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Fourth Son Shi couldnt bear to see a young lady of the Wu family losing her purity in public.

She wouldnt be able to marry anyone else in the future either.

He revealed an expression that said, “What else can I do I have no choice but to marry her.”

He then looked at Eldest Young Master Wu and cupped his hands.

“Miss Wu is just not good at drinking.

Thats why she is being impolite.

“If she wants to commit suicide after she sobers up, you must watch over her.

“Dont blame her.

She didnt do it on purpose.”

With some reluctance, he said, “I… I am willing to take the responsibility.

Tomorrow, I will invite a matchmaker to the Wu family to propose marriage.”

This was what his third brother had taught him.

If his plan succeeded, he had to publicly announce that he was going to marry the illegitimate daughter of the Wu family.

He also had to intentionally emphasise to Eldest Young Master Wu that he was going to propose marriage and would not let anyone commit suicide.

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If anything happened to Miss Wu, it was because the Wu family did not keep an eye on her.

It was the Wu family who forced her to do it.

Otherwise, if the Wu family were to kill her and pretended that she commited suicide, or send her to become a monk, he would suffer a great loss.

If he said it in public, not only would he force the Wu family to marry their daughter to him, but the public would also feel sorry for him.

They would also praise him for being a gentleman and for being humane.

As expected, other than the black-faced Eldest Young Master Wu and a few others, everyone else showed sympathy for Fourth Son Shi and felt that he was really kind.

If they were him, they wouldnt marry such a shameless and disgraceful woman.

So what if she was drunk

How could she hug him intimately, lure him to do something that couldnt be undone so as to marry him

This was simply too humiliating.

The Wu familys upbringing was too bad.

One shouldnt have a fancy for women in the Wu family.

When they went back, they would discuss with their family members that if they were considering getting a daughter-in-law, they could exclude women from the Wu family.

Eldest Young Master Wu was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood.

He finally understood that Fourth Son Shi was the mastermind behind todays incident.

This bastard actually dared to change his plan and instead schemed against them.

He had already thought about it.

When he went back, he would give this useless and shameful illegitimate daughter of their family a white silk to end her own life.

This way, he could tell the public that she was drunk and ruined things.

She was too shameless to live.

As long as she died, there wouldnt be many people who wouldnt let her go.

After all, death held greater importance.

Who would have thought that this shameless Fourth Son Shi would have such plans.

In front of everyone, this bastard acted as if he was wronged and forced to marry Miss Wu.

Eldest Young Master Wu was too disgusted by it.

Fourth Son Shi even deliberately emphasised that he wanted them to keep an eye on her so that she wouldnt commit suicide.

So, how could he give Wu Xixi a white silk and let her end her life.

Now, their family really had no choice but to marry Wu Xixi to Fourth Son Shi.

Since when did Fourth Son Shi, that idiot, become so smart

The others also spoke up.

“Eldest Young Master Wu, your Wu familys young lady did such a thing.

Tongsheng Shi is still willing to marry her.

Hes a gentleman.”

“Tongsheng Shi is really too kind.”

“Since the Wu familys daughter is already interested in Tongsheng Shi and hes also willing to marry her, its not bad that they tie a knot.”

The main reason was that others would not be willing to marry her anymore.

“Thats right.

Based on Tongsheng Shis decision today, lets go and celebrate with a drink later.”

Not only did Fourth Son Shi not mess around with a woman who delivered herself to his doorstep, she had committed a crime while he lost his purity.

Moreover, he was willing to propose marriage.

Very few people were willing to do so.

Everyones words made Eldest Young Master Wu even more nauseous.

He could only brace himself and say aggrievedly, “Since the two of them already have some intimate physical relationship, our Wu family will naturally marry her to Tongsheng Shi.”

Right now, he really had a hard time saying it out loud.

The Wu familys reputation had been damaged and it would be troublesome to marry other young ladies in the Wu family away.

He still had to suffer aggrievedly from Fourth Son Shis successful scheming.

Everyone didnt comment further and congratulated him.

Of course, this was on the surface, but secretly, they despised the Wu familys upbringing.

That high scholar forced a smile on his face, but he couldnt help but curse in his heart.

What is the Wu family doing

Werent they going to plot against Xiao Hanzheng

How did Fourth Son Shi manage to plot against him instead

The high scholars family was the Wu familys distant relatives.

Moreover, this high scholars son was an elementary scholar studying in the county.

However, Mr Hou actually accepted a farmers son as his disciple.

Both he and his son were displeased.

Hence, the Wu family came to his house and thought of holding a flower feast to scheme against Xiao Hanzheng.

He agreed to it.

Who would have thought that it would fail like this.

Not only would this destroy the Wu familys reputation, theirs would be affected too.

After all, this happened in their backyard.

Meanwhile, Xiao Hanzheng seemed to have sobered up as he stood not far away and watched a good show with his classmates.

When he met Eldest Young Master Wus eyes, he even revealed a meaningful smile that made Eldest Young Master Wus heart thump.

However, he couldnt care less anymore.

He personally brought Wu Xixi along and left.

After such an incident, they of course couldnt continue with the flower feast.

Hence, the crowd began to disperse.

Very quickly, this news spread throughout the entire county.

That Wu familys illegitimate daughter had also become the most shameless woman in Nanxi county, especially in the eyes of other women.

They stood on the street and cursed at Miss Wu happily.

Men also despised the Wu family for raising a daughter that was like this.

On the same day, another daughter of the Wu family who had already been scheduled for marriage was annulled.

She was the biological younger sister of Eldest Young Master Wu with the same mother.

If it wasnt for the fact that the Wu family was still powerful and had the backing of a magistrate, those who had married a young lady from the Wu family would already ask for a divorce.

After all, the Wu familys daughters had their maternal family to fend for them, so they were all extremely arrogant after marrying off.

They didnt care about their mother-in-law and sisters-in-law.

There was even a domineering young lady from the Wu family who forcefully poured abortion medicine into her husbands pregnant concubine, leaving one corpse and scarificing two lives.

These were all covered up previously, but were starting to be exposed.

The Wu familys notoriety rose to another level in a short period of time, and no one dared to marry the Wu familys daughters.

Now, everyone could not help but admire Fourth Son Shis courage and responsibility again.

In the Wu family, Wu Xixi was brought back and then fed with antidote.

When she woke up, she was slapped a few times by Master Wu.

“You dont accomplish anything and only ruin things.

You are a mere disgrace to the Wu family.”

Master Wu was really furious.

“After marrying into the Shi family, dont come back again.”

Wu Xixi covered her face and cried.

She already knew what had happened.

She hated him so much in her heart.

How could Fourth Son Shi dare to scheme against her like this


She still wanted to marry Xiao Hanzheng.


How did she become that toad

She resisted and sobbed, “Wa, wa.

I dont want to marry Fourth Son Shi.

Id rather die.”

Master Wu snorted coldly.

“You dont have a say in this.

You fell into the trap and can only blame yourself for being stupid.

You have to reap what you sowed.”

He wished that he could strangle her to death right now, but he couldnt.

Once his daughter died, the Wu familys reputation would be even worse.

Wu Xixi cried so hard that she almost fainted.

After Master Wu left, a few other unmarried girls from the Wu family came knocking on her door.

They immediately grabbed her hair, beat and scolded her to vent their anger.

On the other hand, Fourth Son Shi was drinking wine and eating peanuts with his father and his older brothers in the courtyard.

They were very relaxed.

Then, there was a knock on the door.

Upon opening, Shi Qingluo walked in with Xiao Hanzheng beaming.

Fourth Son Shis initially smiling face instantly stiffened.


He felt that this wretched girls smile was a little creepy.


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