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Many people came from the capital to buy iron table stoves, and eventually approached Mo Qingling.

Mo Qingling went to the ironmaking workshop and asked the craftsmen.

In the end, he decided to use the leftover iron from weapon making to make iron table stoves.

The hardness of the scrap iron was very poor.

It was not good for weapons, but it was good enough to make stoves.

This could also make a wave of profits for their county office.

Hence, Mo Qingling built a special iron table stove workshop and transferred the craftsmen over to kickstart it.

Shi Qingluos wool workshop was also on the right track.

In their villages wool workshop, the women and girls could go home every day.

After all, they were all from nearby villages.

If they were to reveal how to knit sweaters, their entire family would be despised by their village

The chiefs and elders of the respective villages would also supervise them.

In the county town, Shi Qingluo would separate those who were knitting, dyeing, knitting sweaters, knitted trousers, woolen socks, woolen shoes, and scarves into different workshops.

Hence, no one would be able to master it in a short period of time.

She also requested Bai Xus help to get his uncle to collect more wool and sell it to her workshops.

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However, this was still not enough, so Xiao Hanzheng went to a few middlemen to sell them any wool they came across to their workshops.

After Liang Youxiao was allowed to do business by Old Master Liang, he opened a shop to sell iron table stoves and wool products in the capital.

The first batch of iron table stoves, wool sweaters, and wool trousers arrived in the capital were quickly snatched clean, even though the price was not low at all.

Liang Youxiao made a fortune.

After Liang Youxiao went home leisurely, he went to the old ladys room to have dinner, but everyone was jealous.

“The busy man is back”

“The business of your two shops is too good.

You made a lot of money, didnt you”

“The skateboard and scooter at your shop also made a lot of money.”

“Shouldnt you put the money in the public house

“You didnt want to send a few iron tables, stoves, and wool clothes to our rooms, but you actually sold them all.

Youxiao, are you blinded by money

“The young master of our public administrator house actually ventured into business.

Arent you afraid of being humiliated”

Liang Youxiao had long expected this.

He said cheekily, “My grandfather agreed to my business.

If you have any objections, feel free to look for him.

“I like silver, and I like yellow and white things.

Dont you like it”

Following that, he replied in various ways, “Im not as hypocritical as you guys.

All of you clearly like yellow and white things, but still want to act as if you are very virtuous.

“If you dont like it, then why dont you ask my mother to stop giving you monthly allowances in the future

“You all despise me for doing business.

“Why should I send these things to your courtyards Its not like I have too much money and nowhere to spend it.

“Besides, Im not a fool to let you guys scold me behind my back while using the things I bought with my money.

“And why should I put the money I earned into the public house I didnt use the money from the public house to open a shop.

“You guys also opened your own shop, but I didnt see you guys handing in the money you earned.”

“Only thinking about the good things.

What are you dreaming about”

Ever since he made friends with Shi Qingluo, he had become more and more efficient in criticizing others.

It was true that one who stayed near vermilion gets stained red, one who spent more time with the better people would become better.

Needless to say, it was indeed great to criticize others.

In the future, he wouldnt need to fight if he could just use his mouth.

Everyones faces turned black from his scolding.


After Liang Youxiao finished criticizing others, he even ran to the old ladys side with an aggrieved look on his face.

“Grandmother, I just want to earn more money and find some good things to give to you and grandfather.

They are just not accustomed to seeing that I am doing well.”

He even took a step back and said, “Why dont I go out and live outside I dont want to be an eyesore to them.”


His father was the crown prince and was going to inherit the public administrator house in the future.

Therefore, it was impossible for him to stay somewhere else.

He was also unwilling to do so.

After all, he still had to use this tiger skin as his banner.

In other words, it was just to make a clear path for himself with his grandparents.

In the future, the money he earned would have nothing to do with the other courtyards.

Now, Liang Youxiao was the old ladys treasure.

Furthermore, she was an even smarter person.

Hence, she started the music.

She first gave Liang Youxiao a look.

“Why go and live outside Even if theyre moving out, you have to stay at home with me.”

The rest of the Liang family sighed, it seemed like they were all picked up from the streets.

The old lady looked at the rest of the Liang family and said, “Dont be sour.

The old master allowed Youxiao to venture into business.

If you want to do business, Ill tell him and hell definitely allow you to do it.

“If you cant bring yourself to do such a thing, dont think about it when you see Youxiao earning money.

“In the future, all the money that Youxiao earns from his own business will be his.

“No one should get involved, or else Ill have the old master punish you.”

Each and every one of them was outrageous.

The Liang family members thought to themselves, the old lady was really too biased.

However, they didnt dare to say anything.

Initially, they thought that the money Liang Youxiao earned should be for Master Liangs first wifes courtyard.

However, after the old lady said this, it completely became Liang Youxiaos private property.

This made Liang Youxiaos two sisters-in-law feel uncomfortable.

Liang Youxiaos mother heaved a sigh of relief.

She was also afraid that the other concubines would stare at her sons money and absorbed some of it.

If this was the case, she would suffer a great loss.

Among the three sons, her youngest son was the sweetest and best at coaxing her.

Whenever he had some good things, he would give her some.

Hence, she doted on her youngest son the most.

Seeing that her two daughters-in-law did not look too good, she took a handkerchief to her lips and wiped it to cover the corner of her lips that had curled up.

Originally, she was prepared to give them a beating, but now that the old lady had spoken, she did not say anything.

As expected, in the entire family, her youngest son won the old ladys heart the most.

Looking at the sour gazes from those living at the subsequent wives courtyards, she felt even more comfortable in her heart.

Liang Youxiao knew that the old lady would have to step in.

Grinning, he took out a bag from behind.

“I knew that in the entire family, only my grandparents are the most sensible.”

Seeing his mothers gaze, he added with a strong desire to survive, “My mother too.”

Liang Mingcheng had just walked in with the old master when he heard his sons words.

His face darkened.

“Little bastard, are you saying that Im not sensible”

Liang Youxiao had his left and right guardians, so he was not afraid of him.

“The rest of you are not as sensible as my grandfather to begin with, who either scolds or beats me up.”

Seeing his father reach for his waist, it was obvious that he wanted to take the whip.

He immediately hugged the old ladys arm and cried pitifully, “Grandmother, mother, father wants to hit me again.”


Liang Mingcheng remained silent, what kind of evil creature was he raising.

The old lady glared at her eldest son.

“Alright, Youxiao is also telling the truth.

Dont always find fault with him.

“My obedient grandson is very filial.

“Its just that he doesnt want to follow your path of official career.

“Its fine if he wants to venture into business.

“Since he likes things that are white and yellow, then let him be.

“Our family doesnt lack any officials.”

The crown princes wife also said, “Thats right.

Youxiao is very filial.

Dont keep staring at him.”

Liang Mingcheng was furious.

“A loving mother is a wastrel!”

This evil creature was such a bastard.

He was spoiled by his mother and daughter-in-law.


The crown princes wife glared at him.

“How is my son a spendthrift He has earned quite a lot in the past year.

A few days ago, he was even filial to me and gave me 5,000 taels of silver.”

She did not lack 5,000 taels of silver, but this was the first time her son had been filial to her.

She was happy to take it.

These words instantly made the other wives even more jealous.

Not only did their sons not give them a single cent, they even came to them frequently to seek gratuitous financial help.

If they didnt compare they wouldnt realize, but now that they knew, they wanted to throw their sons away…


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