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After bringing the honey and beeswax home.

Shi Qingluo took out the tea leaves she had gathered from the mountain and pressed it to collect tea oil.

She then led Xi Rong and Xiao Baili to make hand-made soap and lipstick.

Xi Rong was having a great time.

After making her first hand-made soap, she was extremely excited.

“Luoluo, is this the soap we used in the bathroom”

Shi Qingluo smiled and said, “That one is made from sheep oil, and this one is made from tea oil.

“But they all have similar effects.”

“Youve added aromatherapy to this one, so the smell will be better.

“You can even carve it into a soap flower.”

Xi Rong sniffed it.

“It smells really good.

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“Then Ill put more.

“Ill carve it into a soap flower and bring it back as a gift.”

Her grandmother and aunt would definitely like it.

Shi Qingluo smiled.


Then, she taught them how to make lipstick.

After making the lipstick, Shi Qingluo applied it on her own lips first.

Xi Rong could not wait to take the lipstick she made and spread it on her lips like how Shi Qingluo did in front of the bronze mirror.

“This lipstick is really useful.

The colour is nice and moist.

Its much better than the lip paper.”

Shi Qingluo smiled and said, “As long as you like it!”

The two of them left the room after putting on some lipstick.

Liang Youxiao and the others also felt that the two of them looked even better after putting on some lipstick.

Liang Youxiaos interest immediately piqued.

“Shi Qingluo, are you selling this soap and lipstick recipe”

He knew that women loved to look beautiful.

His mother and the others spent quite a lot of money at the aesthetics shop every month.

Hence, he saw the soap and lipstick as a business opportunity.

Shi Qingluo smiled and said, “I wont sell the formula, but we can cooperate like we did for the skateboards.”

It was quite troublesome to open a workshop.

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These could create a huge market base and generate a lot of profits, so many people would pay attention to it.

Therefore, it wasnt bad to cooperate with them.

In modern times, when her father saw that she was really unwilling to take over the company, he suggested that she invest in some well-to-do companies.

With the different kinds of dividends she held, she would not have to worry about the rest of her life.

She felt that she could do this in ancient times as well.

In the future, she would become rich just by collecting profits and dividends.

She would not even have to personally be involved in the business herself.

Liang Youxiao saw that a new opportunity was coming and the smile in his eyes grew wider.

Just as he was about to speak, Xi Rong reacted first.

“Luoluo, work with me.

“Well sell soap and lipstick together.

Youll provide the recipe and come up with something new as and when.

Ill get someone to manage it.

“How about we split the profit 50-50”

Liang Youxiao wasnt the only one who saw the business opportunity.

Xi Rong saw it too.

Who would complain about having too much money

Xi Rong had always wanted to build a female army, but with the money in her hands, not only would it be difficult to build one, but also difficult to maintain.

Even if her uncle agreed, the imperial court would definitely not give her the military funds.

Liang Youxiao was stunned, this tigress actually tried to snatch a business opportunity from him.

The key point was that she offered a 50-50 split , making him swallow his words of wanting a 30-70 deal.

This woman was ruthless.

He asked, “Why dont the three of us work together”

Xi Rong rolled her eyes at Liang Youxiao in disdain.

“Go do it yourself.

Im not getting you on board.”

Liang Youxiao remained silent, he regretted bringing her along.

Xi Rui wasnt interested in business, but he was happy to see his good friend suffer.

He looked at Liang Youxiao gloatingly and said, “Brother, it seems like you wont be able to realise your great ambition since others dont want to get you on board.”

Fei Yuzhe also laughed happily.

“Thats for sure.

Seems like someone only has the fate to watch.”

Liang Youxiao thought to himself, what kind of friends was he

Shi Qingluo treated Xi Rong as her friend.

Moreover, it was more convenient to work with a woman than with a man.

In particular, Xi Rong was even more generous and directly offered a 50% profit .

She looked at Xi Rong and said with a smile, “No issues working together.

“Ill provide the recipe and continue to provide new ideas subsequently.

You can find someone to build a workshop and open a shop, and then sell these things to the entire Daliang.

“You will have to factor in more operating cost than mine, so you dont have to split it 50-50.

You can have 70% and Ill have 30% of the profit.”

Shi Qingluo had never been greedy.

Especially since her family was a wealthy family in the past, they knew about the twists and turns in business.

It wasnt easy to build relationships, open workshops, liaise with merchants, and so on.

Furthermore, Xi Rong had to invest in the early stages, so she would suffer a loss with a 50-50 split.

She would not take advantage of her.

Furthermore, not taking into account their friendship, Xi Rong was backed by the empress dowager and the emperor.

Not only would she profit from a 70-30 split, but she had also widened her network.

She would not lose out at all.

Xi Rong did not expect Shi Qingluo to suggest a 70-30 split.

There were not many people with such magnanimity.

Seeing that Shi Qingluo was serious and determined, Xi Rong laughed out loud.

“Alright, 70-30 split then.”

She reached out and hugged Shi Qingluos shoulder.

“From now on, youre one of my people.

Ill take care of you.”

She was indeed in urgent need of money, so she did not pretend to reject it.

The moment Xiao Hanzheng returned home, he saw Xi Rong hugging his wifes shoulder and saying something like “from now on, youre one of my people”.

He could not help but give a darkened face.

His wife only belonged to him, even a woman could not snatch her from him.

His eyes flashed and he said weakly, “My wife, Im feeling a little dizzy.”

When Shi Qingluo saw him like this, she immediately walked over worriedly.

“Are you sick”

Xiao Hanzheng held her hand.

“I probably didnt sleep well last night, so Im feeling a little dizzy today.”

Shi Qingluo recalled that last night, Liang Youxiao and the others were playing Mahjong in the courtyard over there.

The sound was a little loud and woke him up.

Her husband had to revise every night and went to the county school the next day.

How tiring!

Hence, she glared at Liang Youxiao and the others.

“Play Mahjong quietly tonight.

If you disturb my husbands rest again, I wont bring you guys to play.”

Liang Youxiao and the others were speechless.

Xiao Hanzheng was very bad.

He was obviously faking it.

Only Shi Qingluo would believe him.

However, following Shi Qingluo was indeed fun.

They could only pinch their noses and admit it.

“Alright, lets play quietly tonight.”

Shi Qingluo supported her husband and said to Xi Rong, “Well discuss the collaboration later.”

Xi Rong looked at Xiao Hanzheng unkindly.

This man was so bad that he wanted to compete with her on Luoluo.


Then, she met Xiao Hanzhengs cold gaze.

If it was in the past, she would not be able to swallow this.

However, in order not to make things difficult for Shi Qingluo, she could only force a smile.



“Just take good care of this weak husband of yours,” she said through gritted teeth.

Xiao Hanzheng cupped his hands to her and said innocently, “Then thank you for your understanding, marquise.”

Xi Rong thought to herself, understand my ass, you are really too good at acting.

Shi Qingluo helped Xiao Hanzheng into the room.

Xi Rong cursed Xiao Hanzheng in her heart and continued to make soap and lipstick with Xiao Baili, while Liang Youxiao and the others went back to the courtyard to play cards.

After entering the room, Shi Qingluo helped Xiao Hanzheng to sit on the bed.

She looked at Xiao Hanzheng with a faint smile.

“Hubby, are you still dizzy”

The others could tell that he was faking it after spending so much time together and working well together, so how could she not see through it.


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