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Ge Chunrus people found out that Xiao Yuanshi would sit in that courtyard frequently for a few hours.

Hence, she directly sent her people to that courtyard.

A few days ago, Old Lady Xiao heard from the old lady next door that she accidentally saw his second son bringing a woman home.

In her opinion, Ge Chunru looked like she was going to investigate his extramarital affairs.

Thus, she said to the Eldest Grandson Xiao, “Go and find your second uncle.”

This wouldnt be a good drama without his presence.

It would also be more appropriate for her to bring that woman back to the generals residence.

Eldest Grandson Xiao hated Ge Chunru so much that he nodded without hesitation.


Then, he got off the horse carriage.

On the other hand, Xiao Hanzhengs people also received the news.

Xiao Hanzheng knew that his wife had always wanted to see the commotion between his scumbag father and Ge Chunru, so he got his wife to rush to the courtyard with him.

They arrived before Ge Chunru and the others.

Xiao Hanzheng rented a courtyard next door and used it to keep an eye on Tao Liu and his scumbag father.

One of the rooms had an attic.

This made it convenient to observe the situation in the courtyard next door.

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After all, it was risky to watch a show outside.

If his scumbag father saw them, he would most likely think that they were the ones who arranged for Tao Liu to be here.

Ge Chunrus mind was focused on whether Xiao Yuanshi had another woman, so she did not pay attention to the old lady and the others following behind.

At the entrance of the courtyard.

After getting out of the carriage, Ge Chunrus servant girl went to knock on the door.

Then, a woman dressed like a servant opened the door.

“Who are you looking for”

“Were looking for Liu Ru.”

Ge Chunrus people had already found out the name of this houses owner.

The servant girl asked inquisitively, “Why are you looking for my madam”

Ge Chunru was frustrated and immediately got off the carriage.

“Of course we have something to discuss.”

She told the servant girl behind her, “Lets go.”

Thus, the few of them immediately pushed her away from the entrance to let Ge Chunru go in.

At this moment, Tao Liu, who was also the current Liu Ru, was sitting in the courtyard.

It was as if she had long expected Ge Chunru to come.

Her light yellow dress made her look delicate and attractive.

“Madam, you are trespassing.”

When Ge Chunru saw other people in the courtyard, she felt that this woman was a vixen.

She had already portrayed herself like this in front of women, how would she be in front of the opposite gender.

The servant girl beside her narrowed her eyes.

“Why is it you”

When Ge Chunru heard her say this, she turned around and asked, “You know her”

The servant girl immediately moved closer to Ge Chunru and whispered into her ear, “Madam, she is Tao Liu who you arranged to go to Nanxi county.”

Although Ge Chunru arranged for Tao Liu to seduce Xiao Hanzheng, she was afraid of being caught, so she did not make herself visible in this plan.

She had arranged someone to do it on behalf of her, including purchasing Tao Liu and her sister.

Ge Chunru was stunned and looked at Tao Liu in shock.

“Why are you here”

Tao Liu looked at Ge Chunru with a puzzled expression.

“Madam, you are Have we met before I dont know you!”

Of course, she would not expose her identity.

Ge Chunru sneered.

“Keep pretending.”

She asked again, “Did Xiao Hanzheng and his wife ask you to seduce the general”

No wonder Tao Liu suddenly disappeared.

It turned out that she had returned to the capital.

Tao Lius sisters manor had suddenly caught fire more than half a month ago.

It seemed like she wasnt dead.

This woman was really bold.

She actually dared to come back and oppose her.

Tao Liu still pretended not to know.

“Madam, who are Xiao Hanzheng and his wife What are you talking about

“And how can you insult people recklessly General Xiao and I are innocent.”

Ge Chunru felt disgusted when she saw her pretentious appearance.

She could not help but walk forward and give her a slap.

“B * tch, do you think that I will let you off just because you pretend not to know

“Send this b * tch away.”

The woman that she gave Xiao Hanzheng had now turned around and seduced Xiao Yuanshi out of the generals residence.

She was really about to die from anger.

Tao Liu saw a few people standing at the door from the corner of her eyes and immediately cried, “Who are you General Xiao and I are friends.

If you dare to treat me like this, he will definitely not let you off.”

Ge Chunrus eyes were red with anger when she heard this.

She could not help but slap them again.

“B * tch, you still said that you did not seduce the general.

“Go back to where you came from.”

She better be sent back to the brothel to live a peaceful life, and it must be those brothels of the lowest class.

After she was touched by other men, Xiao Yuanshi wouldnt be interested in her anymore.

How could Tao Liu not see through Ge Chunrus thoughts She felt a little resentful.

This woman was really vicious.

Moreover, she was an outsider.

Did she really think that she was a decent person

Soon, the two old ladies went over to grab Tao Liu.

She cried and struggled, shouting, “General, where are you General, save me.”

Ge Chunru was burning with jealousy.

“Use a handkerchief to block her mouth.”

The servant girl next to her was about to take action when Old Lady Xiao came in with her people.


Old Lady Xiao stared at Ge Chunru.

“Little hoof, you are a hen that doesnt lay eggs.

You even want to send away the woman that my son raised.

Why are you so vicious”

Ge Chunru was completely dumbfounded.

She clearly did not expect Old Lady Xiao and the others to come.

She asked, “Mother, why are you here”

Old Lady Xiao snorted coldly.

“Seeing you sneak out of the house, I knew you were going to do something bad, so I followed you.

“I didnt expect you to be so bad.

“Why does it bother you that my son raised a mistress

“Go and see which rich and powerful family doesnt have many concubines.”

Ge Chunru was about to vomit.

“Mother, she is not a good person.

She deliberately approached and seduced the general to sow discord between us.”

Old Lady Xiao spat, “Ptui, you still think that she is sowing discord between you husband and wife Why are you so shameless”

Then, she said disdainfully, “You are once a mistress.

Do you think you are a good person”


This was a lively street, so this matter spread very fast.

The Xiao family deliberately left the door open, so many people gathered at the door to watch the commotion.

Ge Chunru was so angry that her face almost turned green.

“Mother, please be careful with your words.”

The last thing she wanted to talk about was the past.

She even wanted to kill the old lady and the others.

Old Lady Xiao did not miss the hatred in Ge Chunrus eyes.

She sneered in her heart.

You still hate me, but I hate you even more.

She had been worried about whether an external affair would be easy to manage.

Now that she heard Ge Chunru say that she was deliberately trying to sow discord between the husband and wife, she was relieved.

“Ptui, what have you done that you dont know in your heart”

“An orphan girl hooked up with my son at the border.

“When she came back, not only did she encourage my son to demote his wife to a concubine, but she also deliberately frame his current wife for her miscarriage, leaving her with no choice but to divorce.

“She also forced my son to break off his kinship with his own children.

“She miscarried twice and couldnt give birth to a child in the future.

“She even forbade my son to take in concubines to bear children for him.

“She wanted him to end up with no descendants.

“Tell me.

What kind of a good person are you”

She immediately shouted to those standing outside the door, “Everyone, please come and judge whether she is an unfilial daughter-in-law.”



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