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Xiao Baili was already able to exchange blows with Shi Qingluo, even though she was defeated after more than ten moves.

However, her martial prowess was not considered low.

In addition, she would spend one to two hours every day practicing her whip, so it was naturally not a problem for her to deal with the three hooligans.

The three of them were whipped until they cried and dodged.

“Stop whipping, my great aunt.”

They had not expected this frail-looking little girl to be so violent.

If they had known earlier, they would not have flirted with her!

Xiao Baili glared at the person who spoke.

“Whos your great-aunt”

She lashed out another whip.

The three of them immediately admitted defeat.

“We were wrong.

We were wrong, alright”

They also knew that they were no match for Xiao Baili.

The crux of the matter was that they could not even get close to her, yet they were beaten until they were covered in wounds.

The burning pain was so intense that they wanted to retreat.

Xiao Baili whipped them a few more times before she snorted coldly.


Her face was cold on the surface, but her heart was a little excited.

She was actually able to beat the three bad guys away.

Her sister-in-law had taught them well indeed.

The three of them rubbed their arms as they rolled and crawled away.

As for the matter of earning money from this scene, they also threw it away.

They were about to be beaten to death.

Who cares about that

Moreover, the person who gave the money back then did not say that this little girl was so powerful.

It was already good enough that they did not ask for compensation.

Seeing the three cowards leave, Zheng Tongfeng secretly cursed in his heart that they were really trash.

Xiao Baili played with the whip.

She raised her eyebrows and looked at Zheng Tongfeng.

“Even if you want to be a hero and save the damsel in distress, you should first go back and look at yourself in the mirror.”


She then whipped the ground and said with an insincere smile, “With your weak appearance, I wonder how many lashes you can give me.”

Zheng Tongfengs expression became very ugly.

This woman actually said that he was a weak chicken, it was too much.

“You!” He said with a black face, “I saved you out of kindness, but you actually repaid my kindness with enmity.

Dont go too far.”

Xiao Baili rolled her eyes at him.

“Youre blind, but do you think others are blind as well

“Do you really think I cant tell that you two are in cahoots”

She added, “If you want to play hero to save the damsel in distress, think of a new way too.

You guys are too low-class.”

Under Shi Qingluos long-term influence and personal “education”, Xiao Bailis vibes also changed.

Zheng Tongfengs body stiffened.

Obviously, he did not expect her to actually see through it.

He said somewhat guiltily, “I dont know what youre talking about.

Im a young master from the capital.

How could I possibly know these ruffians”

Xiao Baili sneered.

“The way you speak is very guilty.

“Whether you admit it or not, it doesnt matter to me.”

She played with the whip.

“But if you dont get lost, my whip wont be able to resist the urge on you.”

Zheng Tongfeng swallowed his saliva.

“You… youre simply unreasonable.”

She was a fierce woman.

He didnt want to marry her.

Otherwise, what would he do if she whipped him every day

When he thought of this, his scalp went numb.

He still liked women who were as gentle as water.

Forget about a tigress like her.

Moreover, the plan had failed.

This tigress definitely had no interest in him.

Therefore, his father could not blame him.

When he saw Xiao Baili raise her hand, he was so scared that he immediately slipped away with his two servants.

He really did not have the fortune to enjoy a woman like her.

Seeing him leave dejectedly, Xiao Baili curled her lips.

What a coward.

A man like him actually dared to come out and be the hero.

Who gave him the courage.

Then, she turned to look behind the hill and said, “Have you guys seen enough of the show”

The two people standing behind the hill looked at each other.

This little girl was really sensitive.

Liang Hengyu walked out and sized up Xiao Baili.

He smiled and said, “Miss, dont misunderstand.

We really happened to pass by and saw this show by accident.”

Soon, a handsome youth also walked out.

“Miss, youre amazing.

We admire you!”

They really did not come to watch the show on purpose.

They just happened to see the three wretched men walking towards them.

They also saw Zheng Tongfeng and his servants following behind them sneakily.

They were a little curious and came over to take a look.

Then, they saw that someone wanted to be a hero to save the damsel in distress, so they did not come out to help.

It also caused them to be surprised quite a number of times throughout.

First, they were surprised that a young lady would know martial arts.

The whip even danced like a tiger, whipping away the three ruffians.

Then, they were surprised that she could see through Zheng Tongfengs act of trying to save the damsel in distress.

She even deliberately pointed it out and let them slip away dejectedly.

Xiao Baili saw the way the two of them dressed and their temperament.

They did not look like they were from the same group.

However, she did not have any intention of getting to know them.

After all, men and women were not supposed to be intimate.

She nodded slightly at the two of them.

“Then you two please proceed.”

She wasnt in the mood to continue drawing.

She packed her things and left without hesitation.

When the two of them had left, Liang Hengyu instructed his entourage, “Go and find out who this girl is.”


Qi Yiyang, who was beside him, smiled playfully.

“This girl is interesting.

She just looks a little young.”

Liang Hengyu rolled her eyes at him.

“You and my second brother are indeed cousins.”

His cousin was also a flirtatious person who walked past the beauties but felt no charm.

Very soon, his personal attendant discovered it.

“Master, the girl just now is Xiao Hanzhengs younger sister.”

He was the fifth princes personal attendant, so he naturally knew that the second prince and the fifth prince wanted to rope in Xiao Hanzheng.

Liang Hengyu was somewhat surprised.

“Shes actually Xiao Hanzhengs younger sister”

He had read the Xiao familys intelligence report.

Arent Xiao Hanzhengs mother and younger sister bothvery weak and easily bullied

From the little girls appearance just now, he couldnt be convinced that she was weak and easily bullied.

Those who did not know would have thought that she was Shi Qingluos biological younger sister…

At this moment, he suddenly remembered something.

Before leaving the capital, his second brother had mentioned that Xiao Yuanshis wife had thought of a way to rope in Xiao Hanzheng and his wife.

It seemed like she was trying to rope in Xiao Hanzhengs younger siblings.

So this was how they did it just now

One had to say that it was really too clumsy and tasteless.

She actually played such an old-fashioned hero saving the damsel in distress, and the key point was that Xiao Hanzhengs sister had seen through it.

Xiao Yuanshis wife made him lost for words.

At the same time, he felt that the idea of having his second brother to look for Xiao Yuanshi in the capital was too bad.

This was not trying to win him over, but rather to disgust him.

He suddenly had a headache.

He did not know if his second brother had made the right choice to win Xiao Yuanshi over.

Qi Yiyang saw his cousins expression and could not help but ask, “Do you know Xiao Hanzheng”

He was no stranger to Xiao Hanzheng.

Last year in the capital city, he had heard of Xiao Hanzheng.

He had taken on a master, Mr Hou, and also had a wife, Shi Qingluo, who offered heaven-gifted seeds and had a good relationship with Xi Rui and other dandies who were young masters in the capital.

This year, he was also prepared to give the enke a try.

His familys ancestors came from Nanguang Prefecture, so he came from the capital to take the countryside exam.

He saw that his cousin had been bored in the capital recently, so he called him over to accompany him.

After coming to this prefecture, he heard many people mentioning Xiao Hanzheng.

Xiao Hanzheng was one of the most popular examinees within Nanguang Prefecture as he was one of the top scorers for this years countryside exam, so he paid more attention to him.


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