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Eldest Young Master Wu did not stop him.

Xiao Hanzheng let go of Shi Qingluo and followed the bailiffs around the courtyard.

When Eldest Young Master Wu saw that they did not go near the rockery, he heaved a sigh of relief.

At the same time, the pride in his eyes intensified.

Shi Qingluo began to speak.

“Even if we cant find the murderer, we cant just let go of the matter of you poisoning my fourth uncle.

“While the magistrate is here, hurry up and hand over the antidote so that we can give you a lighter sentence.”

Eldest Young Master Wu remained silent.

Is this woman done yet Why is she so annoying She keeps talking nonsense.

He said impatiently, “How many times have I said it We didnt poison him, so of course, we dont have the antidote.

“Im just doing my job.

Im not afraid even if sir continues to investigate.”

Then, he asked Mo Qingling, “Sir, if it turns out that the Wu family is innocent and the Shi family is slandering us, will I be able to accuse them of framing us”

Mo Qingling nodded.

“Of course.”

Shi Qingluo continued, “My fourth uncle was poisoned in your residence.

How can you be innocent”

Eldest Young Master Wu looked at her coldly.

“Its also possible that he offended someone outside.

“Its even more possible that its all your own doing.”

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Shi Qingluo rolled her eyes at him.

“Why are we doing this You…”

Then, she kept pestering Eldest Young Master Wu about this matter.

Eldest Young Master Wu was annoyed by her pestering, and he couldnt let Shi Qingling splash more dirty water on him in front of Mo Qingling, so he started arguing with her.

At the same time, he didnt pay attention to Xiao Hanzheng who was originally looking around the courtyard.

Now, he had already walked near the rockery and kept touching it with his hands.

He was still muttering to himself as if he was calculating something.

In his previous life, after he dropped out of school and left Nanxi county, he went to many places and got to know many people.

He had also learned a lot.

Because he had been in the army, not only did he know the art of war, but he had also studied the Qimen armor.

So when he came to the rockery, he found a lot of clues.

Then, he followed one of the mechanisms in the Qimen armor and put in his deductions.

Soon, he placed his hand on a rock and spun it a few times.

Then, he calculated the number of steps and walked forward.

He squatted on the ground and moved a small rock the size of a fist.

Finally, he walked to the other side and pressed his hand on the protruding part of a rock.

“Boom!” The rock suddenly moved.

Eldest Young Master Wu was very familiar with this sound.

He instinctively turned and looked over.

He saw that rock moving, before revealing an underground entrance.

His pupils shrank.

How was this possible

Xiao Hanzheng actually knew the mechanism behind this

To activate the underground entrance of the rockery, one needed to move to three places.

The first stone needed to turn five times.

One more or one less turn would have no effect.

Therefore, it was absolutely impossible for a blind cat to meet a dead rat.

He hurriedly rushed over and blocked the entrance.

Looking at Xiao Hanzheng who was about to bring the bailiffs down, he said, “What are you doing This is the ancestral hall where our Wu family placed the ancestral tablets.

You cant go in and disturb the ancestral spirits!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Shi Qingluo said, “Which family would build their ancestral hall in such a place

“Its a rockery and a trap.

According to the novel, this is all caused by bad people who want to do evil things.

“The people who are chasing after my fourth uncle must have gone inside.

Perhaps the antidote is inside too.”


She then looked at Mo Qingling and said, “Sir, you have to stand up for my fourth uncle!”

Eldest Young Master Wu was stunned.

At this moment, he was even tempted to eat Shi Qingluo up.

Mo Qingling immediately took it over.

“Since thats the case, lets go down and take a look.

After all, this concerns the life of the person who reported the case.

“Eldest Young Master Wu, Ill have to trouble you to move to the side.”

He then said, “If its only your Wu familys ancestral hall down there, then Ill definitely offer incense to make amends!”

When Eldest Young Master Wu saw his determined gaze, how could he not know that these people were here today for the things hidden in the rockery.

If Mo Qingling and the others were to obtain the things inside and see the people locked inside, their Wu family would be doomed.

“Magistrate Mo, we really did not poison or assassinate Tongsheng Shi.”

He made his final struggle.

“In light of my relationship with the prefect, can you not disturb my familys ancestral hall”

Shi Qingluo curled her lips.

“The emperor is still Magistrate Mos uncle-in-law.

How superior is your prefect”

Eldest Young Master Wu asked himself, why is this woman always involved

He was so angry that his face turned black.

“If you dont say anything, no one will say that you are a mute.”

Shi Qingluo shrugged.

“But this concerns the life and death of my fourth uncle.

Of course, I cant remain silent.

“Didnt you say just now that all of you act with integrity Then why did you stop me

“Looking at your guilty look, the antidote and the murderer must be down there.

“No matter what, we have to go in and get the antidote today.”

Mo Qingling realized that the Wu family was unlucky to have provoked Shi Qingluo, who was too unreasonable.

The key was that you couldnt explain it all because she immediately refuted it.

He said, “Eldest Young Master Wu, you said just now that your Wu family acts with integrity.

Then let us investigate and we will be able to clear your name.”

Eldest Young Master Wus eyes were filled with malice.

“Magistrate Mo, you have to forgive and forget.

If we go against each other, it will be a lose-lose situation.”

Since he said this, it meant that there was definitely something important below.

Mo Qingling sneered.

“I am not scared.”

Then, he directly ordered the people from the county office, “Go down and investigate!”

“Yes, Sir!”

The bailiffs immediately pulled Eldest Young Master Wu away and went down to take a look.

Eldest Young Master Wu took a deep breath.

“You guys forced me to do this.”

Then, he suddenly put his hand to his lips and whistled a few times.

Mo Qingling and the others did not move.

They just looked at him quietly.

Soon, more than ten black-clothed men with knives rushed out from the underground passage, and other ten over fierce-looking masked men also rushed in from outside.

Facing more than thirty people with knives, who looked like thugs, the bailiffs were all stunned.

One of the bailiffs could not help but gulp and ask, “Sir, what should we do”

They did not expect the Wu family to have owned such a group of ruthless thugs.

These bailiffs had elderly and children at home, and they did not want to die.

Mo Qingling had previously found out that the Wu family might be colluding with some desperados.

Now, this seemed to be true.

Mo Qingling was very calm.

“Its useless even if Im afraid.”

He looked at the fierce-looking Eldest Young Master Wu and said, “Even if we want to retreat now, Eldest Young Master Wu wont allow it, right”

Eldest Young Master Wu sneered.

“Of course.

In the past, those who saw them all lost their lives.”

“Magistrate Mo, you forced me to do this.”

Once they obtained those things below, the Wu family would be finished.

Therefore, they might as well call these people out to kill Mo Qingling, Xiao Hanzheng, and the Shi family.

Then, they would make it look like the Wu family was on fire and burn everyone, including their Wu family.

In the worst case, they could just run out and conceal their identities, and wait for the limelight to pass before returning.


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