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Dumby was already smarter and more anthropomorphic than other geese.

Furthermore, it drank Shi Qingluos spiritual water everyday and had been specially trained by her.

It could almost understand human language.

Liang Youxiao was especially serious.

He believed that this goose would definitely taste good.

To Dumby, he came with a bellyful of evil intentions.

Hence, without any hesitation, it flapped its wings and pounced on Liang Youxiao.

It even used its mouth to bite him ferociously.

Liang Youxiao did not expect the goose to be so fierce.

As he was unprepared, the goose pinched his arm several times.

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It was so painful that his face contorted.

However, he quickly reacted and immediately retaliated against the goose.

He learnt martial arts, so quickly he hid behind and wasnt bitten again.

Dumby had been specially trained by Shi Qingluo recently and would occasionally be thrown to Xiao Hanzheng for a fight.


Its fighting ability was a tyrant among other poultry in Nanxi county, not to mention in Xiaxi village.

Hence, when Xiao Hanzheng and Shi Qingluo heard the commotion, they came to the door and saw Dumby fighting with a handsome young man dressed in embroidered clothes.

Fei Yuzhe was speechless and embarrassed.

How could he have such a friend…

Dumby also realised that this annoying two-legged monster was not easy to deal with.

When it saw its father and mother coming out, it immediately shouted at them.


When Shi Qingluo saw a few goose feathers on the ground, she could not help but frown.

She could also see that this young man in embroidered clothes had some martial arts background.

If this carried on, her son would not be able to defeat him.

Hence, she immediately stepped forward and whipped Liang Youxiaos arm with a bamboo stick in her hand.

Liang Youxiao immediately dodged.

“Why are you whipping me”

Shi Qingluo did not really want to whip him.

Her main intention was to separate the man and the goose.

She raised her eyebrows.

“I also want to ask, whats wrong with you Why did you hit my goose”

If it wasnt for the fact that her goose hadnt been bullied yet, she wouldnt have let him off.

Liang Youxiao thought to himself, so this big goose was raised by this tigress.

As expected, this kind of owner would raise this kind of vicious goose.

“It bit me first.”

Shi Qingluo rolled her eyes at him.

“Dont think that I didnt hear it.

You said that you wanted to eat it first.”

Liang Youxiao said matter-of-factly, “Arent geese raised to be eaten”

His words triggered Dumby, causing him to bark at him fiercely.

Shi Qingluo was speechless.

“I raised this goose to guard the house.

Who said its meant for a dish”

Liang Youxiao was stunned.

“Ah, raise a goose to guard the house”

This was the first time he heard this.

Shi Qingluo nodded.

“Yes, cant I”

Liang Youxiao was actually speechless.

“You really know how to play.”

However, this big goose was really fierce.

If not for his good martial arts skills, he was unsure how the goose would bite him.

It was indeed fiercer than those dogs guarding the house.

He saw Fei Yuzhes gaze and said to Shi Qingluo embarrassedly, “Im really sorry for what happened just now.

I didnt know that it was guarding the house, thats why I talked about eating it.”


He still found it a little pitiful in his heart.

This goose was big, fat, and fierce.

What a waste that he couldnt eat it.

His look angered Dumby again, who waved his wings and was planning to pounce on him again.

“Just dont do this again in the future.” Shi Qingluo also realised that he didnt mean any harm.

She stretched out her hand and tugged on Dumbys wings.

“Good goose, lets not argue with him.”

Then, she took out a few small treat balls from her purse to feed him.

After Dumby ate them, he shot a glance at Liang Youxiao with a look that said, “Im not going to waste my time to deal with you.”

Then, he obediently stayed beside Shi Qingluo and did not move.

Liang Youxiao was stunned when he saw this.

“Does it understand what you said”

Shi Qingluos face was full of pride.

“Of course.

My son is very smart.”

Liang Youxiao uttered under his breath, your son is about to become a goblin.

Who else would address their pet as their son

This woman was really a little weird.

At this moment, Fei Yuzhe came forward.

“Brother Xiao, Baili and Erlang, long time no see!”

“This is my friend, Liang Youxiao.

“He has nothing to do in the capital recently, so he came with me to stay for a few days.”

He would ask this fellow to leave as soon as possible in the next two days.

He introduced his pale and weak nephew, who was staring curiously at Dumby.

“This is my nephew, Fei Congjun.”

Fei Congjun was a polite teenager.

He immediately looked away from Dumby and yelped at Xiao Hanzheng, “Hello, Duke Xiao.”


Xiao Hanzheng smiled.

“Brother Fei, how are you Please come in and have a seat!”

Then, they followed Xiao Hanzheng into the courtyard.

The courtyard was paved with cement.

In the corner of the main courtyard, there was a rare purple bamboo.

On the other side, there was a flower bed filled with many rare-colored chrysanthemums, peonies, and camellias.

There was also a large osmanthus tree planted in the courtyard.

There was a stone table and stone chairs right below it.

Shi Qingluo had specially dug this tree from the mountain.

The osmanthus tree had green leaves all year round.

She liked it that when it bloomed, the entire courtyard would be filled with an osmanthus scent.

There were two specially made rocking chairs under the osmanthus tree.

When Xiao Hanzheng was free, he would accompany his wife to sit on the rocking chairs to chat or read books.

The three of them brought their maids and servant boys in.

When they saw this courtyard, they could not help but feel very comfortable.

Xiao Hanzheng asked, “Would you like to cool down in the courtyard or come in for tea”

Liang Youxiao somewhat liked this courtyard.

“Lets sit here and cool down first.”

The courtyard was enveloped in the bamboo forest, and was much cooler than the outside.

They hushed their servants to wait somewhere else.

After a few of them sat down, Shi Qingluo stood up and took out the iced herbal tea that she had brewed in the kitchen.

She poured a cup for each of them.

The sun was rather bright today, and the three of them were indeed hot and thirsty as they sat in the carriage along their way here.

However, Fei Congjun couldnt drink cold drinks.

Shi Qingluo had thoughtfully poured him a cup of warm water.

Fei Yuzhe took a big sip of herbal tea and felt much more refreshed.

He could not help but smile.

“Brother Xiao, your new home is not bad.”

Xiao Hanzheng smiled.

“You are flattering me, Brother Fei!”

The two chatted for a while.

Xiao Hanzheng looked at Fei Congjun and said, “Young duke, give me your hand.

Ill take your pulse.”

He could tell that Fei Yuzhe was anxious.

Fei Congjuns face was so pale that one could tell that he was very weak with one look.

Fei Congjun nodded.

“Thank you, Young Master Xiao.”

He reached out one of his hands.

Xiao Hanzheng took his pulse and shared with him the cause of his illness and his recent symptoms.

This surprised Fei Yuzhe and Fei Congjun.

They had not told him yet and didnt expect him to know about it from taking his pulse.

As expected of the disciple of a highly skilled doctor, they were a little more hopeful.

Fei Yuzhe could not help but ask, “Brother Xiao, can my nephews illness be cured”

Xiao Hanzheng replied, “Yes, his condition will improve with some medications.

You can see obvious changes 3 months later.

“If nothing unexpected happens, he will fully recuperate half a year later.”

With his medicine and those pills that his little wife prepared, it wasnt a problem to cure Fei Congjuns illness.

The two were stunned again.

“Can it really be cured”

When they were in the capital, the imperial physicians had said that it couldnt be cured.

Of course, one of them said that if they found a highly skilled doctor, there was still some hope.

Only then did Fei Yuzhe ask about the whereabouts of this highly-skilled doctor and rushed to find him.


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