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Ge Chunru woke up and saw Xiao Yuanshi sitting by her bed.

She hurriedly got up, but was stopped by Xiao Yuanshis embrace.

“The doctor said that you are at risk of having a miscarriage.

Be careful.”

Ge Chunru was stunned when she heard this.

“What Are you saying that Im pregnant”

Previously, in order to give Xiao Yuanshi sufficient reason to demote Mdm Kong to a concubine, she could only use the foetus in her belly as her bargaining chip.

However, the moment the child was aborted, she was heartbroken and hated Mdm Kong even more.


Yet, she did not regret it.

If not for that incident, she would not have been Xiao Yuanshis legal wife.

She was of course pleasantly surprised when she was suddenly expecting.

Xiao Yuanshi looked at Ge Chunrus belly with a gentle expression.

“Not bad, were going to have a child.”

He was looking forward to this child very much.

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Ge Chunru was delighted at first, but her expression suddenly changed.

She grabbed Xiao Yuanshi and asked, “General, was I dreaming just now I dreamt that the housekeeper said someone chopped off my younger brothers leg.

Thats not true, right”

Xiao Yuanshi hesitated for a moment, wondering if he should tell his petite wife the truth.

After all, the doctor said that she had just withstand great shock, so her foetus condition wasnt very stable.

However, when he hesitated, Ge Chunru understood as she knew him very well.

“Wheres my brother Wheres my brother” She anxiously tugged at Xiao Yuanshis clothes as she asked.

Xiao Yuanshi sighed.

“I asked the physician to bandage his wound.

He has already fallen asleep after drinking the medicine.”

Previously, when his brother-in-law had cried out in pain, he had asked the imperial physician to give him some anaesthesia.

Ge Chunru lifted her blanket.

“I want to see him.”

Xiao Yuanshi also knew how much his wife valued his younger brother, so he helped her up.

“Ill bring you to see him.”

The two of them went to Ge Chunyis courtyard.

As soon as they entered the room, Ge Chunru smelled the stench of blood.

When she saw her brother lying on the bed with a pale face, her heart ached so much that tears welled up in her eyes.

She lifted the blanket with trembling hands and saw that her brothers left leg was gone.

The cloth wrapping his leg was stained red with blood.

“Ah!” She could not help but scream in anger.


Xiao Yuanshi immediately went over and hugged her.

“The imperial physician said that he would be fine.”

Ge Chunru turned her head and looked at him with a face full of tears.

“Hes fine His leg was chopped off by someone.

This is called fine

“Who did it Tell me, who did it” She was about to lose her mind.

In the previous dynasty, the Ge family held a high social status, but after the war, they were forced to live in seclusion in the countryside.

She was born in a village, but she often heard her father sharing about their familys glorious moment.

So her father decided to go to the battlefield in hope of using his military merits to climb up, but unfortunately, he passed away while carrying his duties.

Before her father went to the battlefield, he grabbed her hand and made her promise to take good care of her younger brother.

She should let her younger brother carry the Ge family forward and become more prosperous.

The other members of the Ge family had all died during the war and strife.

Now, only the three of them were left.


Her younger brother was the only male member of the Ge family and also the Ge familys only hope.

She still wanted to wait for her younger brother to return with outstanding military merits.

She wanted to slap the faces of those in the capital who said that her younger brothers conduct was immoral.

But now, it was over.

It was all over.

After losing a leg on top of a crippled right hand, be it going for the imperial examination or pursuing a career in the military, these were all impossible.

This was what caused Ge Chunru to lose her composure.

There was an unprecedented madness on her face.

Xiao Yuanshi could not help but frown slightly.

“My people said that after they left the capital, they met a group of businessmen on the road.

“Your brother displayed a look of disdain towards them.

This upset them and they called your brother a gigolo.

“Then, your brother led his men and started the fight with them.

“Who knew that in a fit of anger, someone actually pulled out a knife from the ox-cart and chopped off your brothers leg.


“Those people probably did not expect that his leg would be immediately chopped off, so they ran away even without taking their belongings along.”

According to the person he had sent to accompany his brother-in-law, Ge Chunyi was the one who started this matter.

If you are in a hurry, why do you look down on others You even bring your people to start the fight after quarrelling with them.

You are just asking for others to chop off your legs.

He also knew that his brother-in-law had been holding back his anger recently as he was expelled from the academy and had an injured hand from Xi Rui.

His brother-in-law probably felt that they were lowly-valued businessmen, so he couldnt help but vent his anger on them.

Who knew that they were a group of ruthless people and would cause him to lose one of his legs.

At the same time, he also sacrificed his future.

It wasnt easy for him to arrange for his brother-in-law to be in an appointment to gain military merits easily.

Unfortunately, his brother-in-law had lost the opportunity to redeem his future.

Xiao Yuanshi was also very angry about this.

All his previous investments were in vain.

Ge Chunru pulled Xiao Yuanshi back.

“Have you caught them”

Xiao Yuanshis expression was a little ugly.

“They had all escaped.”

Ge Chunru cried, “Why are the people you sent so useless They couldnt even catch them.

“They must have done it on purpose.

They must have been sent by someone else to deliberately harm my brother.”

Her hair was messy, her face was pale, and her eyes were red and swollen.

She grabbed Xiao Yuanshi with a crazed expression.

“Was it Xi Rui who did it Or Xiao Hanzheng

“You must avenge my brother!”

Xiao Yuanshi frowned when he saw her craziness.

“Xi Rui has already crippled your brothers hand, so he shouldnt attack again.

“Its even more impossible for Zhenger to do so.

Hes just a young scholar.

Even if he wants to do something like this, he doesnt have the ability to.”

Ge Chunru looked at Xiao Yuanshi and hissed, “Then it must be Xi Rui.

Only the Xi family has such the capability to do it.”

Although she had lost her composure, she still had a sound mind and did not say that she had plotted against Xi Rui.


This was also why she directly suspected Xi Rui to be behind this.

After all, Xiao Hanzheng really did not have the ability to know when her brother would leave the capital, the route he would take and find someone to do such things.

But the Xi family was different.

Most importantly, she had plotted against Xi Rui not long ago.

If the Xi family had found it out, they had the motive to do so.

Xiao Yuanshi was unhappy that his wife had lost her composure because of his brother-in-law.

Deep down in his heart, he believed that he should be the most important person to Ge Chunru.


She had always said similar words to him in the past – she worshipped and loved him.

He was also her lifeline and was her most important pillar of support.

However, when he thought that she was pregnant, he did not blame her.

Instead, he hugged her in his arms.

“I will check it out.

Dont worry.

“Take care of your health first.

Dont worry about these things.

Leave it to me.” he comforted her.

At this moment, Ge Chunru had calmed down a lot.

She hugged Xiao Yuanshi and said, “Go and check on the Xi family.

I think it was Xi Rui who did it.

“There is only one man left in our Ge family.

How am I going to explain this to my deceased parents” She sobbed on purpose.

Sure enough, the discomfort that Xiao Yuanshi felt when he heard this was gone.

“Okay, I will investigate.” He patted her back gently.

In fact, he also felt that this was not an accident.

After all, those businessmen ran too fast.

Even his men could not catch up.

It would make sense if they came from the Xi family.

No matter what, he was ready to investigate.

Xi Rui was really narrow-minded.

He had crippled his brother-in-laws hand and still refused to let it go.

This made him very angry.

He would find a chance to settle the debt next time if the Xi family was responsible for this.

For the sake of his brother-in-law, he could not just storm into the public administrator house.

Xi Rui was currently drinking and cracking dirty jokes with the emperors uncle.

At this moment, he still did not know that he had taken the blame for Xiao Hanzheng…


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