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Shi Qingluos words caused Liang Youxiao to regret a little.

He wasnt that ignorant.

Hence, he put away the cards.

“Alright, then well bring them back and continue playing.”

Once he returned to his courtyard, he could ask his trusted aides to learn and play together.

He then asked curiously, “The Mahjong you mentioned, is it as fun as doudizhu”

Shi Qingluo replied, “Each game has its own game rules.

It depends on which one you like more.

“If you want to open a gambling den, there are many other ways to play poker cards.

Ill teach you to play them in the next few days.”

There were zhajinhua, stud poker, 1000 points, solitaire, paodekuai, and so on.

Liang Youxiaos eyes lit up.

“Of course we can have these games.”

If it was still early now, he would have wanted Shi Qingluo to teach him how to play them all.

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Even Fei Yuzhe was looking forward to these games Shi Qingluo mentioned, as well as Mahjong.

After the two of them left, Xiao Hanzheng and Shi Qingluo washed up and took a rest.

It was also within Shi Qingluos expectation that Liang Youxiao and Fei Yuzhe would ask their servants to play doujizhu overnight.

After eating breakfast, they went to catch some sleep.

Shi Qingluo felt that the two of them would probably stay up all night today.

After all, Mahjong was not any ordinary game.

She wasnt addicted to Mahjong and poker cards and would only play occasionally when she hung out with her friends.

However, she knew a few Mahjong fans.

If they did not play Mahjong for a few days, they would feel very uncomfortable.

As expected, after Xiao Qingshui delivered the Mahjong set in the evening, Liang Youxiao and the others became addicted to it and could not extricate themselves after Shi Qingluo taught them the rules of this game.

Then, Shi Qingluo and Xiao Hanzheng won over a hundred taels of silver against Liang Youxiao and Fei Yuzhe.

After shooing them away, Shi Qingluos eyes lit up as she looked at Xiao Hanzheng.

“Youre really talented at Mahjong.”

Not only did he get a hang of it so quickly, she felt that he was even better than her.

Xiao Hanzheng chuckled and said, “Ive played more than 10 rounds, and Ive already figured out some patterns.

Thats why I won more.”

Shi Qingluo thought to herself, he was indeed a big shot.

She threw herself into his arms.

“Awesome, Brother Zheng!”

Xiao Hanzheng hugged his little wife.

“Thank you for your praise, my wife!”

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On the other courtyard, their guests really played Mahjong overnight.

For the next three days, Shi Qingluo taught Liang Youxiao and Fei Yuzhe all the card games she knew and the different ways to play Mahjong.

Two days later, Shi Qingluo looked at Liang Youxiao with disdain.

“How long are you going to stay at my house”

This fellow had been playing Mahjong so happily recently that he didnt even want to go home.

Liang Youxiao smiled sheepishly.

“Im doing this for our gambling den.

I have to learn it well first.”

Compared to playing card games, he preferred Mahjong.

When he thought about how he couldnt play on his way back to the capital, he didnt want to leave.

Shi Qingluo raised her eyebrows.

“I see that youve learnt them quite well.

“Hurry up and go back to the capital tomorrow to do some serious work.

“Otherwise, I wont bring you out to have fun in the future.”

If they wanted to teach Xiao Hanzhengs scumbag father a lesson, Liang Youxiao had to go to the capital to join Xi Rui.

Liang Youxiao had no choice.

“Alright, Ill return to the capital tomorrow.

“If theres anything fun in the future, you must let me know immediately!”

He realised that he wouldnt be bored if he followed her around.


Of course, these were all good ideas to make money.

This time, he brought skateboards, scooters, Mahjong sets and poker cards back.

He would definitely become the spotlight in the capital.

He liked to show off.

To be precise, all the aristocratic families in the capital, regardless of their age, enjoyed flexing.

Shi Qingluo chuckled and said, “Do your job well.

I guarantee that from now on, you will be the most dazzling youth in the capital.”

She knew that he not only liked to join in the fun, but he also liked to be in the limelight.

He was not an ordinary youth who liked to show off.

Liang Youxiao chuckled.

“Thats right.

When I return to the capital, I will be the most dazzling youth.”

He would definitely make Xi Rui and the others envious and jealous.

Just thinking about it excited him.

He wished that he could grow a pair of wings and return to the capital as soon as possible.

Shi Qingluo looked at his expression and frowned.

She emphasised, “Dont just focus on playing and forget about serious matters.”

Liang Youxiao patted his chest and promised, “You dont have to worry when Im the one in charge of it.”

I am indeed worried, Shi Qingluo thought.

She added, “You can play Mahjong anytime, but its rare to watch a good show.

You know that.”

Liang Youxiao smiled mischievously.

“I know, I know.”

He also wanted to watch Xiao Yuanshis grand show.

It was so exciting and fun, so of course he wouldnt forget about it.

On his last night at the Xiao familys house, Liang Youxiao grabbed Fei Yuzhe along to play Mahjong for the whole night again.

The next day, he yawned non-stop and got into the carriage to catch up on his sleep as he returned to the capital.

A few days later, the Shi family and the Wu family came to an agreement.

The two of them would marry next month.

This was very urgent.

The main reason was that the troublemakers in the Shi family couldnt wait to take down the Wu family and split up their assets.

As a result, they threatened the Wu family in various ways, forcing them to agree despite feeling aggrieved.

Hence, some people in the county town started to guess whether the illegitimate daughter of the Wu family was pregnant with the child of Fourth Son Shi.


Otherwise, why would they be in such a hurry to get married

When these words spread to the Wu family, Master Wu and the others were furious.

In the capital, at the generals residence.

Ge Chunru had just finished serving the old lady and returned to her own courtyard.

General Xiao had already arranged where to host these people.

Ge Chunru just had to ensure for another month or two before she set herself free.

Her servant girl was massaging her shoulders.

In front of Ge Chunru was a middle-aged man with a knife scar on his face.

“The Wu familys plan did not succeed.

Not only did their daughter-in-law fail to marry Xiao Hanzheng, but she married Xiao Hanzhengs fourth uncle-in-law.”

The man told Ge Chunru about the flower feast and the recent incident between the Shi family and the Wu family.

Ge Chunrus face darkened, and even smashed the teacup in her hand onto the ground.

“A bunch of idiots.”

The Wu family were ultimate failures.

They couldnt even do such a small task well.

She was very unhappy that the little slut wasnt dead and Xiao Hanzhengs reputation wasnt ruined yet.

Suppressing her anger, she asked, “You said that the illegitimate daughter of Master Wu is going to marry into the Shi family next month”

The middle-aged man replied, “Yes, the date has already been fixed.”

He asked, “Maam, do you want to spoil it”

Ge Chunru played with her nails.

“Why do I want to spoil it

“I will reward the Wu familys young lady with a servant girl when she marries into the Shi family.

“Send her to the Wu family tomorrow morning and let Miss Wu listen to her so that she could reap benefits from the Wu family in the future.”

Fortunately, she did not put all her hopes on the Wu family.

She still had a backup plan.

She did not believe that Xiao Hanzheng, a country boy who had never seen the outside world, would be able to control himself when he saw the beauty that she had prepared.

As for Shi Qingluo…

She narrowed her eyes and ordered, “Find another person to contact Xiao Hanzhengs in-laws.

Lure them with lofty rewards to make them jump out and find trouble for Shi Qingluo.

“If it still doesnt work, make a plan to destroy her purity.”

In addition to the beautiful woman she had arranged, Xiao Hanzheng could also use this matter to kick her away and get another wife.

When Xiao Hanzheng became a cuckold, the entire Nanxi county would laugh at him.

After his reputation was ruined on top of his addiction to pretty girls, he would naturally be uninterested in the imperial examinations.

With Shi Qingluos purity destroyed, would she still have the face to live


“Yes, I will personally head to Nanxi county tomorrow to handle it.” The middle-aged man knew that his master was not as gentle and kind as she appeared to be.

This plan was a little vicious, but it would be very useful if it succeeded.


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