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Qi Yiyang immediately came forward and the two of them soon started fighting again.

Liang Hengyu and Xiao Baili both took a few steps back to watch.

After about 30 moves, Shi Qingluo found Qi Yiyangs weakness again.

She swept her leg and tripped him to the ground.

Then, she quickly grabbed his arms and pinned him to the ground.

She said, “You lost again!”

Qi Yiyang sprawled on the ground in disbelief.

He had actually lost again.

The key was that he had never hit a woman before.

Shi Qingluo let go of him as she attacked him viciously.

“I told you that you were a weakling, but you didnt believe me and insisted on proving it again.”

Xiao Baili laughed softly.

“My sister-in-law is mighty!”

Liang Hengyu could not help but sympathize with his cousin.

Not only had he not beaten Shi Qingluo, he had even been beaten up by her.

It was too tragic.

He walked over and helped her up.

“Cousin, are you alright”

Qi Yiyang shook his head.

“Im fine.”

He looked at Shi Qingluo and asked, “Who did you learn your martial arts from”

His family had specially hired an expert to teach him, yet he had lost to her.

Shi Qingluo said meaningfully, “It doesnt matter who taught me.

What matters is that you should run around the back of the mountain now.

“Remember, call that you are a womanizer while youre running.”

Qi Yiyang was stunned.

“Can we change the conditions Or can I help you with two things and not count this”

He really couldnt bring himself to shout like that while running.

There were many people at the back of the mountain now.

Not only were there some women, there were also quite a number of examinees participating in the imperial examination.

He couldnt afford to be humiliated

Shi Qingluo looked at him in surprise.

“You cant afford to lose

“If youre willing to bet, you must admit defeat.

If youre not willing, I naturally cant force you.”

Qi Yiyang had just felt a glimmer of hope.

He felt that this woman really did not dare to do anything to him.

Then, he heard Shi Qingluo say, “Then I can only go to the back of the mountain and help you spread the word.

Ill say that I saw you molesting several women with my own eyes.

“You even personally admitted that youre a famous womanizer in this arena.

“When we return to the prefecture capital, Ill also spend money to hire beggars in the prefecture capital to help you spread your famous identity as a womanizer to the entire prefecture capital.


“This way, you wont have to wait for the results to be released before you become famous.”

She even showed an expression as if she was a good person.

“Although I helped you become famous, you dont have to thank me too much.”

Qi Yiyang was speechless, thank you my ass.

This woman is too evil.

Liang Hengyu thought to himself, she was too evil.

Furthermore, what the hell is a womanizer in that arena Why dont they know about it

Qi Yiyang was furious.

This woman wasnt only poisonous, she had tarnished his reputation by claiming that he was a weakling.

With a dark face, he asked, “Do you know who I am”

Shi Qingluo rolled her eyes at him.

“I dont care who you are.

I only know that you were the one who agreed to the bet just now.

If you lost the bet, you should admit it.”

She then pointed at Liang Hengyu.

“This prince is a witness.

If you dont admit it, he will look down on you.”

Liang Hengyu gasped, Im not, I would not.

Qi Yiyang said, “Shi Qingluo, dont go too far.”

Shi Qingluo pouted.

“If you cant afford it, then dont play.

Its embarrassing.

“Since you dont want to run your laps, Ill help you speak up now.

“And dont use your identity to pressure me.

Ive met the emperor before.”

She snorted again.

“If you push me too far, Ill write a letter to Xi Rui and Liang Youxiao about you being the most notorious womanizer and let them help you become famous in the capital.”

Then, she gave an expression that she also had a backer and was not afraid of them.

Qi Yiyang and Liang Hengyuwere speechless.

If this matter was really spread to Xi Rui and the others, those bastards who did not mind causing trouble would definitely spread it.

The key was that Qi Yiyang really could not do anything to those people as they were also the young masters in the public administrative houses.

Moreover, wasnt it just a womanizer How did it turn into a notorious sexual offender in that arena

Qi Yiyang was a little regretful.

He should have returned the earring directly just now.

He should not have made an unnecessary move.

He had wanted to show off his heroic front, but who knew..

Shi Qingluo continued, “If you dare to use your power to oppress me, Ill invite Xi Rong to the palace to tell the emperor that youre bullying a little woman like me.

“You wanted to touch my sister-in-law, but after I stopped you, you still hit me.”

She pointed at the trusted aide and bodyguard behind the two of them.

“They all saw what you did to me.”

The bodyguards were speechless, no, we didnt see anything.

Qi Yiyang and Liang Hengyu sighed, shameless, this woman was too shameless.

Liang Hengyu thought for a moment and whispered to Qi Yiyang, “Cousin, why dont you go to the back of the mountain and run around, then shout a few times.

“Ill get someone to help you find a bamboo hat that can cover your face and wear it.”

Otherwise, with Shi Qingluos character, she would definitely write a letter to Xi Rui and the others to go to the capital and tell them that her cousin was some notorious womanizer in the arena.

She would definitely ask Xi Rong to go to the palace and tell the emperor about it.

The matter concerning the third princes consort was a lesson, this woman was poisonous.

He had to go back and tell his second brother.

Otherwise, his second brother still had some feelings for Shi Qingluo.

It would be really embarrassing if he was tricked like his cousin in the future.

Qi Yiyang also thought about the third princes consort.

Why was he so stubborn just now and wanted his brain to be whipped too

He gritted his teeth and said, “Alright, Ill go.”

Shi Qingluo took Xiao Baolis hand again.

“Then, please.”

At the same time, she brainwashed Xiao Baoli.

“In the future, if you want to find a husband, you must not find someone like this.


“He is weak and still did not want to keep his promise.

“Even if youre old enough, marrying someone appointed by the government is probably better than this.”

Xiao Baoli nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, I think so too.”

Qi Yiyang thought to himself, did these two women treat him like he didnt exist

Why couldnt they talk about it when they got back Why did they have to say it in front of them

Moreover, what did they mean by it was better to marry someone appointed by the government than to marry him

He was the legitimate son of the public administrative house and a very popular noble son in the capital.

He was extremely angry and kept telling himself that a gentleman would not fight with a woman.

Only women and villains were difficult to deal with.

When Liang Hengyu saw this, she sympathized with his cousin, but for some reason, he could not help but want to laugh.

His cousin also wanted to marry Xiao Baili as his concubine.

From the looks of it, even if he married her as his wife, she would not be happy about it.

This was the first time he saw his cousin suffer in front of a woman.

Shi Qingluo was indeed different.

Not only did his second brother suffer in front of her, but his cousin was also no match for her.

In the future, when he saw her, it was better for him to stay as far away as possible…

Then, the four of them went to that mountain together.

The sun was shining brightly and the weather was warm, so even more came to see the peach trees blossoming.

Qi Yiyang saw that the forest of peach trees was full of people, so he was a little hesitant.

At this moment, Liang Hengyu took a veiled bamboo hat from his trusted aide and passed it to him without batting an eyelid.

“Cousin, go ahead.”

He didnt admit it.

He wanted to see his cousin running while shouting “Im a womanizer”.

Qi Yiyang thought to himself, dont think that he didnt see the keen gaze in his cousins eyes.

Its better not to have him as his cousin.


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