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Liang Youxiao did not expect Shi Qingluo to admit it so frankly.

This was the first time he had seen this kind of woman.

If other people were her, why would they admit it They would quickly think of a way to cover it up.

He looked at Xiao Hanzheng and saw that he wasnt surprised.

He understood.

He then looked at Shi Qingluo.

“Youre quite bad.

“But your idea is really brilliant.

“Previously, they were causing chaos in Xiao Yuanshis family every day.

His little wifes reputation isnt good now either.

“The aristocratic ladies are no longer hanging out with her.”

He still admired Shi Qingluo very much in this aspect.

These ill-mannered ideas were very much to his liking.

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Shi Qingluo chuckled and said, “Ive never said that Im a good person.

Of course I cant be soft-hearted when dealing with disgusting bad people.”

She was even prepared to work with Liang Youxiao in the future or to lure him into starting his career as soon as possible, so there wasnt a need for her to hide her true self.

Liang Youxiao gave a thumbs up.

“Very good.”

Third Son Shi, who was standing at the side, was a little dumbfounded.

Although he had guessed that the old Xiao familys people were going to the capital probably after his daughters instigation, he did not expect it to be true.

Furthermore, the old Xiao familys people really listened to her words and went to tarnish Xiao Yuanshi and his familys reputation.

He suddenly felt very fortunate that he did not choose to go against her.

Otherwise, he probably would not have had a good ending.


Not only was this girl smart and ruthless, but there was also an old immortal protecting her from behind.

Liang Youxiao asked curiously, “So, how do you plan to return the favour”

Shi Qingluo did not answer but asked instead, “If this happened to you, what would you do”

Liang Youxiao thought for a moment and said, “I will take revenge.

“Go to that flower feast and pretend to fall into their trap.

Then, play along and let the Wu family attack.”

He stroked his chin and said, “Then, think of a way to find someone to set a trap on Xiao Yuanshi.

Let him sleep with someone elses girl at the gathering.

“Of course, this is unlikely to happen for you guys.”

After all, it was not that easy to bribe someone who knew Xiao Yuanshi.

Xiao Yuanshi wasnt a fool.

He would know what to do if he fell into a trap.

Third Son Shi, who was listening at the side, also contributed his ideas.

“We can also get General Xiao a few women, so that he and his little wife will be estranged.”

Liang Youxiao said, “This wont work.

Previously, there were many people who gave Xiao Yuanshi women, but he rejected them all.

“He even released the news that he would not take in any concubines.

“Moreover, if it was a woman he received when he was drugged or a woman given by someone else, Xiao Yuanshi could completely not touch her or expel her directly from the generals residence.

“Since his current wife could frame his ex-wife with an abortion, she was definitely not a good person.

“If she still wanted to continue being the generals wife, even if she was disgusted, she would not make a fuss with Xiao Yuanshi.

“Instead, she would take action and settle these women.”

He paused for a moment before continuing, “The idea that I came up with was just a counterattack to embarrass Xiao Yuanshi and affect his reputation a little.

“However, for General Xiao who already held great power, the yushi would at most take note of it.

“Outsiders may say that he was too impatient on his sexual cravings, but it wouldnt affect his career as an official too greatly.

“For an elementary scholar like Xiao Hanzheng who wants to take the imperial examination and does not have a great family background, a ruined reputation would give him a fatal blow.

“His future would definitely be ruined.”

When Third Son Shi heard this, he realised that those who held different status considered matters in a completely different manner.

It made sense.

Shi Qingluo also gave Liang Youxiao a thumbs up.


You know a lot about the disputes behind a manor and the women involved in these!”

This fellow had a great future ahead.

He had an exceptionally clear mind and could see through everything.

She decided to drag him down no matter what to fiddle with her ideas together.

Liang Youxiao smiled smugly.

“Ive just seen too much, so I somewhat understand how women are.”

He was also famous in the capital for being a dashing and debonair duke.

He did not even touch a single leaf in the entire flower bush.

Their family disputes were not considered trivial either.

The Liangs legitimate sons were relatively harmonious, but there were also quite a few fights between them and the Liangs illegitimate sons.

His mother was the legitimate wife, and she often had to fight with his fathers concubines.

He suspected that the reason why his intention to venture into a business and to apply for one was discovered so early probably because the Liangs illegitimate sons surfaced it to Old Master Liang.

Moreover, he had heard quite a few things about their familys internal conflicts.

It was really a place of bloodshed, so he was completely uninterested in getting married.

Every time his family wanted to help him with his engagement, he would always think of a way to ruin it and drag the time.

He then looked at Shi Qingluo and asked, “Its your turn.”

Shi Qingluo did not hide it.

“Lets use what you said just now.

Let my young husband outwit them with their own tricks, then let the Wu family receive backlash on their own doings.”

She then said to Third Son Shi, “Father, Ill have a task for you.”

Third Son Shi felt his hair stand on end when she called him “father”.

What was this girl up to this time

“Tell me.”.

He had already gone on board this pirate ship and could not get out for the time being.

Shi Qingluo said, “Go and have a good chat with Fourth Son Shi.

“Encourage him to do it on his own.”

Third Son Shi was a little stunned.


Shi Qingluo said in detail, “Didnt he always want to form a relationship with the Wu Family Previously, he even wanted to marry the Wu familys illegitimate daughter.

“Now is the opportunity to do so.

“Just let him play along.

After assisting my husband to leave at the appropriate occasion, dont send him to the agreed upon room.

Instead, let Fourth Son Shi go there himself.

“Give Fourth Son Shi some medicine for him to give to the Wu familys illegitimate daughter to drink.

“Also, ask him to bring his classmates or friends to that room when the time is right.

“Then, let everyone see how that woman took the initiative to hug him, but he seemed to reject her.

“In other words, the illegitimate daughter of the Wu family took a fancy to Fourth Son Shi and wanted him to marry her.

“Fourth Son Shi was unwilling to tarnish this young ladys reputation like this, so he wanted to leave.

“Who knew that she actually wanted to let him know that what is done is done, and refused to let him go.

“And everyone saw what happened.”

Third Son Shi was a little puzzled.

“Why didnt you let Fourth Son Shi and that illegitimate daughter directly do it in front of everyone”

They were still following the Wu familys plan, but replaced Xiao Hanzheng with Fourth Son Shi.

Shi Qingluo looked at him with disdain.

“Wont this ruin Fourth Son Shis reputation We could have just tarnished the Wu familys reputation, why end up with a lose-lose situation”

“Although Fourth Son Shi was still single, if what was done was already done with that woman at the flower feast, it wouldnt be good for his reputation.

“How would he have a good portfolio to ace the exam and become an elementary scholar”

The subtext was, how would he be able to stir up more trouble

“Moreover, the Wu family will definitely make a false accusation.

“They will say that he deliberately drugged a young lady in the Wu family to crave for what he is not worthy of.

“If the Wu family does not want to have any relationship with him, they can say that they are not willing to let her marry someone like him and directly send her to become a monk.

“This will direct all the blame to Fourth Son Shi.

“But if he doesnt touch her and others see that she wont let go despite him being a gentleman who rejects her, they will be on his side.

“The Wu family will be forced to marry their illegitimate daughter to Fourth Son Shi.”

She continued, “Fourth Son Shi is the virgin who is framed.

He is the victim.

“As long as he successfully marries a daughter from the Wu family, he can go to the Wu family to ask for money and help.

“He can even bring his wife to live with the Wu family.

“He can make it sound like his wife is not used to living in the countryside.

“He can ask the Wu family to pay for his education since he was their son-in-law.

“He can request for whatever he wants.

“If the Wu family doesnt agree, he can bring Old Lady Shi and the others to threaten them and make a fuss.

“He can threaten the Wu family since he knew that they were scheming against my husband.

“Just say that he didnt agree to cooperate with the Wu family to harm my husband during the flower feast, which caused him to make this mistake.”

“The Wu family must be afraid that he would let the cat out of the bag.

“After all, my husbands teacher is not a pushover and wouldnt find it difficult to deal with the Wu family.

“The Wu family can only acknowledge his threat and provide him with good food and drinks.

“I guarantee that there will be a big show in the Wu family every day.”

There wasnt a need for her to do it herself.

She still preferred to watch the dog-eat-dog show.


Didnt the Wu family want to sow discord between her and the Shi family and harm them

Then let the Wu family try out how powerful the Shi familys troublemakers are first.


These words completely stunned Third Son Shi and Liang Youxiao.

They could actually do it like this Wonderful!


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