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Xiao Hanzheng knew that Mo Qingling was not a person who was greedy for merits.

He could take credit for this, but he felt that Mo Qingling was not suitable to be involved too deeply.

After all, Mo Qinglings foundation was still too shallow.

Even with the protection of the emperor and the crown prince, it was easy for someone to set up a trap to deal with him.

Therefore, it was more suitable for the emperor to send someone else to investigate and deal with it.

Mo Qingling placed the things back into the wooden box and held them in his arms.

He instructed the bailiffs lead, “Bring all these people back to the county yamen and ask for their identities and home addresses.

Inform their families to come and pick them up.”

The bailiff lead replied respectfully, “Yes!”

Then, the group of people were brought out of the basement.

When they saw the sunlight outside, many of them were so happy that they cried, especially the youths and girls.

Eldest Young Master Wu was pinned to the ground by two bailiffs with their fork rods.

When he saw them bringing the people out, his expression did not change much.

However, when he saw the wooden box in Mo Qinglings hand, his expression changed completely and cold sweat broke out from his back.

He only had one thought in his mind.

They actually found this.

It was over!

Mo Qingling looked at Eldest Young Master Wu and instructed the bailiffs, “The Wu family poisoned Tongsheng Shi and tried to silence him after they were discovered.

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“Take all the men of the Wu family back to the county office and lock them up.

“The women are grounded in the Wu residence and are not allowed to leave.”


Hearing Mo Qinglings words, Eldest Young Master Wu suddenly raised his head and looked over.

He did not expect Mo Qingling to arrest them for this crime.

Did that mean that after Mo Qingling saw the things in the wooden box, he did not dare to offend some of the higher-ups, so he was prepared to reduce a major problem to a minor one, and then a minor one to naught

He could not help but be optimistic.

Mo Qingling saw his expression and guessed what he was thinking.

He shook his head speechlessly.

He just did not want to alert the enemy.

Soon, Eldest Young Master Wu and the servants of the Wu family were all taken away.

The thugs were temporarily locked in the basement.

They were waiting to be brought back to the county office at night to avoid exposing themselves or causing the people to make wild guesses.

Master Wu, who was leading the other bailiffs to Fourth Son Shis room to interrogate him, was also taken away.

The other males of the Wu family were also taken away without leaving a single one behind.

This also caused the entire Wu family to sink into a state of panic, and the women in the Wu family were even more flustered.

Lady Wu personally brought Old Lady Wu to ask about their status.

Mo Qingling also used the same excuse to dismiss her.

Because of this, the old lady and the other women looked at the Shi family with hatred.

Old Lady Shi was indifferent.

“What are you staring at You poisoned people, do you have a reason for doing so”

She snorted proudly again.

“Ptui, dont do any unethical things, and you wont suffer retribution.”

Shi Qingluo, who was listening to her spouting nonsense, was speechless.

The old lady really dared to say that as if they had done a lot of unethical things in the past.

The Wu family members were also successfully angered by Old Lady Shi attitude.

Only when Old Lady Shi saw the Wu family members being humiliated did she feel at ease.

She turned to Shi Qingluo and asked, “Qingluo, your fourth uncle isnt considered a member of the Wu family.

Can he leave”

Shi Qingluo nodded.

“Of course he can.”

“You guys take my fourth uncle back with you.

My husband and I still have some matters to attend to.”

The rest was up to the Shi family to decide on their own.

Naturally, she would not participate in this, and it would not be good for her to watch.

Old Lady Shi smiled amiably.

“Alright, you two can leave first.

“Its been hard on you both today.

When your fourth uncle is okay, let him come and thank you.”

If not for Shi Qingluo and her husband, the Wu family would not have been taken away.

Shi Qingluo smiled.

“Theres no need for that.”

Without wasting any more time with the old lady, she pulled Xiao Hanzheng and Xiao Baili away from the Wu residence.

As Old Lady Shi had been crying and making a scene before the Wu family was arrested and brought to the county office, no one suspected that this was caused by something else.

They all thought that it was really the Wu family who had poisoned Fourth Son Shi.

In fact, not to mention the outsiders, even the women of the Wu family thought so too.

Only Master Wu and Eldest Young Master Wu knew and participated in the matters in the basement.

It was also because they were afraid that too many people would spill the beans.

As soon as Shi Qingluo and the others left, Old Lady Shi immediately led her people to rob the Wu Familys storehouse.

She made it sound like she wanted the Wu family to pay for her sons medical treatment.

Because the servants who had participated in the incident were also taken away, the women and servant girls of the Wu family could not stop the Shi family, who came with many men.

As a result, more than half of the Wu familys treasury, gold, silver, jewelry, and banknotes had been snatched away by the Shi family.

Old Lady Shi did not dare to snatch all of them as she was afraid that this would cause trouble at the county office.

After snatching more than half of them, she got her other sons to carry her youngest son onto the carriage and left.

Fourth Son Shi was still feeling pain all over his body, but when he saw the banknotes and gold in the carriage, he felt as if he had been instantly healed.

Everyone in the Shi family was extremely excited.

Only Third Son Shi, who was sitting in the corner of the carriage, looked at the pile of gold and silver on the table with a complicated expression.

He felt that it wouldnt be good to take these things.

After all, he still remembered how his vengeful daughter had been treated by his family in the past.

With his daughters narrow-minded personality, would she let the Shi family be so rich and carefree

He felt that it was unlikely.


However, he did not know what his daughter would do, and he did not dare to tell the members of the Shi family either.

He could only suppress the pain in his heart.

If Shi Qingluo knew what he was thinking, she would definitely praise him.

Her scumbag father was the most intelligent person in the Shi family.

On the other hand, the Xiao family was heading home with a carriage.

Xiao Baili looked at Shi Qingluo and Xiao Hanzheng with admiration.

Her sister-in-law and brother-in-law were really amazing.


Shi Qingluo naturally noticed it.

She smiled and pinched her face.

“If you practice martial arts for two more years, youll be as amazing as me.”

Xiao Baili nodded frantically.

“Alright, Ill definitely practice martial arts harder.”

Xiao Hanzheng smiled at Shi Qingluo and asked, “After we leave, the Shi family should make a move on the Wu familys storehouse, right”

Shi Qingluo nodded.

“Thats for sure.”

Xiao Hanzheng asked curiously, “What do you plan to do with the money they received”

Looking at his little wifes appearance, it didnt seem like she was going to look for Mo Qingling and arrest the Shi family for robbery.

Shi Qingluo didnt hide anything.

“Ill just watch them court their own death.

“With so much money, the Shi family will definitely go crazy.

“They had suddenly become rich, and the money came in so easily.

Theyll definitely spend the money happily.

“Wait for them to experience the life of a rich family.

“Then, my fourth uncle, who is already addicted to gambling, will beat them back from the clouds to their original state.”


For gamblers, no amount of money was enough.

Shengyuan was sold to the Wu family to get married.

This was all instigated by her fourth uncle.

Of course, she would not let go of this culprit.

Therefore, when she found out that the Wu family had intentionally let someone bring Fourth Son Shi to the gambling den to play, and that he had become addicted to gambling, she did not interfere.

She also did not have any plans to make him turn over a new leaf.

All the wicked things that Old Lady Shi and the others had done in the past would be repaid by Fourth Son Shi.

After Fourth Son Shi had lost all the money that he had obtained from the Wu family, he would definitely make a move on the Shi family.

When that time came, he would see how Old Lady Shi and Old Master Shi would treat their beloved little son.

How could the Shis brothers tolerate their youngest brother who was squandering their entire family fortune

When they left in the future, there was no need for her to make a move anymore.

The Shi family would be able to court their own death and turn the situation into a mess.

The key was that she did not make a move.

It had nothing to do with her and nothing could be blamed on her.

After all, it was the Shi familys own doing.

After hearing her words, Xiao Hanzheng chuckled.

“My wife is still the best!”

Xiao Baili had been constantly “influenced” by Shi Qingluo these days, and she could understand what she meant.

The admiration in her eyes grew even stronger when she looked at Shi Qingluo.

Her sister-in-laws move was too awesome!


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