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When the other members of the Liang family heard their conversation, they also knew that these sweaters and trousers might really be good stuff.

Otherwise, how could the old master even want to scam the things that his grandson gave to his son.

The old lady was not as thick-skinned as the old master to want her daughter-in-laws share.

She said to the old master, “Thats enough.

Its rare for Liang Youxiao to give his father a gift, so you shouldnt cause more trouble.”

This shameless old man even wanted to snatch his sons things.

Hearing the old lady say this, the old master took a step back.

“Then Ill reluctantly give him a set.”

Liang Mingcheng remained silent, what do you mean by reluctantly giving up That was clearly his, alright

However, it was not good for him to argue with his biological father.

He could only pinch his nose and say aggrievedly, “I really have to thank you.”

Then, he turned to Liang Youxiao.

“How many sets do you have”

If his father wanted to scam him, he could just scam his son.

Liang Youxiao thought to himself, shamelessness could be inherited.

He spread out his hands.

“I do have three sets, but our bodies are obviously different.

You wont be able to wear them.”

The clothes that Shi Qingluo had sent over came in two sizes.

He was not as muscular as his grandfather and biological father, so he wore a smaller size.

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Liang Mingcheng remained silent.

The old lady smiled and said, “Where did you get these clothes Go buy some more.”

She also felt that having two sets was not enough to exchange and wash.

Liang Youxiao replied, “It came from Shi Qingluos knitting workshop.

Ill write a letter tomorrow and ask her to send some more.”

Old Master Liang said, “Go write it today and buy more from her.”

He added, “Get a few sets for all sizes.”

Of course, he had to show off his filial grandson to his old friends.

When those people were almost jealous, he would then promise to give them a few sets.

The main reason he wanted to scam his son was to bring one set out and let his old friends try it out before snatching it back.


Just thinking about it made him feel good.

“Alright, Ill try my best to buy it.”

How could Liang Youxiao not see it The old master could not wait to go out and show off.

He was speechless.

The capital also said that this group of young dandies liked to show off.

They really should let these people see it.

These old men were even better than them.

After a moment, a servant boy announced that the iron stove was ready.

Hence, Liang Youxiao invited everyone to move over.

“Grandfather, grandmother, this is the stove.

Its warmer than a brazier.

“You guys want to try it”

The old master and the old lady didnt hold back.

They walked over and sat down.

“Its really warm.”

The old lady smiled and said, “And its warm everywhere.

Its not bad to do some light manual work on it.”

Liang Youxiao smiled and said, “Thats true.

“Close one of the vents and you can even lay a mat to play mahjong.”

Hearing him say that, the old master was immediately interested.

“Try it then.”

Hence, Liang Youxiao got the servant boy to follow Shi Qingluos instructions.

After a while, he brought Shi Qingluo along with a mat of suitable size and laid it out.


He got someone to bring the mahjong tiles over and sat down to try.

He said, “Its not as hot as before, but its still warm.

Playing Mahjong here is just right.”

The old master could not wait to sit down and try it out.

His face instantly beamed.

“Good, very good.”

He could not help but praise even more.

“Of all my sons and grandsons, Liang Youxiao is indeed the most filial.”

His sons and grandsons suddenly felt that their teeth ached.

Other than Liang Mingcheng and Liang Youxiaos two older brothers, everyone else cursed Liang Youxiao in their hearts.

This fellow usually did not do anything serious, but he had trained his methods of coaxing the old master and Old Lady to perfection.

He was shameless.

Liang Youxiao struck the iron while it was hot and asked, “Grandfather, have you thought about what I told you before”

Old Master Liang thought about it and asked, “In the future, as long as there are good things, you can get them”

He naturally meant that Shi Qingluo had good things over there.

Liang Youxiao patted his chest and said, “Of course.”

“Alright, I agree with what you said.

You can go ahead and do it.”

Following that, he changed the topic and emphasized, “But since youve chosen that path, do it well.

Dont make a fuss and embarrass an old man like me.”

Their family did not lack males, and they were not bad overall.

As a result, their resources were limited, so they could only focus on two or three people.

Since his grandson had the ambition to start a business, he did not object.


Who would complain about having too much money

Liang Youxiaos face broke into a wide smile.

“Dont worry.

Ill definitely do something big for my grandfather.

I wont embarrass you.”

He blinked again.

“If theres good stuff in the future, our family will definitely be the first to have it.”

Old Master Liang smiled in satisfaction and nodded.

“Thats good enough.”

The others did not understand what the two of them were saying.

Each of them had their own guesses and thoughts.

Old Master Liang instructed again, “Oh right, theres a table outside.

Move it to my courtyard.”

Since his grandson had asked someone to carry two tables, it must be for him and his old wife.

Liang Youxiao smiled and said, “Thats for my grandfather.

“Ill get someone to carry it to your courtyard and let them heat it up so that you can invite someone to play Mahjong.”

The Liang family members thought to themselves, this flattery really impressed them.

Old Master Liang threw a satisfied look at Liang Youxiao.

“Liang Youxiao is still the most thoughtful.”

The others asked themselves in their hearts, does that mean they arent thoughtful

They just lost because they didnt know how to flatter…


After lunch, Old Master Liang left and asked his personal attendants to call his old friends over to play mahjong.

He also showed off his sweater, wool pants, wool socks, and the iron table stove.

Liang Youxiao returned to the courtyard only to realize that Shi Qingluo had sent him a separate parcel with a dozen pairs of wool socks.

Hence, after sending a few more pairs to the old lady and the old master, he wore a new sweater and took a few pairs of socks to show off.

Liang Mingcheng returned after lunch and tried on the sweater and wool pants that he had painstakingly got back.

Once he put it on, he did not want to take it off.

It was indeed warm and comfortable.

He thought of the iron table warmer and that he would not be cold if he were to work on it.

Hence, he went to his sons courtyard.

Coincidentally, he met Liang Youxiao who was about to go out.

Liang Youxiao was afraid that his father would snatch his clothes, so he immediately said, “Father, why are you here You really cant wear mine.”

Liang Mingchengs face darkened.

“Look at how stingy you are.”

He said sourly, “You know how to coax your grandmother and grandfather, so why dont you think about showing filial piety to your father too”

Liang Youxiao grinned and said, “Youre not the head of the family.”


Of course, he had to show filial piety to those who could protect him.


Moreover, he was sincere in showing filial piety to the two elders.

After all, the two of them still doted on him.

This was a worthy exchange.

As for his father, he was his biological son anyway.

It was okay to be less filial to him.

He couldnt go back to his mothers womb to be remade, right

Moreover, his father was the fiercest against him doing business.

He also had a bad temper.

Liang Mingcheng sighed, where was his whip

Seeing his fathers face turn even darker, he immediately said with a strong desire to live, “Besides, Im also filial to you.

You cant protect your items, so you cant blame me!”

Not only did these words not make Liang Mingcheng happy, but his face turned even darker.

“I cant be bothered to talk to you.

I heard that Nanxi county gave you three iron table stoves”

Before Liang Youxiao could say anything, Liang Mingcheng said, “Move the remaining one to my study room.”

Liang Youxiao looked at his father in disbelief.

“Thats mine.”

Dont tell me youre going to snatch it

Liang Mingcheng glanced at him.

“From now on, for you to show your respect to me, its mine.”

He had learned this trick from his father.

Looking at his sons pained and incredulous face, Liang Mingchengs mood suddenly improved.

This little bastard was still too young to play tricks with him.

Thus, he supervised his men to move the iron table stove back to the study.

He stayed and was about to go out and call others back to play mahjong while showing off the iron table stove.

Meanwhile, Liang Youxiao was now suspicious of his life.

He was alone in the courtyard, enjoying the cold wind…



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