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After returning to the generals residence, Xiao Yuanshi asked the doctor to take a look at Ge Chunru and Liu Ru separately.

Ge Chunru was already awake.

She stared at Xiao Yuanshi with a resentful gaze.

If this was in the past, Xiao Yuanshi would have already gone up to coax her.

But now, he was very frustrated.

“Chunru, why didnt you ask me first”

Seeing Ge Chunrus resentful gaze, he raised his hand and said, “I dare to swear that Liu Ru is not a concubine I raised.

Otherwise, I shall be striked by lightning.

“I have never thought of bringing her into our manor.”

Ge Chunru looked at him in disbelief.

“Then why do you often go to her courtyard”

Seeing that Xiao Yuanshi had swore, she really regretted it.

With Xiao Yuanshis character, if he swore, it must be true.

Then why was she still making a fuss

At this moment, she suddenly felt as if she had been tricked.

Xiao Yuanshi said truthfully, “We had bumped into each other twice, and we got along well.

“Recently, my family members from my hometown have been living with us.

I felt annoyed when Im back at home, and I didnt have anywhere else to go, so I went there to have a chat.”

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He didnt think that there was anything wrong with this.

Ge Chunru sneered in her heart.

He had been seduced into chatting with her frequently, how was this nothing much.

However, she also guessed that Tao Liu must have used some tricks.

Looking at Xiao Yuanshis reaction, he probably did not have any thoughts on her before.

She asked, “Then what do you plan to do with her now”

Xiao Yuanshi thought for a moment and replied, “Now that you had destroyed her purity, what else can we do We can only bring her into the generals residence.”

Ge Chunru widened her eyes.

“What You want to take her in as a concubine”

Xiao Yuanshi raised his eyebrows.

“What else can I do

“Chunru, this is all your own doing.”

He added, “If you didnt go and make it known to everyone today and told me about this in advance, I wouldnt have gone to her place.”


He really wasnt satisfied with Ge Chunrus way of doing things today.

With this mess, what was previously hidden within his house was all made known to everyone.

Everything else was exposed except for the fact that Ge Chunru was the daughter of his sworn brother.

Needless to say, the yushi would definitely call him out when he went to court tomorrow.

Ge Chunru also knew that she was too impulsive today.

“No, I wont allow her to enter the house.”

She emphasised, “What I told you before is true.

She is really Tao Liu.

She came out of the brothel and is not as clean as those concubines in your backyard now.”

Xiao Yuanshi sighed.

“Her name is Liu Ru, she is the daughter of a Jiangnan merchant.

“Both her parents died and she came to the capital to seek refuge with her aunt.

“I have checked, there isnt a problem with her identity.”

He looked up at Ge Chunru meaningfully and said, “I did find a person named Tao Liu, but she ran away with your fathers trusted aides.”

“I found out that they are heading towards the northern border.”

“I also found a portrait of Tao Liu.

“She looks similar to Liu Ru, but they are not the same person.”

Although he happened to meet Liu Ru on the street, he also suspected that someone arranged this.

So he went to check.

Tao Liu and Liu Rus looks looked similar from the portrait, but Liu Ru had a mole at the corner of her eye, and her temperament was completely different.

There was also news that Tao Liu had been growing up in the capital, but Liu Ru was speaking in a soft voice from Jiangnan.

He had also gotten someone to investigate todays matter.

Liu Ru had never admitted her identity in front of Ge Chunru from the beginning till the end.

Perhaps it was really a misunderstanding by his wife.

Ge Chunru was furious.

“She knows how to act.

How could she be doing this alone

“She hasnt even been accepted into our house yet, and youre already favouring her.

Do I still have a place in your heart”

Xiao Yuanshi said helplessly, “Youre just being unreasonable.

Youre the only one in my heart.

Youve always known that.”

His tone softened.

“What happened today is already a joke in the capital.

“Ill still be called up in the imperial court tomorrow.

Im already very tired.

Can you stop causing trouble”

Ge Chunrus breath was stuck in her chest.

When she thought of what her sister said, she forcefully endured it.

She asked again, “Do you have to bring her into the manor”

Xiao Yuanshi sighed again, “Other than you ruining her purity, my mother just said that if I dont bring Liu Ru into our house, she will not go to the northern border.

“She will find me a few good concubines and only after I have a son will she be able to leave with peace of mind.”

Ge Chunru was extremely disgusted.


She was really going to break down.

This damn old woman was too vicious.

She cried, “Go, go now.

I dont want to see you.”

This time, Xiao Yuanshi did not coax her.

He stood up and said, “Rest well then.

Ill come back to see you later.”

After speaking, he really left.

This made Ge Chunru, who was going to use some tricks, dumbfounded.

She was so angry that her chest hurt again.

She smashed everything on the bed onto the ground.

Xiao Yuanshi then went to the guest house.

Tao Liu had also woken up.

She had really been knocked unconscious previously.

She knew that Xiao Yuanshi knew martial arts.

If she pretended to be unconscious, it would be too obvious.

At this moment, her forehead was all red and swollen.

The doctor had initially wanted to bandage her, but she refused.

With those bandages, how could Xiao Yuanshis heart soften


When she heard the sound of footsteps, she immediately sat half-crouching by the bed and looked forward with a lifeless gaze.

Xiao Yuanshi walked in and saw Liu Ru staring blankly ahead as if she had been hit by a blow.

He felt a little guilty and walked over to sit on the chair opposite the bed.

He asked with concern, “Liu Ru, are you okay”

Liu Ru finally came back to her senses and looked at Xiao Yuanshi pitifully with a pale face.

Her voice was also a little soft.

“Thank you for your concern, general.

Im fine.”

“You okay”

She looked at him worriedly instead.

“Will it be bad for your reputation if this matter spreads out today”

Her eyes turned red instantly.

She held her handkerchief and wiped the corners of her eyes.

“Its all my fault.

Ive implicated you.”

Xiao Yuanshi did not expect Liu Ru to think of his reputation at the first moment.

She was indeed a sensible girl.

He comforted her, “Its okay.

It has nothing to do with you.

You dont have to think too much about it.”

Tao Liu seemed to be relieved.

She recalled the “tea talk” that Shi Qingluo taught her.

She thought for a while and changed her mind.

Then she looked at him carefully, “General, does madam know that you came to my place Will she be angry with you

“I dont want to ruin your relationship, but she doesnt know what Im thinking.

“She is angry.

Thats why she came to my courtyard to make a fuss.”

The subtext was that Ge Chunru, the wife, didnt care about Xiao Yuanshis reputation.

The insensible Ge Chunru had made a fuss in a fit of anger.

Of course, the tunnel-visioned Xiao Yuanshi couldnt tell that Tao Liu was doing it on purpose.

At this moment, he only felt that compared to Liu Ru, who was sensible and considerate, Ge Chunru really disappointed him.


It wasnt like this in the past.

Tao Liu saw Xiao Yuanshi frown and thought that there was really a chance.

Hence, she said with red eyes, “Please dont blame madam.

Its all because I made her angry hence she vented her anger on you.

“General, my head is no longer painful or dizzy.

“Please get someone to send me back so that madam wont misunderstand you anymore.”

She lifted the blanket and looked like she wanted to leave in a hurry so that Ge Chunru would not misunderstand.


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