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Shi Qingluo was surprised by Xiao Hanzhengs words.

“Didnt Ge Chunru dislike concubines Why did she send her sister to be someone elses concubine”

Side concubines of a prince were also concubines.

Ge Chunru herself had thought of a way to become someones first wife.

Why would she want her sister to become the second princes concubine

Xiao Hanzheng said, “Ge Chunrus sister is ambitious.

She should be the one who convinced her sister.”

Shi Qingluo raised her eyebrows.

“With her status, can she be a side concubine”

Xiao Hanzheng replied, “My scumbag father must have formed some kind of partnership with the second prince.”

Shi Qingluo asked, “Ge Chunrus sister had successfully become the second princes side concubine before”

Xiao Hanzheng said, “Yes, and she even asked the second princes concubine to take care of her.

Later on, the second prince also fell in love with her.”

In his previous life, after Ge Chunrus sister became the second princes concubine, she instigated the second prince to find trouble with him.

However, he resolved all of them.

He even came up with many ideas for Ge Chunru, and his scheming was much more powerful than her sisters.

Although he died not long after killing his scumbag father and the others.

He still had a backup plan that could make Ge Chunrus sister unable to survive well in the second princes residence.


Shi Qingluo thought for a moment and said, “Did she marry into the second princes residence and pretend that she wasnt interested in the second prince Then, she would deliberately try to curry favor with the second princes consort.”

Otherwise, how could the second princes consort take care of Ge Chunrus sister.

In this way, the second princes appetite might be piqued.

After all, he had always been the one who had easy access to women.

When he saw a woman who didnt enter the residence for him, he would slowly become uninterested in her.


Xiao Hanzheng smiled lightly and said, “My wife is really smart.

That is indeed the case.

“But she is ambitious.

She secretly gave the second princes concubine a slow-acting poison.

She wants to wait for her to pass away and rise up to her status later.

“This way, not only will she be able to rise up with the second princes concubines help, she will also be able to make the second prince think highly of her.

“After she becomes his consort, she will try to win the second princes heart.”

Before he died, he told the second princes wife about Ge Chunrus sisters poisoning.

Therefore, even if the second princes wife died, she would probably drag Ge Chunrus sister along with her.

Of course, if he didnt send the evidence over, Ge Chunrus sister would most likely succeed.

After the second princes wife fell seriously ill, she had already handed over the authority as the lady of the house to Ge Chunrus sister.

It could be seen that Ge Chunrus sister had completely won the second princes consorts trust.

Moreover, although Ge Chunrus sister had a brother-in-law who was a general, she wasnt a lady from an aristocratic family.

The second princes consort would think that Ge Chunrus sisters threat to her son wasnt as great as the second prince marrying another lady from an aristocratic family.

But who knew that she had actually raised a real poisonous snake by her side.


Hearing his words, Shi Qingluo felt that she had learned a lot.

Ge Chunrus three siblings did have a poor character, each of them competing with the other in poison.

Shi Qingluo stroked her chin and asked, “Then, are you going to sabotage her entry into the second princes residence”

Xiao Hanzheng put his arm around her waist and asked with a smile, “Do you want Ill listen to you.”

Shi Qingluo pointed to the sky and asked again, “Do you think the second prince has any hope of sitting in that position”

Xiao Hanzheng shook his head.

“Theres not much hope.

Even if the person above is no longer there, theres still the crown prince.

“Dont think that the crown prince is keeping a low profile right now.

He hasnt even gone to court yet, but in reality, hes not a simple person.

“Furthermore, the emperor is still in his prime.

As long as there are no unforeseen circumstances, he will be in power for a long time.

The second prince is already 22 years old.

The longer the emperor lives, the less hope he has.

“The key is that the second prince was already unable to be more patient.

“In addition to the three public administrator houses, his mother clan is the most restless.

They are encouraging him to bribe the courtiers and win over the peoples hearts.

“The emperor will settle the score sooner or later.

He has no chance.”

Shi Qingluo understood after hearing this.

The second prince had committed several taboos.

The emperor was still in his prime when the second prince started making his moves.

How could the emperor be happy

I havent even warmed up to the throne, and you want me to abdicate

Moreover, having a strong and powerful mother who liked to soar was a big taboo.

Now, if he encouraged the emperors son to fight for the throne and he succeeded, then the emperors illegitimate relatives would hold power more than they should.

She, a political noob, could think of this.

The emperor was a thoughtful and wise emperor, so he would definitely think of this.

Moreover, the emperor had once suffered the hardship of the late emperor not distinguishing between his legitimate and illegitimate children.

It could even be said that he had pampered the illegitimate children and neglected them.

Presumably, he did not like his illegitimate children to be overly active.

Therefore, the truly smart one was still the crown prince.

“Since theres no chance, then why do we have to stop Ge Chunrus sister from entering the second princes residence”

Shi Qingluos lips curled into a smile as she continued, “However, we naturally cant let her scheme like she did in the past.

“The second prince is so popular among women.

There must be many women in his backyard who truly adore him.

“Even the second princes consort doesnt necessarily have any feelings for him.

“You said before that Ge Chunrus sister only succeeded by showing no interest in the second prince and relying on the second princes consort.

“Then this time, lets make her famous before she enters the second princes residence.”

“After entering the second princes residence, we definitely wont be able to accumulate strength in such a low-key manner.”

It had to be said that Ge Chunrus sister was indeed smart.

She knew that she didnt hold any grand status or came from a superior background, so after entering the second princes residence, she deliberately refrained from getting close to the second prince.

Other than being able to play hard to get, she could also reduce the hostility of the women in the backyard of the second princes residence towards her.

Coaxing the second princes consort would give a lot of power.

Then, step by step, she would seize the backyard of the second princes residence before ascending to the throne.

Xiao Hanzheng said with a chuckle, “My wife has similar thoughts as me.

Since she wants to enter the residence, then let her be.

“Let her be happy first, but in the end, she didnt manage to scheme anything.

Only then can she feel bad and regret.

“Moreover, only when she enters the second princes residence can she give Ge Chunru more confidence and cause trouble with my scumbag father and Tao Liu.

“Lets build a fire and watch the show.”

He then changed the topic and asked, “But how do you plan to make her famous”

Shi Qingluo replied, “Get someone to spread the news.

When the second prince saw General Xiaos sister-in-law, he was shocked and took the initiative to propose to marry her into the residence as a side concubine.

“After all, with Ge Chunrus sisters status, she is not qualified to be a princes side concubine.

Even if she enters the residence, she will only be a serving concubine.”

“But she has become a side concubine.

Is there nothing fishy going on

“Those who can see through it can naturally guess that this is between the second prince and his scumbag father.

There must be some secret agreement.

“Those who cant see through it will naturally believe the rumors.

“Especially the women who are infatuated with the second prince.

They will definitely be the latter.

“After seeing Ge Chunrus sister enter the second princes residence, how can she continue to develop in a low-key manner and try to become a consort

“Its best to get someone from the generals residence to spread the news.

“This way, the second prince might think that Ge Chunrus sister is behind this and dislike him from the start.

“When Ge Chunrus sister enters the residence and pretends that shes not interested in him, at least not in love with him yet, the second prince will probably be able to guess that shes playing that she is hard to get.”

The true blow was to transform her hopes and plans into foam, especially toward an ambitious woman like Ge Chunrus sister.


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