xiao told her briefly about her conversation with Xiao Yuanshi.

Shi Qingluo was speechless when she heard that.

“He isnt thinking of going back to how things were previously, is he”


This scumbag father was too solid!


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