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Xiao Hanzheng tore open the letter and the two of them read it together.

After reading it, Shi Qingluo gave an expression that suggested that things were within her expectations.

“Your scumbag father is indeed sinister enough to let a woman seduce your eldest nephew.

That fellow has most likely sold me out.”

The letter wrote that Eldest Grandson Xiao recently fell in love with a woman and had even brought her back to the generals residence as his concubine.

Xiao Hanzhengs men found out that his scumbag father arranged this woman to be there.

They easily guessed that his scumbag father must have felt that there was something wrong with the troublemakers, but had yet to figure out who was the mastermind.

Therefore, he coaxed the troublemakers first.

When they became complacent and let down their guards, he would use a honey trap and target Eldest Grandson Xiao directly.

Xiao Hanzheng smiled playfully.

“This should be that womans idea.”

Other than wanting to find out who was behind it, that woman would probably want to take revenge on the person who ruined her brothers future.

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Shi Qingluo nodded.

“That woman is indeed smart.”

This method was effective for a young, pure lad who had suddenly reached puberty.

“Your men said that your scumbag father is using your eldest nephew for his plan.

Seems like old Xiaos troublemakers will soon be thrown out of the capital.”

As long as they didnt throw them back to the village, it was okay.

His scumbag fathers and his wife probably wanted to, but in light of their filial piety and reputation, they couldnt do so.

Fortunately, not only did the troublemakers of the Xiao family did what she instigated and taught them previously, they also performed exceptionally well.

Otherwise, this gift would definitively be returned to them.

Shi Qingluo leaned against Xiao Hanzheng and turned to look at him.

“According to your scumbag father and that womans petty character, Im afraid that they wont let us go so easily after our identity is exposed.

“How do you think they will take revenge on us”

Not only was she not afraid or worried, she was even rubbing her fists together.

Xiao Hanzheng laughed when he saw her like this.

“With their personalities, they wont let it go just like that.”

He added, “Its highly likely that they want an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

Shi Qingluo was stunned for a moment before she reacted.

“You mean that they will exploit the Shi familys troublemakers”

The troublemakers of the Xiao family would not be able to return yet.

If they wanted to take revenge, they would target her problematic family members.

Xiao Hanzheng chuckled softly.

“My wife is really smart.

“Other than the Shi family, they will probably take advantage of the Wu family as well.”

He had long paid attention to his scumbag father and that woman.

He had understood them very well a long time ago.

Shi Qingluo nodded.

“That makes sense.”

She said meaningfully, “Lets go back today and have a chat with my scumbag father first.”

She was looking forward to seeing how Xiao Hanzhengs scumbag father and his wife would take revenge.

This chess would be more thrilling with 2 players moving back and forth.

If his scumbag father and that woman were actually so weak that the troublemakers easily defeated them, her little husband would not be so angry when he woke up.

The more they dealt with this couple in the capital, the more thrilling it would be to see them in great pain.

Xiao Hanzheng nodded.


“We didnt have a foundation previously.

“Once my father made his move, it was easy for him to target us.

“If he wants to target us again, it wont be so easy.”

Xiao Hanzheng had already succeeded being Mr Hous disciple and befriended Mo Qingling.

Fei Yuzhe and Liang Youxiao were also residing at his house.

In addition to the benefits gained from his little wifes plans, as well as the two formulas they presented to the emperor, his scumbag father would definitely be tempted to make a move after finding out about these.

They also had their defence tactics, so they didnt have to keep a low profile anymore.

Shi Qingluo agreed, “Yes, lets wait for them to give their best shot.”

Apart from setting the troublemakers in the old Xiao family in the dog-eat-dog world and tarnishing his father and that womans reputation after they arrived in the capital, the key was to let the troublemakers attract the duos attention and showcase their perseverance for a counter attack.

It seemed that this was the right move.

She continued, “The first time we presented the ice formula, your father may not pay much attention to it, so he wont know its us.

“But this time, he should know that youre the one who presented the cement formula.

“Now, his attention will shift from the troublemakers to us.

Xiao Hanzhengs eyes were filled with anticipation and coldness.

“Let them pay more attention to us then.”

They would let his scumbag father see with his own eyes that his abandoned son had stepped over him and set him up.

There would be a day for him to completely squeeze his scumbag father dry and make the two of them live in fear every day.

Although he was still an elementary scholar now, his wings had become much stronger.

He was no longer the young elementary scholar who had lost his family with a ruined future.

Shi Qingluo could see through her young husbands thoughts at a glance.

She turned around, hugged his waist and leaned into his embrace.

“I like to watch your scumbag father and that woman feeling helpless that they couldnt get rid of us.”

They were angered to death, hmph hmph!

Xiao Hanzheng laughed softly.

“Yes, I like to watch them jump in anger knowing that they failed to get rid of us.”

The two of them hugged for a while more, and Shi Qingluo returned from his lap to her seat when they heard footsteps.

Just as she sat down, there was a knock on the door.

The dishes they ordered were ready.

After the two of them finished eating, they sat in the carriage and returned to the village leisurely.

Xiao Hanzheng led the horses and Shi Qingluo did not enter the carriage.

Instead, she sat on the carriage rack and accompanied him.

The carriage entered the village and headed towards their house.

Shi Qingluo was sharp to see a person walking towards the mountain not far away from the Taoist temple.

She had already recognised the person.

“Lets go there.

Our luck is really good.

We are just about to speak to my scumbag father when he appeared alone.”

Xiao Hanzheng looked in that direction.

His little wifes eyesight was really good.

Therefore, he drove the carriage over.

Third Son Shi, who was thinking about something as he walked, was shocked when a carriage suddenly appeared beside him.

He turned around and saw Shi Qingluo and Xiao Hanzheng in the carriage.

He was stunned.

“What are you doing”

Shi Qingluo looked at him with a half-smile and asked instead of answering, “Are you planning to secretly go to the Taoist temple to see my master”

Third Son Shi remained silent.

This girl was indeed wicked.

She could even see through this.

He said awkwardly, “I came to pay my respects to the old immortal fair and square, hmph!”

Right now, all the villagers were talking about the old immortal and this girl more and more magically.

The more he thought about it, the more he couldnt sit still.

He thought about paying his respects and seeing if he could ask the old immortal to bless him with a son.

Shi Qingluo started to bluff.

“If you want to ask for a son, its useless for you to pay your respects to my master.”

Third Son Shi was eager for a son, so he immediately asked, “Then how can I get one”

Sure enough, he couldnt wait to add, “I havent done anything bad recently, and Ive even helped a few people in the village.”

Obviously, he had taken his daughters previous advice.

Shi Qingluo pointed at herself.

“Nonsense, of course its through the old immortals precious disciple.

Its only useful if I beg him.”

Third Son Shi thought to himself, as if you would go and beg on behalf of me.

He thought for a moment and asked, “What do you want Or what do you want me to do”

Shi Qingluo realised that her scumbag father was a smart one in the Shi family.

She smiled and said, “Lets go and pay respects to my master first.

Then we can have a good chat.”

Third Son Shi remained silent.

Could he not go

Looking at her body language, he was afraid that nothing good would happen…


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