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Ever since Xiao Yuanshi and Ge Chunru met, it was the first time that he had been so angry at her.

Ge Chunru had secretly used up the 20,000 taels of silver that he had taken out from his private room after the old lady and the others had gone to the northern border.

This was meant to sustain the expenses at the generals residence.

But he really didnt expect that Ge Chunru would spend so much in such a short period of time.

The key was that every month, she still received a few thousand taels of silver from the villages, the fields, and the shops.

Originally, all these alone were enough to cover the expenses of the generals residence with some leftovers.

But she used it to finance her own younger brother and sisters expenses.

Tao Liu didnt expect Ge Chunru to be so bold as to almost empty out the money of the generals residence.

Her heart ached terribly.

After all, she had always believed that the generals estate would belong to her and her future child.

Thus, she looked at Ge Chunru in disbelief.

“Madam, how could you do this”

“The generals estates assets were all exchanged by his life at the battlefield.

“Our residence was originally just a new aristocratic residence in the capital.

Our foundation is already weaker than those aristocratic families.

“If you empty the generals mansion and give the money to your family, the next time theres a huge expenditure in the future and the general cant finance it, what will his colleagues in the imperial court think of him

“I really envy you, Madam, for actually meeting such a good general.

“Even after you did such a thing, he still tolerated you.

“If you were another familys daughter-in-law, they would have divorced you long ago.

“Im very glad that I met the general.

Hes so nice, yet youre still so angry at him.

Doesnt your conscience hurt”

Ge Chunru saw that Xiao Yuanshi was already angry, but that b * tch Tao Liu was deliberately adding fuel to the fire.

She could not help but growl with a sullen face, “Shut up.”

Xiao Yuanshi had already heard Tao Lius words.

He asked with a sullen face, “Ge Chunru, what exactly do you want”

Ge Chunru hurriedly cried and wanted to pull him back.

“It wont happen again in the future.

Dont be angry.”

Tao Liu said from the side, “In the future, the generals residence wont have the money to finance all these.”

With a worried expression, she supported Xiao Yuanshi and said, “General, I still have quite a few pieces of jewelry.

“You can pawn them all to give those servants in the residence their salaries.

“Otherwise, if they go out and say that the generals manor is withholding their salaries, or that you cant even afford to do so, Im afraid that your colleagues will gossip about you behind your back.”

It was as if she was willing to give up everything for the sake of him.

This was a great contrast to Ge Chunru.

One was sick and still wanted to give away all her belongings to fill the hole in the generals manor.

The other used all the money that he had exchanged for his life on the battlefield to support his brother and sister financially.

This made Xiao Yuanshi feel very uncomfortable.

“No need.

The generals residence is not so poor that you have to use your dowry to finance the expenditures.”

He looked at Ge Chunru with disappointment in his eyes.

“It seems that you cant manage this family well.

“From today onwards, you will hand over all the accounts to Liu Ru.

From now on, she will be the housekeeper.”

Ge Chunru looked at him in disbelief.

“What You want to deprive me of the housekeepers authority and give it to this b * tch”

Tao Lius heart was filled with joy, but her face was filled with fear.

“General, Madam didnt mean to spend the money on her family.

Please dont be angry.

Its better for her to keep her authority as the residences housekeeper.

“Just tell her to stop spending the money on her family in the future.”

When Xiao Yuanshi heard this, he immediately made a decision.

“She didnt do it intentionally.

She did it with a hidden intention.

“Its settled then.

Youll be the lady of the house in the future.”

Previously, Ge Chunru had secretly subsidized Ge Chunyi with 30,000 taels of silver.

He had already raised this matter to her.

She promised that she wouldnt do it again in the future.

However, it had only been a short while before she secretly used the money to buy a manor to subsidize her sister.

It would be a lie to say that she wouldnt spend the money on her sister in the future.

If Ge Chunru was allowed to continue managing the manor, this generals manor would really change from the surname Xiao to Ge.

Tao Liu saw that Xiao Yuanshi had angrily made the decision, so she did not reject him anymore and touched his eyebrows.

Hence, she reached out and smoothed his breathing on his chest.

“Dont be angry, Ill manage it.

“Once your anger has subsided, Ill return it to Madam.”

She looked as if she wanted to give Xiao Yuanshi a way out.

Ge Chunru, on the other hand, was furious.

“I dont need you to be so kind-hearted.

You were clearly thinking about the housekeepers rights this morning.”

Tao Lius face turned even paler.

“I didnt.

I didnt think about it at all.”

“General, why dont you let Madam manage it

“Otherwise, she will misunderstand you and your relationships would be affected.”

Then, with a look of reluctance and suffering, she said, “Why dont… Why dont you send me to the village”

Xiao Yuanshi was extremely disappointed with Ge Chunru.

Even now, she still had no intention to repent.

“If she wants to misunderstand, then so be it.

“Since she cant manage this family well, then let someone capable manage it.”

He looked at Tao Liu and said, “Since you dont want to make me angry again, then take over the responsibility of managing the family.

“Quickly recover from your illness and manage this family well.”

Only then did Tao Liu reluctantly nod.

“Ill manage it.

Then please dont be angry anymore.

Its hurting your health.”

Xiao Yuanshis heart warmed up.

Only Liu Ru had been thinking about his health.

Then, he shook off Ge Chunrus hand that was tugging on his sleeve and said to Tao Liu, “Lets go.

Ill bring you to see the doctor.”

He did not care about Ge Chunru who was crying like a baby behind him.

He hugged his beloved concubine and left.

Ge Chunrus body went limp.

She sat on the ground and cried loudly.

How could Xiao Yuanshi treat her like this This bastard.


Without the authority of a housekeeper, how could she control the generals mansion

Tao Liu, this bitch, she would definitely not let her off.

Xiao Yuanshi brought Tao Liu to the family doctor for treatment.

He also asked one of his personal attendants to tell the butler that Ge Chunru would no longer be a housekeeper in the future.

At the same time, he took out five thousand taels of silver from his private room and asked the butler to give out the outstanding salaries that he owed the servants last month.

The pay for this month would be given out in advance.

The rest would be used for other expenses.

Recently, he felt that everything was not going well.

He was still struggling and Ge Chunru, his wife, had come to add to his troubles.

When he thought about how Ge Chunru had used so much money and things to support his brother and sister, he felt his heart bleed.

Thus, he ordered his men to go to the northern border again and think of a way to get the thirty thousand taels of silver from the Xiao family.

If Ge Chunying had not married into the second princes residence, he would have asked Ge Chunru to look for her sister and get the money and the manor back.

A few days later, Xiao Hanzhengs family arrived in the capital.

Mr Hou also followed them back to the capital.

However, this time, the family did not stay in Mr Hous manor.

Instead, they stayed in a courtyard that Xiao Hanzheng had bought long ago.


This time, they stayed for a long time.

It wasnt good to disturb his teacher all the time.

As a result, not only did Xiao Hanzheng buy a courtyard, he also bought several manors in the suburbs which would be more valuable in the property market in the future.


He also listened to his little wife and bought a lot of fields for future use to grow corn and chilies.


In the next few years, corn and chilies would yet to become a common good.

Their selling prices would definitely be good.


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