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Xiao Hanzheng looked a little helplessly.

“Can I trouble you for another favour”

Shi Qingluo looked at him.


She heard hurried footsteps coming from outside.

Xiao Hanzheng said weakly, “Can you help me up I want to sit up.”

“Sure!” Shi Qingluo stood up and walked over.

She pulled Xiao Hanzhengs arm, but she did not manage to drag him up.

She knew that this fellow had been unconscious for so long, and he had not eaten yet.

He could not undergo nutrition injections every day like in the modern era, so his body must be weak.

Thus, she bent down and supported Xiao Hanzhengs back, lifted his upper body and moved him back.

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Xiao Hanzhengs body stiffened again in her arms.

Didnt this woman feel shy

After moving him in the right position, Shi Qingluo let go of Xiao Hanzheng and stuffed a pillow behind his back.

“Its done.”

“Thank you!” Xiao Hanzhengs expression was a little unnatural.

Shi Qingluo chuckled when she saw his bashful look.

Was he shy

Tsk tsk, her young husband was really innocent.

Just as Xiao Hanzheng was half seated on the bed, he heard the door being pushed open.

Mother Xiao and two others ran in as fast as they could.

Seeing the person who was half sitting on the bed, Mother Xiao and Xiao Baili could not help but tear.

Xiao Erlangs eyes were also red.

“Zhenger, youre awake.

Thats great!” Mother Xiao clasped her hands together.

“Brother!” Xiao Baili and Xiao Erlang also surrounded him.

Xiao Hanzheng looked at his mother, brother, and sister who were still alive.

Only then did he feel that it was real.

He had really returned.

His younger brother had not drowned, his sister had not been dragged away to be buried, and his mother had not been bitten to death by wild beasts deep in the mountains as she wanted to earn money to buy him some medicine.


He still had time to salvage everything.

“Mother!” He looked at his mother with bitterness and joy.

Then, he looked at his brother and sister.

“Baili, Yier, Im awake.

Ill be here in the future.”

Dont worry.

This time, I wont let anyone hurt you.


The three of them cried even harder.

“Okay, okay!”

Xiao Hanzheng looked at the few people who were walking over.

He had a handsome smile on his face, but his voice was still weak.

“Chief, elders, thank you for taking care of my mother and siblings while I was in a coma.”

Shi Qingluo looked at Xiao Hanzheng.

This time, he looked gentle and elegant.

She couldnt help but think of the moment when he woke up.

His eyes were filled with ice as if he was a soul reaper from hell.

He was completely different now.

She slightly raised her eyebrows.

Her young husband wasnt as naïve as she thought!

Chief Xiao and the others who saw Xiao Hanzheng woke up were very glad and smiled broadly.

The chief looked at him lovingly.

“Its good that you are awake.”

An elder stroked his beard and said, “Hanzheng is lucky to be able to wake up in such difficult conditions.”

The others also agreed.

Shi Qingluo heard their words, “Didnt he wake up because I came to chongxi”

Her chongxi woke someone out.

She still needed this reputation.

What a good girl.

She took the initiative to be married to chongxi.

On the day of her marriage, she really woke up her husband.

How lucky she was.

In the future, if she and Xiao Hanzheng did not get along and wanted to divorce, she would be able to stand on the high ground.

Xiao Hanzheng wondered, she was really daring to say that.

In the past when he fainted, he also woke up by himself.

At that time, no one had come to help him chongxi.

Everyone else remained silent too.

How should they reply to this

But she wasnt wrong either.

Previously, the doctor had already concluded that Xiao Hanzheng would not be able to wake up, told them to be mentally prepared and may begin to plan his funeral.

But he was awake now.

It just so happened that the Shi familys daughter had married into the family on this day.

This was too coincidental.

Therefore, chongxi was really useful.


Chief Xiao laughed and said, “Haha, Hanzhengs wife is also blessed.”

He looked at Xiao Hanzheng and said, “Your wife has voluntarily married into your family on her own accord to chongxi.

Such true temperament is very rare.

You must cherish it.”

Xiao Hanzheng was stunned.

He was very surprised that Shi Qingluo had actually married here voluntarily.

He had never seen her before.

From the moment he woke up until now, she had looked at him with a clear and pure gaze.

There was no adoration or infatuation in her eyes.

Right now, he had nothing except for the title of an elementary scholar.

Moreover, he was previously in a coma.

She might have to be a widow if she married.

So, what did she want

He couldnt figure out why Shi Qingluo had married him, and he didnt think about it at the moment.

He would figure it out eventually.

He nodded and smiled at the chief, “Chief, dont worry, I will.”

The chief nodded, “Youve been unconscious for more than ten days, and you look weak.

You should take a good rest first.

“You should have a chat with your mother first.”

After saying that, he was about to bring the others out.

Shi Qingluo also stood up, “Ill send all of you out to continue the banquet.”

She also took the initiative to leave the space for the duo to speak.

If she was him, she would definitely be curious as to why she had a wife after waking up.

Xiao Hanzheng understood.

“Ill have to trouble you to help entertain the guests first.”

Shi Qingluo realised that this fellow was very quick-witted.

“Alright, I will.”

Hence, she escorted them out.

After they left, Xiao Hanzheng looked at Mother Xiao and asked, “Mother, can you explain to me why I suddenly have a wife”

Mother Xiao smiled guiltily.

“Well, she is your siblings saviour.

“I thought that I should repay her by devoting our heart to her.

It is the same as marrying her in, so I helped you with the marriage.

“Qingluo is a very good lady.

Your younger siblings and I like her.”

She added, “Such a good girl.

You will like her in the future too.”

Her tone became heavier.

It was unknown whether she was emphasising it on her son or comforting herself.

Xiao Hanzheng was puzzled.

“Saving someones life”

Erlang immediately said, “Yes, I almost drowned when I fell into the river.

Sister Qingluo happened to pass by and saved me.”

Xiao Baili also said, “When Sister Qingluo sent Erlang back that day, she met our eldest aunt and others from the Wu family.

They were forcefully dragging me away to be buried.

“She beat our eldest aunt up, threatened the people from the Wu family, and saved me.”

Mother Xiao added, “Your fever didnt subside, and your condition keeps on relapsing.

The doctor said that as long as the fever didnt subside, you might not be able to wake up again.

“It was Qingluo who took out the medicine her master refined and asked us to give it to you.

After that, your fever really subside.

“Today, Qingluo married in.

You were really woken up by her chongxi.

“So, not only is Qingluo our familys saviour, she is also your lucky star.”

She kept praising Shi Qingluo, hoping that her son would not despise her and treat her better in the future.

“Yes, yes, Sister Qingluo is very nice.

We like her very much, and big brother will definitely like her too,”Xiao Baili and Erlang echoed.

Xiao Hanzheng wondered, so while he was in a coma, her mother and her siblings had just devoted his heart to her by this marriage

He had also gotten a wife without any knowledge of it…


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