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After Xiao Hanzheng heard his wifes idea, the smile in his eyes deepened.

“As expected, the wife knows the game.

“Since she didnt want the second princes favor from the beginning, then she should never get this favor.”


If it was like in his previous life, Ge Chunyi still relied on the second princes consort and even poisoned her.

Then let him be a good person again and send this news to the second princes consort.

Shi Qingluo smiled and nodded.

“Thats right.

We have to let her get what she wants no matter what.

“With the support of the second princes side consort, I believe that Ge Chunru will have more confidence at the generals residence.”

“In the future, if Ge Chunyi still doesnt give up and poisons the second princes consort, we will expose her.

“When the time comes, the second princes consort will be able to deal with Ge Chunyi by herself.

“The second prince will definitely be unhappy and take it out on your scumbag father.”

She giggled and said, “So your scumbag father sent her to the second princes residence is completely digging a hole to bury himself.”

It would be great if there wasnt any peace at home or among the outsiders.

Xiao Hanzheng hugged Shi Qingluo tightly and chuckled.

“Our hearts are indeed in sync.”

He also had similar thoughts.

Shi Qingluo reached out and poked his face.

“Do you have people in the generals residence”


Xiao Hanzheng nodded.

“Yes, Ive arranged for two of them to enter the generals residence as servants and maids.

“When the time comes, let one of them pass the message.

Then, Ill send the person away.”

He had never wanted the person helping him to die after being exposed.

Instead, he would arrange an escape route.

Although he had lost a spy who had entered the generals residence, it would still be worth it if he could successfully trap Ge Chunyi.

Shi Qingluo realized that he was indeed a big shot.

Her young husband had only been reborn for a short period of time, but he already had so many plans in the capital.

However, she was also very happy and touched that he did not hide it from her.

This trust was very rare, and she would cherish it.

She threw herself into Xiao Hanzhengs arms.

“Awesome, Brother Zheng!”

Xiao Hanzheng hugged his wife who took the initiative.

“My wife is also very awesome!”

In this world, only his wife could keep up with what he thought and did.

It was so good to have such a telepathic connection!

Shi Qingluo said, “I wonder if the old lady and the others have received the letter I wrote.”

Xiao Hanzheng calculated the dates.

“It should be about time.”

The two of them chatted for a while more before Xiao Hanzheng went to write a letter.

The ink he used was mixed with some herbs.

Once the ink was dry, he placed it in the envelope.

Once it was taken out and exposed to the light, the ink would disappear very quickly.

Therefore, the letter did not need to be destroyed.

It would not become a piece of evidence at all.

Shi Qingluos letter to the old lady and the others was naturally written in the same ink.

While Xiao Hanzheng was done setting up his plot at the capital, Old Lady Xiao who was on the way to the northern border also received Shi Qingluos letter.

After Eldest Grandson Xiao finished reading it, Old Lady Xiao and the others faces darkened.

The old lady was even more furious.

“That little hoof is really capable.

She even dared to deceive us.

“She actually gave that little bastard a lot of banknotes and left them there.

No wonder we couldnt find them.”

They had also suspected that Ge Chunru had brought a lot of money for Ge Chunyi, but a few days after they set off, she had asked Eldest Grandson Xiao to specially search for them and found that there were only 200 taels of banknotes and 100 taels of loose silver.

She had thought that her second son had done well this time and had not been influenced by that little hoof to give to her brother the money.

Who would have thought that she had thought wrongly.

“My bastard second son is being controlled by a woman.

“Hes even a general.

Slam, how embarrassing.”

The old lady gave Eldest Grandson Xiao and the others a look.

“You guys go to the horse carriage at the back and secretly search for all the banknotes.”

She snorted coldly again.

“I knew it.

Ive never seen that little bastard like to read so much in the past.

“He actually brought a few boxes of books.

So this is where the tricks are.”

This time, they split up several carriages.

Ge Chunyi and his servant were in one carriage, while the Xiao family were in two other carriages, and additional two carriages to carry luggage.

Eldest Grandson Xiao nodded.

When the carriage stopped, he and Second Grandson Xiao used the excuse of wanting to pee to sneak into the carriage that was carrying the luggage.

They opened the four boxes of books that Ge Chunyi had brought along.

They used a dagger to open the bottom of these boxes.

Sure enough, it was hollow.

They pried open the partition, and in each box were gold, silver and silver notes, as well as a few jade ornaments that looked very good.

Eldest Grandson Xiaos expression was extremely ugly.

“That Shameless b * tch actually used the generals manors money to subsidize her younger brother so much.”

Under the old ladys constant indoctrination, Eldest Grandson Xiao and the others all believed that the generals manors money would belong to them in the future.

Now that Ge Chunru had given Ge Chunyi so much money, it was embezzlement.

They were naturally extremely unhappy.

Second Grandson Xiao also said unhappily, “First, move the things into our carriage.

In any case, if Ge Chunyi finds out that the money is missing in the future, it has nothing to do with us.”

Eldest Grandson Xiao nodded.

The two of them stuffed the things into a cloth bag and returned the boxes to its original state before they got off the carriage and left.

The weather was getting colder, and Ge Chunyis leg injury began to hurt.

There were several braziers on the carriage, so Ge Chunyi usually did not alight from the carriage unless something else happened.

So were the few servants.

Naturally, he would not have thought that the secret silver notes and gold and silver that his sister had prepared for him had already been taken away by the old Xiao family.

He endured the pain in his leg and leaned against the soft cushion with a gloomy expression, thinking about how to contribute at the northern border.

When he returned, he must kill Xi Rui and Xiao Hanzheng and send Shi Qingluo to the most inferior brothel to receive guests.

Only then would he be able to appease the hatred in his heart.

In the old ladys carriage.

When the old Xiao family saw so many silver notes, gold, silver, and jade ornaments, their faces were almost green with anger.

Eldest Grandson Xiao said, “My brother and I have counted.

There are 20,000 taels of silver notes, and the gold and silver add up to 10,000 taels.

“With so much money, that woman must have emptied the generals residence.”

Mdm Wu also tried to sow discord.

“The silver notes and silver in the storeroom previously added up to only 12,000 taels.

“We took 8,000 taels and thought that was enough.

It turns out that those two beasts still have a trick up their sleeves and have hidden so much.”

The old lady was so angry that she almost smashed the cup on the table.

“Beasts, the two of them are beasts.

“I dont know how many more of those little hoofs are still hidden.

My second son is simply an idiot.

He actually made her give so much money to Ge Chunyi.”

She said angrily, “Ill go down and tear that little bastard up right now.”

Mdm Wu pulled her back.

“Mother, if you go and pick a fight openly like this, arent you just telling the little bastard and little hoofs that well take the money away”

“I think Shi Qingluos idea is better.

We can pretend that we unintentionally messed that little bastard up.

“Dont expose it.

We already know about the money.

“If that little hoof finds out and ended up doing pillow talk to Second Son Xiao, it wouldnt be good if he stop helping Second Grandson Xiao.”

Old Lady Xiao agreed.

“Alright, Ill leave the rest to you.”

The old Xiao family members all had excitement in their eyes, as if they wanted to sharpen their knives and kill the sheep.


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