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Ge Chunru was displeased that Xiao Yuanshi wanted to take in a concubine and touch Tao Liu so soon.

After causing a ruckus in the yard, she pretended to be sick and asked Xiao Yuanshi to come over.

Xiao Yuanshi looked at his beloved wifes pale face and haggard appearance, and he could not help but feel sorry for her.

Just as he got up and walked over to hug her, ready to comfort her and think about how to make up for it, his mother suddenly came in with her daughters-in-law.

Xiao Yuanshi immediately let go of Ge Chunru and returned to his seat.

Ge Chunru thought to herself, this damn old lady must be here to get rid of her.

The moment the old lady entered the door, she looked directly at Ge Chunru.

“Tsk tsk, look at her pale face.

Is she really sick”

Mdm Wu covered her smile with a handkerchief.

“Mother, her face is probably too pale.”

Ge Chunru was about to speak when the old lady suddenly walked up to her and stretched out her hand to wipe her face forcefully.

She then spread her fingers.

Indeed, there was a layer of powder on them.

“Aiya, theres really too much powder.”

Ge Chunrus body stiffened and she could not help but look at Xiao Yuanshi.

As expected, when she saw that his face had turned black, she wanted to settle thes score with Old Lady Xiao and Mdm Wu.

She explained, “Because I am sick and dont look good, I put on some powder.”

Old Lady Xiao sneered.

“Ptui, do you think Im an idiot

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“You dont look well.

Shouldnt you be applying rouge Why are you applying powder”

She turned to Xiao Yuanshi and applied some eye ointment.

“My son, shes treating you like an idiot.”

Yesterday, she had asked her eldest son to secretly look for Shi Qingluo and her husband.

She had obtained some methods to deal with this little hoof.

Indeed, just as Shi Qingluo had said, she would probably pretend to be sick to deceive her son.

If Shi Qingluo had not reminded them, they would not have known that their faces were so pale because of the powder.

Ge Chunru was about to cry and hurriedly explained, “No, I didnt.”

Xiao Yuanshi could not help but feel irritated again.

He glanced at Ge Chunru and asked the old lady, “Mother, what brings you here”

He had not expected Ge Chunru to use powder to deceive him that she was sick.

This made him very unhappy.

She was getting more outrageous.

Old Lady Xiao sat down.

“I just came to tell you guys.

“I asked your eldest brother, third brother, eldest nephew, and second nephew to find their friends to help send letters.”

She looked at the two of them meaningfully.

“If we encounter robbers or bandits on our way to the northern border, it will be your doing.

“They will help to send the letter to the capital magistrate and the Xi residence.

“I believe that Xi Rui will be very happy to help us investigate.”

These words shocked Xiao Yuanshi and Ge Chunru.

When did the old lady become so smart

No, this must have been taught by Shi Qing.

Xiao Yuanshi had a headache.

“Mother, you and my father are following us to the northern border.

How could I do something like this”

He was really not prepared to do it.

Although he felt uncomfortable that the people in the old residence were going to take away so much money, he had never thought of letting others rob them midway.

Instead, he was thinking of waiting for them to arrive at the northern border before getting someone to lure them back.

This way, he would not leave any evidence behind.

Old Lady Xiao raised her eyelids.

“You cant do such a thing, but some people are different.”

She looked at Ge Chunru and said, “Dont you think so, my second daughter-in-law”

Ge Chunrus hands under the blanket were clenched into fists.

She resisted the urge to pounce on the old lady and bite her to death.

“I dont know what you mean, so I naturally wont do it.”

Of course, this was a lie.

She was actually already prepared to pay for someone to do the assassination.

Then, she would rob the old lady and the others along the way and break their hands or legs one shot.

Who would have thought that this old thing actually had a backup plan.

Today, she deliberately came over to tell them.

Wasnt it just a warning, so that she really did not dare to get anyone to make a move

After all, the damn old lady and the others were shameless.

If something really happened, they would definitely get someone to sue them.

Xi Rui was even more hostile towards the generals residence and her brother.

In addition, he had a good relationship with that little b * tch, Shi Qingluo.

It would be strange if he did not take in this good piece of evidence.

When the old lady saw Ge Chunrus forbearing look, her heart skipped a beat.

As what Shi Qingluo had said, it seemed likethis woman wanted to harm them.

Fortunately, they had made arrangements according to Shi Qingluos words.

Otherwise, they would be in deep trouble.

The hatred in the old ladys heart deepened.

She had also heard that her son had asked them to bring Ge Chunyi to the northern border.

She was prepared to teach this little hooligan a good lesson after they went to the northern border.

She even deliberately said to Xiao Yuanshi, “Today is a good day for you and Liu Ru.

Why are you still sitting here

“I, your mother, risked my life yesterday to get Liu Ru to agree to bear you a child.”

She raised her eyebrows.

“Arent you going to prepare”

Xiao Yuanshi had wanted to leave a long time ago.

He was especially annoyed at places where his wife and his mother were together.

However, he still gave Ge Chunru a troubled look.

This was also what caused the old lady to fly into a rage.

She slammed the table heavily.

“Why are you looking at her Is she your mother, or am I your mother

“No wonder people say that you are afraid of those staying at your residence.

Look at how useless you are.”

These words successfully made Xiao Yuanshis face turn black again,

She had been spreading all kinds of rumours to outsiders.

His mother had played the most important role, so she had the nerve to say such words.

The old lady reached out to push Xiao Yuanshi.

“Hurry up and leave.

Dont just stand there.”

Only then did Xiao Yuanshi helplessly stand up.


Then, he personally went to support the old lady.

“Mother, let me send you back to your courtyard.”

If he left alone, he did not know how his mother would bully his wife.

That was what he thought, but in Ge Chunrus heart, she felt that this bastard, Xiao Yuanshi, could not wait to go to Tao Liu.

So she cried and said, “Go, go.

If you leave, dont come back.”

Before Ge Chunrus biological father died, she had already gotten to know Xiao Yuanshi and fell in love with him.


Thus, she often approached and acted coquettishly, and Xiao Yuanshi had always doted on her.

Especially after the two fell in love with each other, Xiao Yuanshi doted on her even more.

That was why she was so willful, thinking that he would coax her as usual and then stay here with her tonight, instead of looking for that slut.


The old lady saw her appearance and sneered, “Youre a generals wife.

How dare you act so atrociously Youre even worse than us, who are village women.

“You forced my son to break off his kinship with his biological children.

Now that you cant give birth to a child on your own, you want my son to follow in your footsteps

“Youre too selfish and vicious.

“Liu Ru is much more sensible than you.”

Xiao Yuanshi, who was used to coaxing Ge Chunru, could not help but feel a little uncomfortable when he heard this.

She had forced him to break off his kinship with his children.

Did she not want him to have children now

In comparison, Liu Ru was indeed more sensible.


Her mother had used her life to force him to be his concubine.

If he did not go to her place today, how would the people in the generals manor look at her in the future

What if she committed suicide again

Thus, he looked at Ge Chunru and said, “I will send my mother back to the courtyard first.

I will come back to see you later.”

Then, he helped the old lady to leave.

Ge Chunrus tears streamed down her face.

However, she believed that Xiao Yuanshis heart still belonged to her, so he would definitely come back later.

Then, she thought of all ways to keep him, and not look for that slut.

Who knew that Xiao Yuanshis men would not appear even in the evening.

Then, she got someone to ask around and heard from the servant girl that the general was forcefully pushed into Liu Rus courtyard by the old lady.

Ge Chunru could not help but cry again, but she was still holding on to a glimmer of hope.

Entering the courtyard did not mean that he had to touch that b * tch.

Time passed bit by bit.

She sat on the bed and stared at the candle not far away in a daze.

When it was almost midnight, the servant girl braced herself and reported, “Madam, theres news from the other side.

The general ordered a drink.”

He even ordered twice, but she did not continue to say this.

When Ge Chunru heard this, her hopes were dashed.

She could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood and fainted.



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