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If she had followed the daily routine when she was at the brothel, Tao Liu would have gotten out of bed and pretended to be weak out of habit as she accidentally threw herself into Xiao Yuanshis arms.

Just like how she had treated Xiao Hanzheng in the village.

However, Shi Qingluo had repeatedly warned her not to do that.

She had to let Xiao Yuanshi always think that she had no choice but to follow him.

If she was too easy for him to obtain, he would not cherish her.

Moreover, if she offered herself to him, Xiao Yuanshi would be suspicious.

Instead, she had to act as if she cared for him and was doing things for his own good and that she really did not want to ruin his relationship with Ge Chunru.

Tao Liu resisted the urge to fall into Xiao Yuanshis arms.

She put on her shoes and walked a few steps forward.

She smiled at him and said, “Look, Im fine now.

“If I leave, madam wont be angry anymore.

She wont mess around with you anymore.”

She comforted him again, “You dont have to worry about these things also.”

Xiao Yuanshi watched her pretend to be strong just so that Ge Chunru wouldnt mess around with him again.

How could such a beautiful woman come from the dirty place that Ge Chunru mentioned.

Moreover, Liu Rus every frown and smile and her way of doing things didnt seem like a worldly woman.

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Although she did not have the dignified elegance of a lady from an aristocratic family, she did have the elegance of a lady from a small family in Jiangnan.

She looked like she came from a good family.

He did not know that when Tao Liu was being groomed in the capital, she had specially learned the soft mumble of a lady from Jiangnan.

Before going to the capital, Xiao Hanzheng had secretly found a merchant family to teach her how to portray herself.

She had forcefully changed some of the habits that she did in the brothel.

In addition, Shi Qingluo had designed a new kind of phoney for her.

Hence, Xiao Yuanshi did not believe in Ge Chunru so much.

His face darkened and he asked unhappily, “When you go back, are you going to commit suicide again”

Her willow-like face turned pale, like a child who had done something wrong as she lowered her head.

“I… I wont.”

Seeing her like this, Xiao Yuanshi suddenly wanted to reach out and touch her head, but he held it back.

He comforted her, “Dont let your imagination run wild.

You can stay in the generals residence from now on.”

Tao Liu raised her head and looked at him with tears in her eyes.

“I… I dont want to stay in the generals residence.

“If I stay, madam will still be angry and fight with you.

“You are so nice.

I dont want to make things difficult for you.

“Dont worry.

This time, I definitely wont commit suicide.”

She pretended to be optimistic and said, “At most, I wont marry anyone in the future.”

Xiao Yuanshis heart was touched again.

“No, Ive already made it clear to her just now.

She has already accepted you.”

Tao Liu rolled her eyes in her heart.

This man was really lying through his teeth.

With Ge Chunrus personality, how could it be possible

However, she pretended to be flattered.

“Really Madam really doesnt blame me”

Xiao Yuanshi said without conscience, “Yes, she doesnt blame you anymore.”

Tao Lius tears turned into a smile.

“Thats great.

Madam is such a good person.”

She endured the nausea and said, “You have to cherish her.”

Xiao Yuanshis eyes unconsciously revealed a hint of a smile.

“Think about yourself more.”

Always thinking about others.

Why was she so stupid

Tao Liu was deliberately at a loss when she saw this.

“But I still want to leave the generals residence.

If I stay here, I will affect your reputation, general.

“I really only treat you as a friend.

“As long as madam doesnt blame you, I will be at ease if the two of you can reconcile.”

These words gave her goosebumps as she said them.

But needless to say, this unconventional way of managing the situation was quite interesting.

Looking at Xiao Yuanshis appearance, it was obvious that he believed her.

Shi Qingluo seemed to have a valiant character.

Who would have thought that she was the one who taught her these things.

It was also unknown whether Shi Qingluo would treat Xiao Hanzheng like this.

If Shi Qingluo knew what she was thinking, she would definitely shake her head repeatedly.

She had only taught Tao Liu according to the posts that she had seen on the internet.

If she were to do it herself, she wouldnt succeed.

As expected, Xiao Yuanshis heart became warmer.

“You dont have to worry about my relationship with her.

It has nothing to do with you.

“After what happened today, there will definitely be rumours when you go back.

“You can stay in the generals residence for a period of time first.

“I will send you back when the news settles down.”

Now that he said that he wanted to take in a concubine, given Liu Rus character, she would definitely not agree to it.

Hence, he planned to take it slow and saying that he would eventually send her out was just an excuse.

Tao Liu knew how to observe men.

The moment she saw Xiao Yuanshis appearance, she knew that he was a man who would not voice out what he was really thinking about.

She smiled and said, “Then Ill disturb you for a few days.”

Then, she said considerately, “General, todays matter may affect you.

“Im fine now.

You can go and handle more important matters.

Go and coax madam.”

Comparing Ge Chunrus bitterness with her crying and saying that she didnt want to see him, Xiao Yuanshis heart couldnt help but be biased towards Liu Ru.

“Okay, then Ill come and see you tomorrow.”

After she laid down properly, he left.

After Xiao Yuanshi left, Tao Liu smiled playfully.

Ge Chunru, now its your turn.

On the other hand, Ge Chunru already knew what happened in Tao Lius room.

After all, the servant girls in the courtyard were her people.

After knowing the conversation between the two, Ge Chunru couldnt help but smash the things in the room again.

“Slut, this pretentious slut.”

She didnt believe Tao Lius words.

Moreover, it seemed to be for her own good superficially, but she knew that this slut deliberately set her up in front of Xiao Yuanshi.

She did not know that Xiao Yuanshi had walked into her courtyard again.

He just happened to hear her smashing things and cursing.

He could not help but frown even more.

It was obvious that Ge Chunrus current behaviour was somewhat subversive of her previous gentle and virtuous appearance.

However, when he thought of what he wanted to do, he still braced himself and entered the room.

Ge Chunru was just about to smash a vase when she heard a servant girls voice greeting Xiao Yuanshi.

She immediately placed the vase on the table.

She pretended to be weak and sat down.

The main reason was that she did not have time to go back to bed.

Xiao Yuanshi entered the room and pretended not to see the porcelain pieces on the floor.

“Chunru, are you feeling better”

Ge Chunru cried softly, “You still know how to care about my health”

These words made Xiao Yuanshi unhappy.


When he went to see Liu Ru, she was more sensible.

“You are my wife.

Of course I care about your health.”

He was afraid that Ge Chunru would make trouble again, so he immediately continued, “By the way, I have thought of where to arrange Chunyi.”

Ge Chunru, who had been prepared to bear with it and coax him, was also diverted from the topic.

“Where are you going to arrange for him to go”

She thought that Xiao Yuanshi was trying to compensate her with the matter of her younger brother.

Xiao Yuanshi did not look guilty at all.

“Im going to ask Chunyi to go to the northern border with my eldest nephew and the rest of my family.”

Once they reached the northern border, he would get someone to lure his eldest nephew to dig mines or work with exiled people.

He would also be able to explain to the emperor that he sent his brother-in-law to the northern border to suffer a little.

He would also be able to make the old lady, his eldest nephew and the others be less ill-disposed towards him.

Ge Chunru was stunned.

“If he cant join the army, why does he still have to go to the northern border

“Moreover, he has to go with your eldest nephew and the others.”

Xiao Yuanshi had already thought of an excuse.

“Its precisely because he cant join the army that he will be mocked or looked down upon by others in the capital.

“Its better to go to the northern border and fight.

“Ill let him be able to keep an eye on my eldest nephew.

“When my eldest nephew makes a mistake, he can take over his position.”

“He started off as the county magistrate.

Ill think of a way to get my colleagues in the northern border to help him score points and then be promoted to magistrate lead.

“After staying in the northern border for two years, Ill think of a way to transfer him back to the capital or to be an official in a wealthy place.”

Ge Chunru didnt think too much about it.

She really thought that her husband was thinking for her younger brothers sake.

Although she hated that her younger brother would stay with Eldest Grandson Xiao and the others, this was an opportunity for her brother.

Hence, she nodded.


She took the opportunity to say, “Then Ill have to prepare more money for him to bring along.”

Xiao Yuanshi consoled, “Thats only natural.”

When Ge Chunyi was faced with a problem, it would be because his eldest nephew and the other members of the old Xiao family were causing troubles.

This had nothing to do with him.

He did not take it to heart that he had to pay more money.

Since he had spent the money, the little bit of guilt in his heart was also gone.


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