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Fourth Son Shi helped Xiao Hanzheng out.

This only caught the attention of that high scholar and Eldest Young Master Wu who came to the party.

Eldest Young Master Wu had taken the tongsheng exam and was also invited.

Only then could he bring his family members along.

Otherwise, his half sisters sudden appearance would be too sudden.

Now, everyone was reciting poems or drinking wine in high spirits.

In addition, Fourth Son Shi was Xiao Hanzhengs wifes uncle, so his classmates didnt think too much about it.

Bai Xu was out of town and didnt attend the party.

Fourth Son Shi guided Xiao Hanzheng to the side courtyard.

As soon as he entered the courtyard, Xiao Hanzheng, who originally looked like he was in a daze, instantly stood up straight.

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Other than the faint blush on his face that made him look drunk, his eyes also regained clarity.

He stopped walking and looked at Fourth Son Shi with a playful expression.

“Fourth uncle, where are you taking me”

Fourth Son Shi was still thinking about how he would place Xiao Hanzheng down after entering the side courtyard and letting him go to Wu Xixis room alone.

He never expected Xiao Hanzheng to suddenly become sober and ask him.

He was shocked.

He swallowed his saliva.

“No, I didnt go anywhere.”

Xiao Hanzheng asked bluntly, “Did you have fun drugging my tea”

Fourth Son Shi eyes widened.

“You, you!”

How did you know He asked himself.

He realised that this guy was pretending to be drunk just now.

Xiao Hanzheng said, “You dont need to know how I know.

“Tell me, what exactly do you want to do

“Otherwise, I will go to the county yamen and report you to the police to accuse you of harming me by drugging me.


“After all, that cup of tea was still on the table.”

Fourth Son Shi was stunned.

As expected, this fellow was no better than that wretched girl.

He knew that Xiao Hanzheng had a good relationship with their county magistrate.

If he really went to report him, he would be doomed.

He could only bite the bullet and tell him about how the Wu family wanted him to drug them and how he was prepared to volunteer himself.


Of course, when he said that he would volunteer himself, he deliberately defended himself.

He claimed that he did not want to harm his nieces and Xiao Hanzheng, so he chose to do it himself.

Xiao Hanzheng chuckled and said, “Fourth uncle is indeed smart.

This way, you can also link up with the Wu Family.

“Ill pretend to be drunk here.

You can go ahead.”

Fourth Son Shi was stunned.

“Youre not going to stop me”

Xiao Hanzheng raised his eyebrows.

“Why should I stop you”

He continued, “Since the Wu family wants to scheme against me, you should go and scheme against them.

Ill just watch the show.”

Fourth Son Shi uttered under his breath, do you have to be so direct

He had a feeling that this guy had some tricks up his sleeve.

But now, he couldnt care less.

After all, the people he had bribed were coming soon.

He cupped Xiao Hanzhengs fists.

“Thank you for your help.”

Then, Xiao Hanzheng walked to a pavilion not far away and sat down.

He pretended to be drunk and leaned against a pillar.

Fourth Son Shi walked quickly to the room where Wu Xixi was.

When he pushed the door open, Wu Xixi was already awake.

She was tearing her clothes with a flushed face.

The medicine prepared by the Wu family was quite strong.

Wu Xixi was also a woman, so the medicines effect came very quickly.

Fourth Son Shi narrowed his eyes and walked over to touch her face.

Wu Xixi no longer had much rationality.

She was very hot now.

When she felt an icy cold object on her face, she could not help but take the initiative to hug it.

Then, she instinctively wanted to tear off Fourth Son Shis clothes.

Fourth Son Shi cursed silently in his heart for her shamelessness.

This woman was really too slutty.


In the past, he had some feelings for her, but she acted like he was a toad and gave a haughty look that he shouldnt bother about wooing her, who was a young lady of the Wu family.

His likings for began to dissipate.

When he knew that she voluntarily offered her body to Xiao Hanzheng, he felt a trace of disgust.

He narrowed his eyes and patted Wu Xixis face.

“Stinky woman, you miss Xiao Hanzheng.

Youre also a toad that wants to eat swan meat.

“Now that youre in my hands, you shall see how Ill deal with you.”

After saying that, he quickly walked out.

Wu Xixi hugged him and followed him out.

Just as they reached the room door, Fourth Son Shi heard footsteps.

He immediately said loudly, “Miss Wu, please show some respect.

“I really didnt expect you to lure me here.

You actually want to ruin my purity.

“Dont be like this.

I havent married yet.

“If you like me, you can ask the Wu family to send someone to tell me.

“If I am interested, I will naturally propose a marriage.

Dont pester me anymore.

“You are a woman.

I will not hurt you.

I will not do anything disgraceful that is against our traditions before marriage.”

After he finished speaking righteously, a group of people entered the courtyard.

Of course, they also heard Fourth Son Shis words.

When they entered, Fourth Son Shi was resisting and refusing continuously.

However, a woman hugged him from behind and also tore his clothes.

“Who is this woman What a disgrace.”

“Why is she so shameless in broad daylight”

“Is she one of the family members here”

The high scholars expression changed.

“No, she is not from our family.”

If others misunderstood, how could his daughters, granddaughters and others in his family marry in the future

“Then who is she She is even more licentious than a prostitute.”

Everyone made guesses one after another.

Fourth Son Shi looked at Eldest Young Master Wu helplessly and said, “Eldest Young Master Wu, quickly pull your sister away.”

Eldest Young Master Wus originally dark face became extremely gloomy.

He did not expect things to turn out like this.

Where is Xiao Hanzheng

Moreover, when he saw his half sister like this, he knew that something was wrong.

However, he could not not stop it, and he could not expose this matter either.

Else if the plan to scheme against Xiao Hanzheng was exposed, Xiao Hanzheng would definitely take revenge.

They were not afraid of Xiao Hanzheng, but were afraid of the teacher behind him.

Moreover, Xiao Hanzheng and Shi Qingluos reputations in the county town were very good recently.

Many people had benefited from their generosity and earned additional income.

If this matter was exposed, the people in the county town would probably curse the Wu family to death.

Hence, he gave his servant a look.

He immediately took the initiative to walk over and slapped Wu Xixis face.

“Bastard, you get drunk easily, yet you still drink.”

It meant that Wu Xixi was drunk, which was why she would act like this.

They would cover up as much as they could.

The servant turned around and ran out of the courtyard and called Wu Xixis servant girls over.

Because they wanted to set up Xiao Hanzheng previously, they didnt plan for anyone to be here.

Their original plan was for Xiao Hanzheng to meet Wu Xixi outside the side courtyard and then forcefully bring her to the room in the courtyard after he was drunk to ruin her purity.

This also allowed Fourth Son Shi to take advantage of this loophole.

Wu Xixi was even more stunned after she was slapped in the face.

She let go of Fourth Son Shi and raised her hand to cover her face.

Her servant girls ran over too.

“Miss, are you drunk”

Eldest Young Master Wu ordered in a low voice, “Send your young lady back.”

The two servant girls immediately went forward and forcefully took Wu Xixi away.

Fourth Son Shis eyes flashed.

He looked at Wu Xixi and said, “Even though you were like this because you like me and want to marry me, its still not ideal.

“Sigh, so many people are watching, how are you going to get married in the future”

Then, he revealed a helpless and reluctant look and said, “I… I will marry you then.”



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