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Ge Chunrus face turned pale again.

They were getting into another trouble.

Soon, the court chief brought his men to search Ge Chunyis courtyard.

At the same time, they called Old Lady Xiao and the others over.

They were furious seeing boxes of gold, silver, jewellery, and valuable items being moved out from this little bastards courtyard.

They were even more certain that Ge Chunru was going to embezzle the generals estate and property for her younger brother.

Shi Qingluo hit the bullseye again.

This woman was going to turn the generals estate into the Ge family.

They wouldnt believe in Second Son Xiaos stupidity.

The old lady immediately pretended to be shocked.

“Why are these items found in my daughter-in-laws younger brothers yard”

The court chief swept his gaze over the generals wife, whose face was pale.

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Ge Chunyi was embarrassed and at a loss.

He smiled meaningfully.

“Were not sure about that though.”

“General Xiao, Lady Xiao, do you want to explain

“Otherwise, well arrest Ge Chunyi and bring him to justice.”

Ge Chunyi immediately refuted, “I didnt do it.

I didnt steal these things.”

Indeed, he didnt.

When he said this, Xiao Yuanshis face darkened.

This little fellow was actually so timid.

If he replied like this, then who else could have done this

He did not expect that he was really an ingrate.

All his years of training had gone to waste.

Ge Chunru was filled with grief and indignation, but she had no choice but to step forward.

“I put it there.

“Previously, my mother-in-law wanted to be the lady of the house.

I was afraid that they had just arrived in the capital and did not know some rules.

“They might accidentally damage the imperial gifts, so I asked someone to move it to my brothers courtyard.

“I originally planned to wait for my mother-in-law to familiarise with being the lady of the house before having someone move it back to the storeroom.

“I just didnt expect her to think that the items in the storeroom were stolen without asking me.

“She ran to the capitals magistrate to report it to the police, so this was a complete misunderstanding.”

She was really involved in this.

Since the servants had confessed, she had no choice but to admit it.

The key was that if she didnt, would Xiao Yuanshi admit it

Then there would definitely be a barrier between them as husband and wife.

It would be disadvantageous for him, who was an official and would also implicate her younger brother.

She could not let her younger brother bear the crime of theft.

It was best for her to stand up and admit it.

However, her reputation had also been ruined.

She really wished that she could eat the old lady and the others.

When Old Lady Xiao heard her words, she also wished that she could give the vixen a few slaps.

“Yes, you are innocent.

It is all my fault as your mother-in-law.

“I shouldnt have thought that you were sincere when you asked me to take over as the lady of the house.

She immediately wiped her tears.

“Its just that your act of secretly moving the storeroom hurts me too much.

“If you had told me earlier, I wouldnt have reported it to the police.

“Since youre wary of me, why do you have to pretend that you want me to be the lady of the house

Old Lady Xiao was now very adept at pretending to be a phoney.

“Ive really wronged you.

We will just leave, alright”

Once again, retreating was the best way to advance further.

Ge Chunru was speechless.

She really wanted to tear this pretentious old lady apart.

The more she did not scold her and the more she admitted her mistakes, the more she would embarrass her.

Xiao Yuanshi did not want Old Lady Xiao to continue arguing.

“Mother, this matter is Chunrus fault.

Ive brought her here to apologise to you.

“You promised before that you would help me look after the generals manor.

“Ill get someone to restore these things in the storeroom later.

Its better for you to take care of them.

Otherwise, I wont be at ease.”

He could not remain silent now.

At the same time, he was doing it for the sake of the court chief and the others.

Old Lady Xiao was totally unhappy when she saw her son giving in to that foxy woman.

She became even angrier.

However, when she saw the boxes of gold, silver, and jewellery, her anger subsided quite a bit.

These were all for her sons and grandsons, so she had to guard them well.

“Sigh, since you said that, Im indeed worried.

After all, its hard to guard against thieves.”

She looked very reluctant.

“Alright, Ill help you manage the household.”

Xiao Yuanshi and Ge Chunru uttered under their breath, you dont have to agree so reluctantly.

Moreover, saying that it was difficult to guard against house thieves was really too disgusting.

After the old lady agreed, Xiao Yuanshi said to the court chief, “This is all a misunderstanding.

Its completely a family matter within our house.

“Nobody stole the items in the storeroom.

“Its just that Ive troubled everyone.”

He immediately gave the butler a look.

He understood and took out a few purses and stuffed them into the hands of the court chief and the others.

This was indeed a family matter.

They cant say that the generals wife stole items in the generals manor, right

After working hard for an entire day, the court chief didnt give any leeway.

He took the lead to take the purses and said, “Alright, I hope that you will take good care of your family in the future, General Xiao.”

Xiao Yuanshi raised his hands and cupped his fists.

“I will!”

After sending the court chief and the rest away, the old lady stared at the butler and moved all the silver back to the storeroom.

She even forced Ge Chunru to hand over the real account book of the storeroom.

Ge Chunru had no choice but to hand it over.

She wanted to think of a way to deal with these people in private.

The more Ge Chunru thought about it, the angrier and more sullen she became.

She was already tired from being ordered around by the old lady, so she claimed that she was sick and did not serve the old lady for dinner.

This time, Old Lady Xiao did not insist on calling her over.

They were in an intermission.


Xiao Yuanshi and Ge Chunru thought that this matter would come to an end and that the generals manor would be temporarily more peaceful.

Who would have thought that the next day, the old Xiao family would cause a ruckus again.

Old Lady Xiao went out with the old lady next door the next morning, and Xiao Yuanshi sighed in relief.

He thought that she would not be a demon for the time being.

Who knew that not long after the court session ended, the housekeeper in the manor came to report that the old lady and the others had gone outside the capital academy to stir trouble.

Indeed, he had been ordered to attend the morning court session.

He was even scolded by the emperor and was holding back his anger.

When he heard what the housekeeper said, he suddenly felt like fainting on the spot.

He gritted his teeth and asked, “What nuisance are they creating”

The butler answered truthfully, “The old lady said that our young masters character is bad and that he disrespected and beat up his elders.

“He doesnt deserve to study at the academy in the capital.”

“The eldest master and the others were still injured from yesterdays beating.

“They also caused trouble and said that they were beaten up by him.

“They wanted the academy to provide an explanation.”

Xiao Yuanshi was really going crazy.

“What happened in the end

“The academy sent the old lady and the others back first.

They will send people to investigate.

“The old lady and the others were not willing.

“She even brought two ladies to the academys gate to cry and make a scene, saying that she had been bullied to death.”

“If the capital academy does not punish our young master, they will use a rope to hang him at the school gate.”

Xiao Yuanahi remained silent.

It was the same old trick again.

The housekeeper carefully said, “The academy found out what happened at the generals manor yesterday, and that the capital magistrates people searched the young masters courtyard and retrieved the lost property.

“So the school expelled him on the grounds that he was disrespectful, beat up his elders, and had bad conduct.”

“Fuck!” Xiao Yuanshi felt a sweetness in his chest, and he couldnt help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

“They are really here to subdue me.

Theyre only happy if Im dead.”

He was truly furious and his blood was boiling.

Although he was disappointed in his brother-in-law, it wasnt to the point that he would give up on him.

He had spent quite a bit of money and a lot of favours to let him enrol in the capital academy.

It just so happened that his brother-in-law had made himself infamous.

He had personally taught him martial arts.

As long as he could continue, there wouldnt be much of a problem for him to clinch a zhuangyuan next year.

Now that everything had been destroyed by those bastards in the old Xiao family, how could he not be angry that he vomited blood.


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