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If this happened back then, Xiao Yuanshi would have gone to comfort his little wife when she sobbed.

However, he was really not in the mood today.

Instead, he was even more upset when he saw her crying so insensibly.

“Alright, stop crying.”

He reached out and casually wiped away the tears on Ge Chunrus face.

“Dont you still have to prepare baggage for Chunyi Hurry up and go go it”

Ge Chunru thought, are you so eager to send me off

She was so angry that her chest hurt.

She could not help but lift her head and look at him with resentment.

“Have you forgotten what you said in the past”

He had said that she would be the only one and that he would not touch other women.

Now, what he said was equivalent to farting, it wasnt something he would keep a promise.

Xiao Yuanshi was extremely frustrated when he saw this.

“Was I willing to do this

“Why dont you think about who caused this”

He endured his impatience and said, “Chunru, Im very upset today.

Can you stop making things difficult for me”

Seeing the impatience on his face, Ge Chunru wanted to reach out and scratch his face.

Just as she was about to fly into a rage, another knock came from the study room.


Then, the door opened.

Xiao Yuanshi looked over and saw Ge Chunrus sister standing at the door.

She first bowed to Xiao Yuanshi.

“Greetings, brother-in-law!

“I have some matters to attend to and want to look for my sister.”

Xiao Yuanshi felt that she had arrived at the right time.

He nodded without saying anything and looked at her.

She stood up and used a handkerchief to wipe away her tears.

Ge Chunru forcefully swallowed her anger.

“Then, my sister and I will return to the courtyard first.”

Xiao Yuanshi saw how aggrieved she looked and his heart softened a little.

After all, she was the woman that he truly liked.

He reached out and shook her hand.

“Dont worry, Ill go out to look for the doctor in a while.

You should make some preparations for Chunyis journey.”

Only then did Ge Chunru feel more comfortable.


When she passed by Tao Liu, her eyes swept over her coldly.

If her eyes could kill, Tao Liu would have been killed countless times.

Tao Liu looked at her with some worry and guilt and even bowed.

“Take care, madam!”

She sneered in her heart.

She couldnt sit still just because of this

It was just as Shi Qingluo had said.

Ge Chunru liked and cared about Xiao Yuanshi, so as long as she provoked him properly, Ge Chunru would be unable to control his emotions.

All Tao Liu wanted was the generals residence.

She did not have the so-called romantic feelings for Xiao Yuanshi and did not care about him.


Hence, she could manage this rationally.

Then, she really saw Ge Chunrus expression change.

She thought to herself that this move was really cool.

She liked the way Ge Chunru looked like she wanted to kill her but she couldnt.

Ge Chunrus sister saw the almost ferocious look on Ge Chunrus face and hurriedly walked over to support her.

“Sister, lets go back and help second brother pack his things first.”

Only then did Ge Chunru withdraw her gaze from Tao Liu and left with her sister.

After leaving, Ge Chunrus sister sighed.

“Sister, dont fall for her trick and get flustered.

“If you get angry at my brother-in-law or give him a slap in the face, youll only push him away and let Liu Ru take advantage of it.

“Youre the wife and shes the concubine.

You can completely control her in terms of status.

Why do you need to be angry

“What you should do is to think of how to coax him and get his heart back.

“When that time comes, brother-in-law will completely stand on your side.

Are you afraid of Liu Ru”

Her sister was really too impatient.

After Ge Chunru heard her sisters words, she felt that it was indeed reasonable.

She also realized that Xiao Yuanshi was unhappy just now, but she really couldnt help it!

When she thought about how her man treated another woman like she did, she felt so disgusted that she wanted to go crazy.

But what could she do

She could only act like what her younger sister said.

She nodded her head aggrievedly.

“I know.

Ill pull your brother-in-law back.”

Her sister smiled and said, “Thats right.”

She coaxed, “When my brother has made contributions in the northern border, Ill marry the second prince.

Well support you.”

When Ge Chunru heard this, she felt comforted in her heart.

Xiao Yuanshi could no longer be relied on.

She still had a younger brother and sister.

She patted her sisters hand.

“You guys are too kind.

“I heard from your brother-in-law that he has already made an agreement with the second prince.

He will let you marry two months later and find a good day for it.”

She was still very concerned about her sisters marriage.

Ge Chunyi lowered her head shyly.


If she wanted to marry the second prince, apart from getting the status and reputation, she also liked a man that was handsome and extraordinary.


In the study room.

Xiao Yuanshi waved to Liu Ru.

“Is this soup for me”

Liu Ru walked over with a porcelain jar.

“Its not soup.

I heard you cough in the middle of the night yesterday, so I boiled pear juice to moisten your lungs.”

She looked at the bowl on the table and played some tricks.

“If I had known that madam was so diligent and was one step ahead, I wouldnt have wasted my time.”

Xiao Yuanshi thought of the greasy chicken soup and felt a little uncomfortable.

He also felt that Ge Chunru was being perfunctory.

Liu Ru knew how to boil pear juice when she heard him coughing.

“She has her own concerns.

You have yours.

Theres no conflict.”

He asked Liu Ru to pour out the pear juice and drank it immediately.

He did feel a little better.

Liu Ru didnt ask him why he looked unhappy.

She just took the initiative to comfort him.

Her eyes were filled with worry and forbearance, as if she did not want to overstep.

This greatly pleased Xiao Yuanshi.

Thinking of her flexibility and softness, he suddenly wanted to vent the anger in his chest.

Thus, he directly carried her to the inner room inside the study room.

When Ge Chunru finished helping Ge Chunyi to prepare the things and saw that Xiao Yuanshi had not returned to their courtyard, she asked the servant girl to invite him back.

Who knew that the servant girl would come back and stammer that the general had something to do in the study room and could not come.

How could she not guess what Xiao Yuanshi might be doing.

She could not help but smash the things in the room again in anger.

She wished she could rush into the study room and beat up that pair of dog lovers and directly cut that vixen, Tao Liu, in the face.

In the end, she could only throw herself onto the bed and cry.

She did not sleep for the entire night.

The next day, Ge Chunru went to send Ge Chunyi off with red and swollen eyes.

Old Lady Xiaos face darkened when she saw this.

“Did you do it on purpose

“Were leaving.

Your eyes are swollen from crying.

Who are you cursing”

There was a custom in their hometown that family members were not allowed to cry when they set off on a long journey, or it would be bad luck.

Her originally good mood was ruined by this little hoof.

“We are so unlucky!”

Ge Chunru uttered under her breath, the damn old woman was deliberately finding fault.

Fortunately, she was about to leave.

Otherwise, she would have really broken down.

Xiao Yuanshi also saw that Ge Chunrus eyes were swollen, and he was a little unhappy too.

Ge Chunyi was not going to the gallows, why was his wife so sad and reluctant to part with him

Therefore, he did not speak up for Ge Chunru, but coaxed the old lady instead.

“Mother, dont be angry.

I specially found a doctor to tag along.

If you are not feeling well, you can ask him to take a look.”

Then, she said to Ge Chunyi, “You too.

If your leg feels unwell, you can ask the doctor to take a look.”

Ge Chunru was initially stunned when she heard what he said.

Didnt he say that he would help her brother hire a doctor Why did he become a doctor to help the old lady

It was as if her heart had been stabbed.

However, Xiao Yuanshis subsequent response immediately comforted her.

On a second thought, it made sense.

If he said that he had specially hired a doctor for her brother, the old lady and the others would definitely be super jealous.

They would then find fault with her brother.

Her husband was really thoughtful and still cared for her.

She had to lure his mind back to herself, and let that b * tch, Tao Liu, cry and stay alone in an empty room every day.

When the old lady heard her sons words, she smiled.

“My son is still filial.”

Actually, she had already heard from Liu Ru that Ge Chunru had asked for a doctor to be hired for Ge Chunyi.

She cursed Xiao Yuanshi and Ge Chunru in her heart, but she did not expose them.

In any case, she would vent her anger on her younger brother.


Then, the old Xiao family and Ge Chunyi boarded their respective carriages to the northern border.

On the other hand, Xiao Hanzheng and Shi Qingluo also boarded a carriage back to Nanxi county.


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